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BPM Trends Series Social Listening


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BPM Trends Series Social Listening

  1. 1. BPM the way we see it Harnessing the Power of the Social Conversation It’s more important than ever to listen to what is being said about our brands – and to act on what we hear. Social media is a big opportunity exponentially. Millions of online and an even bigger threat. If you resources are facilitating conversations want to survive, adapt and grow, between customers about products, it is time to start listening to not just on Facebook and Twitter, the social media conversation, but also on the likes of Amazon and understanding what your customers YouTube, and on thousands of blogs are saying, filtering noise and and review sites. harnessing the influence of the loyal. In short, you need to gather This social media conversation is insight from these conversations, happening now, and you have the and turn that insight into action chance to manage and enhance yourBPM Trends Series that works for your organization. reputation. If necessary, you can getThis paper is one of a series, Capgemini up and defend what you know toBPM Trends, which shares insights into Your brand needs to listen to be right. However, this opportunityhow to resolve today’s most pressing the conversation – and join in is only open for the duration of thebusiness challenges using the latest The online world is talking about conversation your customer is having.Business Process Management tools and your brand at a rate that is already Once that moment passes (as withmethodologies. phenomenal, and is growing any conversation) any critical
  2. 2. Imagine a conversation about you that’s taking place at work. Some of your colleagues like what you’ve done with a recent project and others think you’re just insufferable – even if they have only seen you once. Before you know it, you’re having a meeting with your supervisor because you haven’t “landed well”... And then you wake up in a cold sweat. This is what social media means for your brand. It’s a conversation, and one that will be infinitely more beneficial for you if you’re able to be part of it, spread your charm, and dispel negative propaganda and opinions with the truth about your brand.comment made about your Just been to @randomhotel and it claims to be a five get the crowd and conversation toorganization remains in the ether as star hotel in downtown New York, disapointed by work with you and not against you, as dirty toilets. don’t go there! #NY # dirty the next set of example showsa permanent testimony to misdeeds,real or imagined, that you might (Figure 2).not even be aware of. Every suchcomment affects your reputation and The impact on all customer-facingbrand equity. Super Twiter user (5hours ago) organizations is undeniable. The upsurge of social media adds up to aListening to these conversations is The best #customerexperience I have had at a restrurent digital transformation that could be was yesterday in London, Oxford street. Anyone nearimportant for every part of your should check out @localrestaurant! the biggest opportunity to harnessbusiness – not just marketing. Social innovation since the industrialmedia represents the CMO’s ultimate revolution. It is one that businesseswish list come true: must adapt to, or else face the• You can find out what people like possibility of extinction. Expert Blogger (15hours ago) about your product so you can (Tweets source: Public domain) Marketing activity versus keep doing it, and express your holistic business process appreciation of their confidence threats posed to their businesses by Social listening, and the development in you. ineffectual management of the social of response and insight, do not just• You can find out what they don’t media channels as the examples in affect customer service or marketing. like about your product, so you Figure 1 show. They require an end-to-end response can fix what’s wrong. from all areas of operation within• You can find out what people Even ethical and socially responsible a business. wish your product could do for businesses have seen their brand them, and pass that information equity eroded and their reputations The rise of social media has broken on to the product development tarnished as a result of online the old marketing, sales and customer team. controversy. However, social media service model. Boundaries are being also brings with it immense and blurred and functions are startingYou can get all that information online irreplaceable value, provided you cannow, provided you have the rightapproach and tools. Figure 1. Ineffective management of social media channels _ examplesControl has shiftedHowever, it is important to recognize Users rebel against Fans campaign Retailer attacked forfirst that control of the conversation against differential size-based pricing price changeno longer lies within your pricing A digital entertainment Sports fans were Customer campaignorganization. It has shifted to your company created a social disgusted to see that on underwear pricingcustomers, individuals who: media storm by changing its pricing policy without their national team’s local fans were being contributed to a significant share price• Are savvy and empowered consulting customers. Its charged more to buy drop, prompting a public stock price dropped by the shirt than those in apology and 25% price• Place their trust in peer almost 50% other markets. They promotion orchestrated a returns recommendations and online campaign into stores experts• Want to define for themselves how they receive messages from your organization, in terms of Students celebrate Going viral in ways Community protests channel and location campaign triumph you don’t want against false reviews• Have their own world view, 20,000 students launched Many organizations have Online retailers have including values, ethics and a an online petition against struggled to repair their faced numerous protests need to be respected a service provider’s proposed policy change images after staff have threatened or insulted against false product reviews and book customers on Twitter, rankings blogs etc.Given this shift of control, andincreasing individualization, allorganizations need to be aware of the Source: Capgemini, based on data in the public domain2
