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What sparks your interest 3


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What sparks your interest 3

  1. 1. • I have POWER, do you? Andrea Buening Survivor
  2. 2. May 16, 1997 – Car wreck – brain injury/shattered hip – 7 week coma – I didn’t drive for 3 years – I didn’t work for 3 years – I didn’t know my limitations – I didn’t know my strengths – I didn’t know how to make good decisions – I had a guardian for 5 years –I was full of fear
  3. 3. Build YOUR Confidence Whether you have a guardian or not! Learn to make good decisions. A guardian can protect you. Your guardian can teach you.  They need to be honest with you. EXPECT IT and listen!  You should be allowed to make mistakes and practice while gaining ability.  Help paying bills  Go shopping  Become aware of your situation  Learn how to ask for things and be assertive Assertiveness is a lifelong struggle Making good decisions is a struggle
  4. 4. All people are different. Every Brain Injury is different. My Life with a brain injury is not YOUR life with a brain injury. We started out as different people and we all have different things that motivate us. SO
  5. 5. DO YOU WANT TO BE ALL THAT YOU CAN BE? Your attitude can determine your ALTITUDE
  6. 6. MOTIVATION Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. Arthur Ashe Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines. Robert H. Schuller
  7. 7. Preparation “BY FAILING TO PREPARE, YOU ARE PREPARING TO FAIL,” Benjamin Franklin
  8. 8. What sparks your interest? You command your destiny. It’s up to YOU to make the choices that will make YOU happy!
  9. 9. Do you want to enjoy your life? What things do you like to DO? Do you like to do them alone or with a group? What things do you want to learn to do? Having a brain injury doesn’t mean you can’t learn. So, find SOMETHING that you can be passionate about!
  10. 10. “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.” Yogi Bera Planning
  11. 11. Family You knew the person before. Do you feel they are totally different? THAT’S BECAUSE THEY ARE! Are there things that your survivor did before for fun that they might still be able to do? What opportunities can you encourage your survivor to try? What excites your survivor?
  12. 12. PERSISTENCE “Good intentions might sound nice, but it’s positive actions that matter.” -Tim Fargo Set your goals high, and don't stop till you get there. -Bo Jackson
  13. 13. Even if we have a GUARDIAN, we still have choices.  POSITIVE choices create positive outcomes  We HAVE to keep our minds active Your mind needs exercise Exercising our minds wears us out Play cards, board games, crossword puzzles, chess, SEQUENCE, and trivial pursuit. Any games! Computer games work too but we don’t all have computers.  EVERY day  Make a schedule for the next day  KEEP IT WITH YOU and mark off things as they are completed  Go to bed at the same time  Wake up at the same time  Get some exercise in the morning!  Think Good things, not bad things
  14. 14. Accountability Takes courage “accepting responsibility for YOUR behaviors and mistakes rather than pointing fingers at someone else.“ • Accepting responsibility for your behavior – No more excuses – Accept the consequences of the choices you make – If you don’t like the consequences, change your behavior • Meeting/exceeding expectations – Know what is expected. – Meet/exceed these expectations. – Volunteer to assist whenever possible. – Encourage feedback on how you are doing. – Use the feedback offered to improve performance
  15. 15. Accountability Takes motivation “accepting responsibility for YOUR behaviors and YOUR mistakes rather than pointing fingers at someone else.“ • Admitting your mistakes Do you accept responsibility for your mistakes or do you blame others? DO NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP! • Admitting your limitations of knowledge. People attempt to "fake it" when it would be in their best interest to admit, "I don't know the answer, but I will find out."
  16. 16. Roadblocks To Success and How To Overcome Them Fear • What are you afraid of today? • Confront it • Take an action • And FREE yourself No Goals • Know Your Passion • Find your purpose Lack of Energy • Create Energy by: • Exercising daily • Doing the things you love to do • Resting enough No motivation to be better than where you are • Define Complacency • If you don’t like where you are, YOU must change it (any way you can) • Strive for excellence EVEN IF IT’S HARD, force yourself to be aware of yourself, your needs, and your surroundings.
  17. 17. Roadblocks To Success and How To Overcome Them You have CHOICES! If you are in a Bad ENVIRONMENT • You can surround yourself with support, take criticism as guidance and think about it. • Control the amount of doom and gloom in your life – ATTITUDE is a choice Take care of your HEALTH • Exercise daily • Eat a well balanced diet • Join a health club/apply for a scholarship If you had bad experiences during childhood • Anyone can overcome their childhood Be around people who are positive role models • Study their behaviors • Change your behavior that you know is unacceptable BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF!
  18. 18. Roadblocks To Success and How To Overcome Them PROCRASTINATION Spoils one’s chances of success Waiting for the “time to be right” Don’t wait! The time will never be “just right.” Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have. LACK OF PERSEVERENCE Most people are good “starters” • We can be poor “finishers” of what we begin • People are prone to give up at the first signs of defeat • Don’t stop or resign yourself to defeat
  19. 19. Roadblocks To Success and How To Overcome Them Having a NEGATIVE PERSONALITY  You have power to share, so use your winning/positive personality instead of negative character. You DESIRE TO GET “SOMETHING FOR NOTHING.”  Progress takes WORK  You might sit on your sofa wishing for a million dollars 23 hours of every day. You might not pay your bills. You lose your house due to non-payment and you get hungry. People don’t get something for nothing.  Desire is necessary but it is only the beginning – an action plan as well as ACTION are both essential
  20. 20. Roadblocks To Success and How To Overcome Them LACK OF ABILITY TO MAKE A DECISION  People who succeed know there are no failures – only tests.  People with brain injuries need to think before they act and talk over decisions with someone they trust INABILITY TO TAKE RISKS  The person who makes no decisions, takes whatever is left by default. By NOT choosing, you ARE choosing to let someone else choose for you. Over-caution is as bad as under-caution.  What to do: Make small decisions first. Remember, there are no failures!
  21. 21. Roadblocks To Success and How To Overcome Them LACK OF CONCENTRATION OF EFFORT What to do: With laser focus, continue on that path that brings you happiness Don’t get sidetracked LACK OF ENTHUSIASM Are you a happy person? Do you try hard to succeed? What do you do that makes YOU happy?
  22. 22. Roadblocks To Success and How To Overcome Them INTOLERANCE  When a person is unwilling to accept new beliefs, ideas, beliefs and behaviors  How can we expect others to be tolerant with us if we aren’t tolerant with them?  Be open to any idea, statement, judgment, or opinion that comes your way.  Respecting what someone else believes doesn’t mean you believe the same things. Always be open to alternative views. You just might learn something about yourself along the way GUESSING INSTEAD OF THINKING  People don’t work to find facts and seem lazy  People prefer to act on opinions  Check your facts and do your research.  Thinking is your most powerful tool because what you think, you will be!
  23. 23. SUCCESS! • “Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get” ― W.P. Kinsella
  24. 24. Resources Maria Romano • Brain Injury Association of Missouri, Caregiving • caregivers.htm The Independent Living Center • LIFE, by Andrea Buening pic_motivational4.html
  25. 25. Your turn!