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Sikkim. Photographer Alice Kandell.


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Sikkim. Photographer Alice Kandell.

  1. 1. Beautiful monastery, Sikkim. Rumtek Monastery, Sikkim.
  2. 2. Paintings and carvings inside Rumtek Monastery, Sikkim.
  3. 3. High Lama and monks at palace temple preparing for new year dances and ceremonies, Gangtok, Sikkim.
  4. 4. High Lama reads from Buddhist texts in religious ceremony at palace temple prior to the New Year's dance, Gangtok, Sikkim. Rumtek Monastery, great hall, Sikkim.
  5. 5. High Lama reads from Buddhist texts in religious ceremony at palace temple prior to the New Year's dance, Gangtok, Sikkim.
  6. 6. Monks praying inside Rumtek Monastery, Sikkim
  7. 7. Lama boys with Gyalings (horns) of silver and goi[?] wood, Sikkim. Playing lute
  8. 8. Deity and skeleton masks, Gangtok, Sikkim. Prayer ceremony altar with burning flame and butter paste offerings (torma), Sikkim.
  9. 9. Karmapa Lama's successor studying penmanship, Sikkim.
  10. 10. Holiest reincarnate in Sikkim with teacher, Mt. Khangchondzonga [in] background.
  11. 11. Lamas blowing horns at New Year's ceremony, Gangtok, Sikkim. Lama ringing bell to begin New Year’s ceremony, Gangtok, Sikkim.
  12. 12. Altar with butter lamps, butter paste offerings (torma) and images to be burned at the end of New Year's ceremony in the palace monastery, Gangtok, Sikkim.
  13. 13. Lama turning prayer wheel activating prayers. Lama ringing the bell to begin New Year’s ceremony Gangtok, Sikkim.
  14. 14. Karmapa Lama, religious leader of Sikkim. Guruda bird dancer performing at the New Year's dance, Sikkim.
  15. 15. Performers at New Year's ceremony, Gangtok, Sikkim.
  16. 16. Jeweler using blow torch? to make jewelry, Sikkim. Sikkimese boy painting a mask.
  17. 17. Religious painting in monastery. Mahakala deity.
  18. 18. Masked Black Hat dancer at New Year's ceremony, Gangtok, Sikkim. Black Hat Lama in a procession down the mountain to sacrifice objects, Sikkim.
  19. 19. Mahakala masked dancers entering the New Year's ceremony, Gangtok, Sikkim. Ceremonial masked lama dancer.
  20. 20. Boys blowing Drum inside royal palace temple, Gangtok, Sikkim. gyalings in front of palace temple.
  21. 21. Masks of different deities, Gangtok, Sikkim. Lama displaying brocaded robe and masks for the New Year's ceremony at the palace temple, Gangtok, Sikkim.
  22. 22. Shinglay Lama beating on large drum near Singhik, Sikkim. Young lamas learn to play horns, Sikkim (1969).
  23. 23. Clown dancer, ceremonial masked lama dances, Sikkim. Blue Mahakala dancer initiating the New Year's ceremony, Gangtok, Sikkim.
  24. 24. Lamas playing cymbals during New Year's ceremony, Gangtok, Sikkim.
  25. 25. Burning of religious sacrifice, Sikkim. Sikkim: religious ceremony, monks burn effigy of evil.
  26. 26. Lama in meditation, Sikkim.
  27. 27. Studying the art of religious painting.
  28. 28. Lamas spinning prayer wheels at old Rumtek Monastery, Sikkim. Hex, symbolizing person's spirit, thrown in the road for devil to be decoyed. Used in Bon practices, Sikkim.
  29. 29. Rug master supervises rug weaving.
  30. 30. Making paper
  31. 31. Nepalese woman working with blue dyed wool, Sikkim. Young girl canning oranges, Sikkim.
  32. 32. Poh, a shaman, performing a ritual to heal a sick child (1971).
  33. 33. Building terrace Lachung weaving. Woman spinning with a hand spindle, seated on floor across from another woman who is carding fibers, Lachung Sikkim.
  34. 34. [People walking along mountain path, Lachung, Sikkim] People walking along mountain path, Lachung, Sikkim.
  35. 35. Nepalese family outside of clay home, Sikkim. Selling rice in Gangtok, Sikkim market.
  36. 36. Lepcha man and woman standing near Singhik, Sikkim. Lepcha women in traditional clothing in Singhik, Sikkim.
  37. 37. Yak and pig graze in yard near Singhik, Sikkim. Building terrace.
  38. 38. Rinchen Namgyal Lachungpa and boy standing next to yak-butter churns, Lachung, Sikkim. Woman churning yak-butter tea, Sikkim.
  39. 39. Nursing mother and children of the Jorbu family, Lachung, Sikkim, Old methods of farming: hoeing mountain fields, North Sikkim.
  40. 40. Shinglay Lama looking out of farmhouse near Singhik, Sikki. Wood carver, Lachung monastery, Sikkim.
  41. 41. 3 dragon headed bracelets & jewels. Sikkimese jewelry.
  42. 42. Couple of North Sikkim at home drink millet beer.
  43. 43. Yak migration, Lachung.
  44. 44. Yak cheese Headman of de village, Lachung, Sillim.
  45. 45. Houses of Lachung, Sikkim. Woman leading horse on mountain road with another woman and child, Lachung, Sikkim.
  46. 46. Lachung, Sikkim. Women standing outside Lachung monastery, Sikkim.
  47. 47. Photography between 1965-1973 Alice Kandell hiding behind a Sikkimese soldier to take a photograph of a Chinese soldier along the Nathu La pass, Sikkim.