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The Ultimate Guide To Garcinia Cambogia for Weight Loss


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Ever tried weight loss products that didn’t work? Switch to Garcinia Cambogia Select and you can see how a weight loss product can really deliver results. The product is rich in HCA which works by increasing the levels of serotonin and cortisol in your body. This improves your mood and prevents you from overeating. Meanwhile, the HCA in the product keeps you feeling full from a small plate of food.

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The Ultimate Guide To Garcinia Cambogia for Weight Loss

  1. 1. The Ultimate Guide to Garcinia Cambogia for Weight Loss Garcinia Cambogia Extract For Weight Loss It’s okay to be conscious of your health. Actually, it is good to be conscious so that you will not have to worry about health issues later on. If you are overweight, you might want to consider some weight loss options right now to prevent heart-related problems. You don’t have to go on a crazy diet just to achieve a healthier weight. All you have to do is add Garcinia dosage to an efficient diet that has been broken down into important parts below. Plan Your Meals in Advance It is so easy for fast food joints to tempt you into buying your lunch from them if you didn’t already have your own food to eat. This is why it is important to plan your meals in advance and consume Garcinia extract so that your weight loss regime will be followed. Moreover, the extract will curb your cravings for such foods. Whenever you pass by a restaurant that you want to try out, just think of the food in your bag that’s waiting to be eaten. Replace Unhealthy Ingredients One good benefit of cooking your own meals is you control the oil, salt, or sugar used in it. Don’t deprive yourself of your favorite foods, but prepare them in a healthier way so that you can get nutrients and not additional fat. You can also add Garcinia cambogia extract or other extracts in the food you prepare to give yourself a healthy boost. Serve Smaller Portions This works well for weight loss. Serve yourself the same food, but control the amount and avoid going for second helpings. You don’t need the extra servings and the smaller portions should be enough to give you energy for the entire day. Having a hard time complying with this? Garcinia extract for weight loss actually suppresses your appetite so that you will feel full even with just a small portion. With this you can eat less without regretting it. Take Your Time when Eating Don’t hurry it up. Chew your food properly, and slowly, so that you will have eaten only a small amount by the time your brain tells you it is full. There’s a 20-minute rule in eating. No matter how much you eat, after about 20 minutes you will already feel full. So drink some water before mealtime, add Garcinia fruit extract to your meal, and take as much time as you want in eating.
  2. 2. Don’t Forget Garcinia Cambogia Garcinia cambogia is a plant that was previously used as a medicinal herb back in the day. Today, however, it is more popularly known in its extract form as the best weight loss product in the market. It isn’t just for people who exercise rigorously. It is for everyone who aims to drop some weight in a short time without endangering their health. Why Garcinia? With all the products out there that supposedly help people lose weight, why choose Garcinia? There are two reasons that might interest you: it uses up fat and it makes you feel full, which stops you from overeating. Have you ever wondered how people lose weight without exercise or any change in their diet? The key is to eat in moderation. With Garcinia, you will not feel like you need to eat more than just a few spoonfuls. And since it uses up fat as energy, you will not even feel week. You will not experience sluggishness at any point of the day. In fact, you may get more energy than you need and the excess can be used for exercise to boost your weight loss plan. Garcinia pure extract has been receiving a lot of attention today, and for good reason. It can help a lot of people become healthier while the already healthy people can maintain their weight without any difficulties. In short, it’s something everyone can benefit from. Garcinia Cambogia and Diabetes Living with diabetes is hard. You cannot eat most of the foods that you love and sneaking in a couple of bites will endanger your health. You probably hate this illness above everything else and would like to find a way to make your condition better. There are health products that aim to help you, but their efficiency isn’t always guaranteed. There’s also Garcinia cambogia, which, aside from being a good weight loss aid, can improve your health tremendously. Isn’t that the plant for weight loss? Yes, it’s the same plant. Garcinia cambogia fruit is a tamarind that has existed for hundreds of years. It has been used as flavoring and medicinal plant. Upon further inspection of this product, scientists found out that the presence of HCA not only helps reduce body fat, but also helps people feel full so that their food intake will be smaller. It’s the plant for weight loss, yes, but it has also been found out to have good effects on someone with diabetes. How can it help someone with diabetes? The benefits of Garcinia cambogia on diabetes have something to do with the body’s glucose metabolism. When you have diabetes, you have high blood glucose levels, which can be controlled by the fruit extract. HCA, or hydroxycitric acid, delays and reduces intestinal glucose absorption. This is
