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Another problem


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Another problem

  1. 1. “Do you need to sell used iphone 4 then have a look at our website cashforiphones, to get toknow how to sell iphone. The service is friendly, professional and become one of theindustrys most trusted and dependable.”Another Problem…Proximity Sensor Issues of the iPhone 4More and more problems tend to creep in with the iPhone 4. Even if it is one of the mostpopular smartphones available on the market, the iPhone 4 poses a problem to its users.Common Problems about the iPhone 4: 1. Death Grip 2. Antenna Gate Issue 3. Scratch Screens 4. Cracked Screens 5. Accident-Prone Glass Panels 6. Signal Disruption 7. Yellow dots on the screen 8. Lagging 9. Overheating 10. Drop callsAnd now, an addition to these problems is the proximity sensor issue.Before we go to what this issue is about, let’s first define what exactly a proximity sensor is.From the word proximity, the proximity sensor detects if the iPhone 4 is near the users ear. Ifthis happens, it will black out the display and appears to lock the phone when the user is talkingon the phone during call time.
  2. 2. This is to prevent any accidental occurrences just like ending the call, dialing another number orputting the call on hold. This is also a feature that lessens the use of battery when there’s a calland it was also said to lessen the radiationProximity sensors are actually one of the many things that iPhone users like about the iPhone.Asimple yet very efficient and reliable feature.But just when the iPhone 4 turned four months old, there were a number of users complainingabout the proximity sensors of their iPhone 4.Some are saying that it was not working at all and they have noticed that the rearing culprit ofhaving drop calls is because of the inefficiency of the iPhone’s proximity sensors.People tend to dial or cancel their call with their cheek while the iPhone 4 is cradling theirheads during a call. That is why they experience great annoyance and discomfort during theiriPhone use.In online discussion boards, a lot of users have become frustrated about what the proximitysensors should be doing when they are about to call or answer the phone. They say that Appleshould be able to fix their problem or else, this might lead to other issues that might affect theiPhone series negatively.Now, let’s mention the problems with dropped calls. When the first complaints about havingdrop calls appeared, the proximity sensors were not an issue, this was because some peopleclaimed that the signal disruption from their carrier and the iPhone 4 was a problem in itself.There were reports about the antenna gate being the culprit and then various additional issueslike discrimination surfaced. Apple’s malady with the iPhone 4 hiccups seemed to become anightmare as they say that Apple has made a major mistake about their design.
  3. 3. This is specifically a bad thing since Apple make theirdesigns, both hardware and software on their own. Ifproblems continue with the iPhone 4, what will thepeople expect from the iPhone 5? Or even with the iPad3?Some people claim that Apple seems to lack on morepreventive testing for failure with their productsnowadays. This is really bad for Apple’s image and itsproducts.There were a lot of rumors on the internet saying that perhaps, there were no problems withthe antenna and it is only the proximity sensors that is not working well with the iPhone when itis functioning.If Apple was said to fix the problems with certain software or anything that can correct it, thenSteve Jobs might not have to say that the iPhone 4 is not for the left-handed.Being able to touch the controls of the iPhone accidentally can really cause dropped calls. Evenif there is such low signal, we can still make use of the calling and texting capabilities of thephone, so there is a great chance that the proximity sensor might just be the offender here.The proximity sensor can really be a pain when people are calling other people especially when thereare sensitive things in discussion. Say for example, when business people talk. Apple has to patch thingsup before the situation gets worse.Apple must be able to prevent more unhappy customers from surfacing and commenting awfully onblogs. Even if Apple is big, a monolith in the electronics industry, they still should not neglect issuesabout their products. They must know better. After all, Goliath was defeated by a small stone, from asmall and simple man named David.