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Matteo Casu Exploring The Betrothed Lovers Hamburg


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Matteo Casu Exploring The Betrothed Lovers Hamburg

  2. 2. Sèduco   (Sharing   EDUcaDonal   COntent)   aims   to   study,   develop   and  test  digital  tools  for  the  creaDon,  management  and  sharing   of   educaDonal   contents   in   the   italian   upper   secondary   school   (age  14  to  18).     The  Promessi  Sposi  App  in  the  context   of  Sèduco   CELI  srl  –  Turin,  Italy   Cross  Library  srl  –  Trento,  Italy   spinoff  Celi/FBK  (Bruno  Kessler   FoundaDon)  
  3. 3. •  Educa,onal  objec,ve:  classics  are  perceived  as  boring!  –  and   o[en  they  are  not  …   •  Business  objec,ve:  going  beyond  the  concept  of  e-­‐book   Provide  an  applicaDon  for:   •  The  explora,on  of  rich  contents   •  The  discovery  of  hidden  informaDon   Apply  semanDcs  and  SNA    to  a  classic   Why?   How?   Divise  an  architecture  to  make  it  repeatable  with  low  costs   With  a  constraint  
  4. 4. •  “I  Promessi  Sposi”  (1827)  is  a  classic  of  italian  literature  by   Alessandro  Manzoni  (1785  –  1873)  –  historical  novel  set  in   1628,   during   the   Spanish   dominaDon   (parallel   to   Austrian   dominaDon  during  Manzoni’s  Dme)   •  Historical  novel  represenDng  the  cultural  and  linguisDc  unity   of  Italy   •  It  is  studied  (mandatory)  in  the  second  year  of  italian  high   schools   What  The Betrothed    is   Curiosi,es   •  The   translaDon   of   the   Dtle   in   “The   Betrothed   Lovers”   comes   from  the  first  review  by  E.A.Poe  (1835)   •  I  Promessi  Sposi  was  inspired  by  Scok’s  Ivanhoe  (1819)    
  5. 5. The Betrothed    as  a  semanDc  mashup  
  6. 6. •  segmentaDon  at  the  level  of  paragraphs  (indexed  in  the  Celi   semanDc  search  engine)   •  annotaDon   of   the   novel   for   enDty   menDons   (persons   and   locaDons,  automated  task)  and  narraDve  sequences  (unit  of   Dme/place/acDon,  manual  task)   •  two   NER   tools   -­‐-­‐   TextPro   by   FBK   and   Sophia   Seman,c   Engine  by  CELI   •  the  automaDc  annotaDon  was  manually  corrected   CreaDon  of  the  applicaDon   •  During   the   creaDon   of   I   Promessi   Sposi   we   learned   some   lessons…  
  7. 7. Structural  annota,ons:  XML-­‐based  -­‐-­‐  there  are  limits  (e.g.   non-­‐overlapping  annotaDons)   Named-­‐en,,es   annota,ons:   poor   -­‐-­‐   only   recently   TEI   introduced  the  use  of  keys   Indexing:  choose  a  level  of  granularity  (paragraphs)   Architecture   We  want  the  architecture  to  be  reusable  for  any  novel:   •  arbitrary   annotaDon/segmentaDon   of   porDons   of   text   (chapters,  sequences,  dialogue  lines,  “like”  …  )   •  Link  text  annotaDons  with  externally-­‐defined  enDDes   •  The  index  does  not  mirror  a  parDcular  annotaDon     Generaliza,on   Tradi,onal  methodology  
  8. 8. Architecture  
  9. 9. Ontological  Model   We   reused   Linked   Open   Vocabularies   (foaf,   geoNames   ontology,   SPAR  ontologies).   •  FRBR’s  disDncDon  between  a  Work,  its  Expressions  (different  revisions)  and   its  ManifestaDons  (ediDons)  to  enable  cross-­‐ediDon  analyDcs   •  Discourse  elements  (chapters,  paragraphs)  are  fixed  (by  the  author)   •  Sequences:   narraDve   (incl.   dialogues   and   monologues),   descripDve   or   reflexive   -­‐   in   many-­‐to-­‐many   relaDon   with   paragraphs.   NarraDve   sequences   are  linked  to  characters  which  act  in  them,  and  to  speakers   •  Characters   are   persons   or   groups   ,   with   links   between   groups   and   their   members  –  are  actors  or  speakers  in  sequences.  The  noDon  of  character  is   not  a  class,  but  a  role  played  by  an  Agent  in  a  Work.   •  Loca,ons:   can   be   municipaliDes   (such   as   Milan,   Lecco),   relaDve   locaDons   (e.g.   Lucia’s   house),   indefinite   locaDons   ("near   Lecco”),   journeys   -­‐-­‐   change   status   over   ,me   (e.g.   the   home   of   Lucia   was   in   Acquate,   formerly   a   municipality,  now  a  neighboroud  in  Lecco)   •  Contribu,ons  (images,  web  documents)  can  be  added  by  students   –  they  can  be  linked  to  any  enDty  in  the  model.  
  10. 10. Learning  and  Social  Aspects     •  Students   and   teachers   contributed   in   the   creaDon   process:   •  Searching  for  images   •  SegmentaDon  in  narraDve  sequences   •  Research  on  different  maps  for  the  visualizaDon  of   the  locaDons  in  different  Dmes   •  And  in  its  maintaining:   •  contribute   with   images,   works   about   characters,   etc.  
  11. 11. Social  Network  AnalyDcs     1.  ConversaDonal  network   •  Nodes  and  edges  are  weighted:  weight  =  number   of  dialogues  in  which  the  characters  are  involved   2.  NarraDve  network   •  Edges   idenDfy   co-­‐occurrence   of   characters   in   the   same  narra,ve  sequence   Extrac,on  of  two  interac,onal  networks  
  12. 12. Detail:  NarraDve  Sequences  
  13. 13. Detail:  Characters  
  14. 14. Detail:  LocaDons  
  15. 15. Detail:  CollocaDons  
  16. 16. Detail:  ConversaDonal  Network   •  Renzo  is  central   w.r.t.  dialogue   interacDons.   •  Clusters   emerge:   heroes  /   villains  / supporDng   characters  
  17. 17. Detail:  NarraDve  Network   •  Lucia  is  a  more   acDon-­‐oriented   figure   •  Again,  clusters   emerge  
  18. 18. Next  Steps   •  We  are  enhancing  the  search  experience  of  I  Promessi   Sposi   with   structure   expected   by   our   model   (e.g.   locaDons  hierarchy)   •  We   are   applying   the   process   from   scratch   to   new   novels   •  Next?   Ø  Unleash   sem   web   techniques:   use   a   triple   store   with   inference   enabled,   link   enDDes   to   the   LOD   cloud  …   I  Promessi  Sposi  was  born  together  with  the  design  and   refinement  of  the  architecture  
  19. 19. Thank  you