  3. 3. done every after meal. What this means is that you can eat those sugary and starchy foods you love so much without having to worry about your diabetes getting worse. Wouldn’t that make one overeat even more? Here’s a cool fact about Garcinia extract: HCA keeps you from experiencing cravings and when you do eat, it will make you feel full after just a few bites. So no, it won’t make you overeat. In fact, it can help control your portions so that you don’t consume more than you should. The fruit also has serotonin, which makes one feel happy rather than depressed and emotional. Because of this, you will not feel depressed that you can’t eat a lot. It will also solve those emotional eating problems. What if one wants to lose weight, too? You can hit two birds with one stone, as the proverbial saying goes. By using Garcinia cambogia extract, you can control your glucose levels while also losing weight. As mentioned earlier, you will eat smaller portions and from that small portion all the carbs will be converted into energy and not stored as fat. Your body will be provided with enough energy, so there’s no need to worry about feeling sleepy the entire day. Does it work without exercise? Absolutely! You don’t have to do anything different from what you normally do and still get results. However, if you really want your body to change quickly, you might want to add some easy exercise routines to kick things up. Garcinia benefits are always better when there’s exercise involved, but if you are too busy with work and want a quick and easy way to lose weight, then this is also suited for you. It’s definitely a product that’s suitable for everybody. What are the side effects? Diabetic patients should be careful about combining Garcinia with their insulin medication. With two things helping you control blood sugar, you may end up with hypoglycemia. Consult with your doctor first to know the safe Garcinia dosage to try. As for people aiming for weight loss, aside from nausea and headache, there had been no serious side effects reported by those who have used it. However, you should always be careful with where you buy your weight loss products since imitation and ineffective products may exist and endanger your health. Garcinia Cambogia Side Effects Garcinia, the most recent buzz in the weight loss world, is commanding attention. Millions of people are looking at the product, wishing it would be effective for them, and contemplating whether it’s worth the money. With the right dosage, it can be the best thing for you. The Miracle Fruit
  4. 4. If someone told you that you can get better weight, lower cholesterol, lower blood sugar levels, and improved serum leptin levels from just a single fruit, would you believe them? It sounds like a miracle, something that not everyone believes in, right? But this is not just myth. It is in fact a reality in the form of Garcinia extract, which has high levels of HCA that does all those things and many more. Weight Loss and Weight Gain Garcinia fruit extract is apparently vital in losing weight. Since the presence of hydroxycitric acid (HCA) makes one eat less and encourages the body to burn more fat, its weight loss capabilities is out of the question. But what if you don’t want to lose weight and just want to maintain the weight that you have right now? Garcinia can do that too. With a balanced diet and even without exercise, you will eat just the right amount of food so that your body can have some fat to burn for energy. Fat will be replaced by muscle, giving you a healthier body while maintaining a good weight. Side Effects One thing that people are concerned about is the presence of side effects of Garcinia. What are these and are they dangerous? Actually, the natural product doesn’t have any side effects for you to worry about. There are, however, dangers associated with choosing the wrong product because some chemicals and additives may cause health issues. Nutritional Benefits As mentioned earlier, it doesn’t just help you lose weight. It helps you get a healthier weight, which has lesser fat and more muscle. Cambogia fruit does this well with its nutritious core. In fact, it has been used as a traditional medicine in the past because of this. The fruit is a natural source of calcium and increases the serotonin levels in the brain for better mood and sleep. Cholesterol is also normalized, which is helpful for those with high blood pressure. Improved blood glucose levels will benefit those with diabetes. How to Choose Now that you know how the fruit works and how it can help your body, you may be interested in getting some for yourself. But first, you need to understand that Garcinia’s popularity has given rise to a lot of product variations, some effective, while others not. One must choose wisely when deciding to buy Garcinia. The best advice when it comes to buying Garcinia is to look for the amount of HCA present in it. To get good results in a couple of weeks, you want to get the one with at least 50% HCA. Pure Garcinia One dosage of a good product should have at least 500 mg of cambogia—anything less isn’t worth the money. Look for products that have 100% extract. This is very important because some companies sell products that only have a small amount of pure Garcinia mixed with a lot of fillers and binders. When it comes to the price, you need to watch out for those who offer Garcinia fruit for an overpriced amount. The tropical fruit is supposed to be a cost-effective way of losing weight.
