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Chicco cortina keyfit travel system great


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Chicco cortina keyfit travel system great

  1. 1. Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30 Travel System, Miro Feature The ultimate stroller with no.1 rated infant car seat in America Innovative memory recline seat technology remembers the lastposition used, making car seat use a breeze Includes Stroller,car seat and base and is convenient one-hand foldeven from full recline Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging Multiple position, flat reclining seat with 5-point harness and memoryreclinegreatI love this travel system! Easy installation in the car and also the fold upand open is easy also.A great "out for the day" type strollerWhen I first started researching strollers I was hesitant to go with a largebulky stroller like this one. I planned to babywear and didnt anticipateusing the stroller much. I ended up going with this stroller/car seatcombo and I was fairly happy with my choice. I will review themseparately.First the car seatThe KeyFit 30 was actually suggested to meby the local police department as being easy to use and most
  2. 2. importantly easy to install. I had been researching for months and thatsealed the deal for me. I especially liked that it went to 30 lbs and as afirst time mom I had no idea how fast kids grow. For us the 30 lbs wasnot needed our kid is 2.5 now and just broke the 30lb mark we havemoved on to a convertible a long time ago. I couldve gone with acheaper car seat that only went to 22 lbs and not missed a bit. Howeverthere are two key things that keeps this car seat as the best buy for me1.the super easy install. Once you figure it out you can get a great installevery time.2. the handle can be in any position while the car is in motion.this was really important for me to not have to remember where thehandle could be.The one big con I have for this seat is the material. Wehave the orange fabric and I agree with previous reviewers that thefabric is very hot and does not breathe well. My son screamed a lot inthis seat during the summer months and we moved to a rear facingconvertible seat as soon as the second summer rolled around. He wasmuch happier when we made the switch.The strollerOverall this was agreat buy. I did end up baby wearing a lot those first 8 months or so andthis stroller made a great home base. I could easily put everything Ineeded for a day out in it and still happily wear my baby without havingto manage a bunch of stuff on my body. It was also great for whenwanted to try on clothes you know for my new hot mommy body ugh. Itgave me a great place for him to rest and hang out.Love it !Very happy with purchase. Easy install and the stroller is a cinch toopen/close with one hand.Well made and glad we made the purchase.Car seat = 5 stars, stroller = 2.5We are about to retire our KeyFit 30 car seat. Its been awesome but our
  3. 3. 6month old is nearly 29 and its starting to be an uncomfortable fit forhim. I cant recommend this seat more highly its extremely safe stylishand the portability factor although it feels incredibly heavy when Baby isin it is phenomenal.I would urge you to wiggle the seat around in thebase after youve clicked it in. There were a few times I heard an extraclick when pulling out of the driveway as the seat settled into the baseeven though Baby looks at me like Im bonkers I have always made sureto wiggle it since the second or third time that happened.On to thestroller.Pros Steers nicely handle bar has 2 settings and is comfortablefor me 53 and partner 510 shopping basket on bottom is helpful tohave.Howeverwe didnt use the carseatintostroller nearly as much aswed thought when Baby was too small to hold up his head/sit up. I thinkif we had one of the frame strollers that is meant for just the car seatabout a hundred bucks we probably would have used it but when Babywas little we ended up either carrying him in the car seat oof heavy ormore often putting him in the Moby or BabyBjorn for walking around.This is mostly because the stroller is a HUGE PAIN IN THE REAR tomanhandle. Its very bulky and awkward and getting all of the bits inplace is not intuitive. Forget about getting it in and out of a car and wehave a hatchback! Also for something so heavy you would expect areally rugged and solidfeeling piece of equipment. Not so. Though thestroller feels wellconnected with the ground and surprisingly agile theseat adjustment is chintzy and cheapfeeling as are the straps of theharness. As someone else mentioned the adult beverageholder is notquite right either the diameter is juuuust big enough to fit a standardsizewater bottle like this one Basically I dont think we are going to get a lotof use out of the stroller its not portable enough for shopping or
  4. 4. excursions that involve the car and not sturdy enough for nonpavementadventures.GREAT STROLLER AND CARSEAT!This travel system is WONDERFUL. I recommend it to my girlfriendswho are starting to have kids. We have used the stroller on planesseveral times. It is super easy to fold up and easily fits through thesecurity xray machine. For those times when we flew places and did nothave the base with us it has been fairly easy to install the car seat in thecar. If your family is a two car household I recommend buying an extrabase for the second car. Its not a necessity but we have liked havingtwo bases.Just what we wantedThis carseat and s troller is extremely easy to use. Only one button toget the carseat out of the base its very easy to adjust the straps in thecarseat. You only need one hand to fold up the stroller!I have nocomplaints about either the carseat or the stroller.The price is a littlemuch but it is definitely worth it! This is one of the few things I splurgedon for my baby and I do not regret it a bit.Great productI love the stroller. Its easy to open and close and load in/out of the trunk.The steering is WONDERFUL and I can push it easily with just one handmuch needed for me as I also have 4 year old twins to chase after. Myonly complaint is with the carrier The sunshade is rather small anddifficult to adjust as it fits too tightly over the car seat annoying but notsomething that would stop me from purchasing this again.
  5. 5. LOVE IT!I have the Midori travel system for my daughter. We just now moved upto convertible seat so I feel like having 8 months of using it I can finallywrite a review on it.Car seat This is an excellent car seat. It is so easy toinstall with either latch or seat belt. I love how the base reclines so easyso it takes a few seconds to get the seat level. There is a bubble leveleron the seat. Now that I switched to Evenflo Symphony allinone seat Irealize how easy this Chicco seat was. I really wish they made a Chiccoconvertible This seat is easy to clean it will come clean with just wipingit. The material is not too hot. Just remember you are only supposed touse the infant insert up to 11 lbs. I did not realize that I ended up notgoing back to read the manual until she was 13 lbs. This seat wouldhave lasted us another 6 months but I was just ready to get theconvertible seat since we leave this seat in our car now due to her beingable to sit in high chairs at restuarants and ride in the shopping cart atstores. You do have to rethread this to adjust the harness height but Ionly did it once in the first 7 months of using it. It is not hard but justtakes a few minutes.Stroller I still use this stroller and I keep it in theback of my small SUV. I admit this thing is HUGE. It takes up the wholeback end of my Equinoxbut it is very smooth riding and my daughterseems to love it. It is truly one hand fold out and one hand fold up. Youjust need to practice a few times to get the hang of it. I love the cupholder and little storage compartment on the handles. I keep a drink cellphone and keys. The basket underneat is very accessible as long as youdo not snap the car seat in. If you snap the car seat in you have to putthe diaper bag in the basket before you snap it in and you have to lift thecar seat out in order to get the diaper bag. Once baby can ride in strolleralone without carseat it is no problem. The stroller also reclines all the
  6. 6. way back flat so I started letting my daughter ride in it at 2 months old.This flat feature is also nice since you can change the baby in the strollerrather than on a nasty changing table.I definitely recommend this travelsystem.Best stroller.One of the best strollers. Light and robust on the same time. Very easyto install and car seat with the base fits as a charm.Great materialI love the print. My little girl is 6 months old now. The material is a littledirty on the off white areas. Read more Reviews