  3. 3. BPM the way we see it to merge as a result of the need toFigure 2. Effective management of social media channels _ examples interact flexibly with the outside world. As Figure 3 shows, it’s not just Price comparison Community site for Online-only mobile marketing that can benefit from social service for finance wine lovers phone service media: virtually every activity within an organization can do so. Boundaries One of the most prolific Connects wine lovers Has fewer than 20 community sites in the with wine makers. staff. Customers who between the company and the outside UK, focused on the Community drives help each other online power of the collective ongoing engagement receive points that can world are also becoming blurred: you and transparency of information. Estimated around transactions be converted to cash or prepay credit can now have an army of customers savings are over £100 supplementing the activities of your per customer marketing, sales and customer service departments. Five steps that turn social insight into organizational Local restaurant PC manufacturer Hardware vendor recommendation site action Capgemini has developed a step- Generates over 50m Crowdsources innovation Customers answer each visits per month, and through a customer other’s queries on an by-step guide, based on experience 20m local reviews, the vast majority of which community. Has implemented hundreds online support forum. A single enthusiast and best practice, to help you use have positive ratings of the many thousands of answered almost 50,000 social insight to get ahead of your ideas posted queries competition. The five steps are: Step 1 – Create a community of Source: Capgemini, based on data in the public domain influential customers who will becomeFigure 3. “Social Insight into Action” across the entire organization Customer Service Marketing/PR Increase Provide service before a complaint reaches you Enable user-to-user interaction on the Increase customer Enable customers to support one another social cloud (on their terms) productivity satisfaction Lower costs Reduce response times and lower costs Get a powerful message across at less cost Lower costs Enhance Deliver consistent multi-channel experience Improve understanding of customer needs Reduce brand Increase agent productivity churn reputation Reduce customer churn Product Development Sales Increase Listen to your (potential) customers Generate leads and opportunities (through Increase success inbound marketing) sales Optimize portfolio of products and services rate Increase ease with which you can contact Leverage the creativity/knowledge of the crowd Extend Lower costs prospects potential Lower development costs, reduce time to Reduce market and increase success rate (minimizing Transparency and instant feedback (via customer TTM recalls) peer-to-peer reviews/recommendations) help base increase sales Corporate Strategy Recruitment/HR Strengthen Bring Voice of Customer into decision making Identify what leavers/prospects are saying Increase customer about you employee Predict trends focus Identify new talent loyalty Improve MI Reporting Improve Increase employee loyalty and satisfaction, Competitor watch intelligence helping to reduce recruitment costs Lower costs /MI Technology Strategy Risk/Compliance Improve Promotes a single platform for CEM Improve ability to identify fraudulent activity and CRM respond quickly Reduce Unify multi-channel customer conversations fraudulent (and social media) Leverage investment in existing systems activity return on Introduce deep analytics technology Investment Understand business rationale for further investment Source: Capgemini 3
  4. 4. your “unpaid workforce”: your most Conclusionfervent cheerleaders in the crowd. For organizations that are used to being in control of customerStep 2 – Combine multiple layers interactions, social media may lookand types of analysis of social media daunting. It’s clear, though, thatcontent (positive and negative) to digital transformation has already hadensure you have a complete view on an impact on our customers’ dailywhich to base your actions. lives and is here to stay. In both the short and longer term, it is goingStep 3 – Enable smart, rapid to have an increasing effect on ourdecision-making by providing easy-to- organizational processesunderstand data dashboards. and structures.Step 4 – Define your “to-be” customer Let’s embrace the opportunity toexperience, and then build your stop talking at our customers andbusiness rules and business process start listening to what they’re tellingmanagement around what customers us. For the first time, businesseswant. can now respond to people as individuals rather than members ofStep 5 – Link your case management broad segments – something thatto your business processes so that will improve customer experienceyou can respond quickly to issues and bring competitive advantage.emerging from your customers’ Ultimately, our ability to realize thatconversations. opportunity depends on our listening skills. About Capgemini With around 120,000 people own way of working, the Collaborative in 40 countries, Capgemini is Business ExperienceTM, and draws on one of the world’s foremost providers of Rightshore®, its worldwide delivery consulting, technology and outsourcing model. services. The Group reported 2011 global revenues of EUR 9.7 billion. Together Learn more about us at with its clients, Capgemini creates and delivers business and technology solutions that fit their needs and drive the Rightshore® is a trademark belonging results they want. A deeply multicultural to Capgemini Group organization, Capgemini has developed its Find out more about our approach to Business Process Management and about the BPM Trends Series visit: article has been written by Scott Sinclair. is a Digital Transformation consultant with a passion for social media,entrepreneurship, gamification and business leadership. Scott manages and is or email:a regular contributor to the Capgemini Consulting Customer experience blog ) Copyright© 2012. All rights reserved by Capgemini.