  5. 5. Trying out Garcinia cambogia may just be the best decision you can ever do. However, it can also be the worst and you may endanger your health when you don’t choose the right product wisely. Remember, the side effects aren’t coming from the fruit extract itself, but from the unhealthy additions added by some companies to their ‘pure’ product offering. How to Work on a Diet Even with a Deadline Usually, diets start because of the realization that your body has changed. You may have some favorite pants that don’t fit you anymore, or you look in the mirror and realize you have chubby cheeks. You may have gotten a comment on whether you were expecting a child anytime soon. These innocent things make you decide to start on a weight management scheme. However, some people lose weight because of a more pressing matter, such as a deadline. Deadlines may come in different forms. You may want to lose weight for a wedding, a vacation, a race, or a get-together with friends you haven’t seen in a while. Whatever the case is, you need to know the right nutrition in order to maintain a healthy and functional body. Fitness tips can get you good results too. There are different strategies for different deadlines and you should follow the one that’s most suitable for you. The One-Year Overhaul Some people are lucky to have an entire year to work on a diet because it’s safer and better for the body this way. You can start by easing yourself into your new diet, allowing plenty of time for transition. Add exercise routines to get good results. With a year on this, you can learn to adapt to the new lifestyle and stick to it. Mark Beier, a certified personal trainer at the National Academy of Sports Medicine who also happens to be the owner and founder of Chicago Fit Clubs, thinks this way. To start off the year-long overhaul, you can start light with only one to two days of strength training every week. Supplements can also be added to 2-3 days of doing light cardio workout. Examples of this are simply walking or biking for 45 minutes. Proceed by adding more speed, time, or resistance every week. When it comes to diet, Atlanta fitness expert David Buer recommends being careful with what you drink. The celebrity fitness trainer encourages you to reduce and eventually eliminate the consumption of sodas, juices, and sweetened coffees. This change significantly reduces one’s calorie intake, leading to dramatic weight loss. Along with the overhaul, you should consume more lean protein and fat. Eat more beans, fish, pork, chicken, and turkey. This is to stabilize blood sugar levels, says Buer. Lean proteins also accelerate fat metabolism and help improve the body’s recovery after a tiring workout. Protein also supplies your body with enough energy for the day. With this, you can remove those unwanted fat and develop good muscle balance. As for more fat, olive oil, sunflower oil, avocado, safflower oil, and raw and unsalted nuts are the best sources. You can also get some healthy fats from fish. Such fat has actually been shown to increase fat
  6. 6. metabolism, improve brain functions, and even provide better skin, nails, and hair. The 6-Month Engagement Aiming to get a body that will fit better in your clothes just in time for that cruise six months from now? Fear not, because you have plenty of time to make some good changes. Beginners and those with irregular exercise routines should start with strength training along with some cardiovascular activities. One to two days of strength training in a week will do just fine, as long as you have some light cardio at least two days a week to complement. Add more time, speed, or resistance to your weekly exercise. You can walk, run, or even bike. To help you get motivated, write your goals somewhere you can easily see them—a piece of paper or on a board would do just fine. Cross them off one by one. Also vary your speed by adding some jogging into your 45-minute walk. You don’t have to make the workout unappealing. Give yourself some small rewards every month or so, but make sure that you reach some goals first before rewarding yourself. Splurge on new exercise clothes or a spa to commemorate your new achievement. Just make sure that you don’t reward yourself with high-calorie foods that will counteract your weight loss plan. After a few weeks of strength training you can convert to a three-day intense training consisting of full- body, upper-body, and lower-body split and high-intensity interval training, recommends Beier. Meanwhile, Buer suggests 2-3 days of interval training. Do interval training by following a 5-10-minute interval of 20-120 seconds of intense activity and 20-120 seconds of rest. Work up to 20 minutes of interval training, which enhances your metabolism to burn off those stubborn fats. Allow some full-body days where you do pushups and mountain climbers. There should also be some upper-body days where you work your chest, shoulders, arms, back, and abdominals. Exercises for this include lateral press, rows, chest press, and core workout. Days devoted to the lower body should focus on the hips, legs, and obliques by doing a variation of activities including squats and lunges. Also according to Beier, create a workout routine that includes dynamic warm-up followed by core workout, high-intensity interval training, and cardio exercises. Use dumbbells, Bosu ball, and a treadmill for interval speed workout in combination with 4-5 strength exercises. It’s recommended to do about 8- 12 repetitions of each exercise. For the 6-month weight loss plan to work, your diet should be composed of mostly dairy, turkey, fish, chicken, eggs, Greek yogurt (low sugar), and leafy greens. Make sure that you eat plenty of green beans, spinach, asparagus, and broccoli. These foods are high in vitamins, fibers, nutrients, and minerals to aid in digestion and improve blood sugar levels. As long as the blood sugar level is balanced, the expansion of fat cells can be controlled, effectively causing weight loss. 3-Month Tuning Up Some would argue that three months is too short to achieve some change in one’s weight, but actually it is already plenty of time as long as you follow the right exercise routine and eat the right foods. Be warned though: with only three months to spare, you need to increase the intensity of your workout. There should be a staple cardio activity, preferably at least 3 days per week, and 4 days of strength program. Two days should be devoted to full body, one for lower body, and the remaining one for upper
  7. 7. body workout. If you follow this, you can improve your body composition and your major leg muscles burn fat while smaller muscles are defined in upper body and full body training even without much calorie-burning. It is also important to watch your diet. Always go for proteins, lean meats, and healthy fats. Stay away from major carbohydrates when it’s already past 3 PM—people are technically less active during this time. Carbohydrates consumed and not used will only be converted into stored energy, which is actually fat. Minimize your sugar consumption and add more vegetables. Eat every couple of hours for your metabolism to work better. Yes, it is tough to aim for results in just three months, but as long as you follow proper training, your goals shouldn’t be too far away. Work hard to follow training as if it was an everyday ritual just like brushing your teeth, suggests Hollywood fitness expert Lacey Stone, who is also a personal trainer. It’s also a good strategy to create a community of people you go to gym classes with. An attractive instructor may also help you get motivated. As soon as you see results, you won’t want to stop. Continue doing this and a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be too hard to achieve. Last Few Weeks This can work for that last-minute getaway with friends or for when you want to elope on the weekend. You can still look better physically given this very short time interval. What you want to do is start drinking lots of water but add slices of lemon or lime to help flush toxins out of your body. One can look bloated when too much water is retained in the body, explains lifestyle editor Laurel House. The editor of QuickieChick also recommends diuretic foods to help in getting rid of that puffiness due to water retention. Pure cranberry juice, celery, green tea, dandelion tea, parsley, and fennel are all diuretic. Foods containing high water content such as cucumbers, tomatoes, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, and watermelon can also help flush out excess water. Other options include potassium-rich foods like papaya, spinach, avocado, dates, and bananas. Even salmon can counterbalance bloat brought on by salt or alcohol. If the event is in the next three days, make sure that you minimize carbohydrate consumption. Avoid pastas, breads, rice, and potatoes to let the body shed water. Remember, one gram of carbohydrates eaten will make your body retain 2.5 grams of water. However, you shouldn’t deny yourself the needed carbohydrates altogether. Get this from kale, Brussels sprouts, and other green vegetables. House also recommends adding fat-burning foods in there, particularly when you only have a few days left before the big event. Grapefruits, jalapeno, ginger, and cinnamon are considered de-puffers because they break down fats and liquefy them so that they can be flushed easier with the help of pectin and lecithin-rich foods likes apples, berries, and soybeans. You can burn more calories and slim down faster by adding the right exercise. Focus on cardio instead of resistance training four days prior to your deadline. Then, with only two days left, minimize cardio. No exercise is needed on the day before so that the muscles can relax. They will shrink and make you look leaner. Avoid water consumption on the day itself if you want to look leaner and sculpted.
  8. 8. You might want to work an area of the body that will be exposed on the event. For example, if you’re going to wear a strapless dress, work your shoulders and arms by doing 100 seconds of exercise. Do this 20 minutes before the event itself and your arms should look well-defined. House says this can make you look toned even if you aren’t. However, House warns that this kind of diet isn’t good in the long term. It’s only good for one or two days, just like most cleanses and strict diets for weddings and other events. A person should aim to do more than that, says House. Rather than just looking good on the day of the big event, you should aim for something that will make you feel good about yourself any day. Information on Garcinia Cambogia With an unhealthy body, your risk of getting sick is definitely higher. There are so many things that could go wrong—you can develop type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, fatty liver, and even sleep apnea—when you are overweight. The sad thing is many try in vain to lose weight. It’s not enough to be conscious of your health anymore. This time you have to make an effort to lose weight the right way. No more starving diets and heavy exercise that leave you hating what you’re doing. There’s a better, sort of effortless method that’s guaranteed to work and that’s Garcinia recommended by Dr Oz. Introducing Garcinia Cambogia This is not a fad. This is a natural fruit that has been in existence for centuries. In fact, people used it as flavoring in dishes and as medicinal herb back in the day. Nowadays, however, there is a use for Garcinia fruit that can benefit you. It can help you lose weight. Do you have to use the fruit in your food? That could work, but eating the same flavor every day would be sad. The better and more effective way of using Garcinia cambogia is by consuming its extract. The extract has all the benefits of the fruit that you need—it can help fight off hunger, boost your metabolism, and convert fat into energy for a more efficient weight loss option. The main reason this plant works is because of the presence of hydroxycitric acid or HCA. This acid is the one responsible for burning all those fats to give you energy rather than storing them. Let the Data Speak Garcinia cambogia didn’t just become popular overnight. It had undergone various studies to determine its effect on the body first. In fact, studies were done by different bodies, including universities and laboratories, which showed that pure Garcinia is a good aid in short-term weight loss. A person can keep his current diet and lose some weight per week. Doesn’t that sound like a dream? Staving Off Hunger The idea that you can use a product to stave off hunger so that you can prevent eating when bored or simply craving isn’t even new. There are products that supposedly do the same thing. One example is caralluma fimbriata. And then there were also superfoods like chia seeds that make you feel full while
  9. 9. only eating a small portion of what you normally would. The existence of these products testifies to the fact that you can use Garcinia for weight loss without killing yourself or depriving yourself of the things you love. Varied Results Just like in any kind of diet, there is always better result when you eat a balanced diet or do a steady exercise routine. There are also thousands of different diet plans out there that promise to give you your ideal body in a short time. If you can’t decide which one to go for, you should know that it is certainly okay to pair up cambogia extract with a diet of your choice, such as lemonade diet. In fact, it is also okay to pair up Garcinia with other weight loss products such as raspberry ketones. Efficacy and Health Issues Of course, pregnant and lactating women should be cautious when using such products. Women who may have recently given birth would certainly want to drop those extra pounds. However, you shouldn’t do it while endangering the health of your baby. Before using any products, make sure that you consult with your doctor. People with allergies should also consult their physician to know whether Garcinia cambogia side effects will show on their skin. One can never be too careful. Losing weight quickly is something that everyone with weight problems would certainly want to achieve. Thankfully, now you can burn fat quickly and safely thanks to Garcinia. Is Garcinia Cambogia Right for You? With all the talk about Garcinia, suddenly everyone wants to get their hands on this amazing natural product. However, there are still some who are worried that it may do their body harm rather than help them. Is Garcinia cambogia right for you? Read below to find out of this product should be something you take. If you are a diabetic Diabetics need insulin to control their blood sugar level. However, once you rely on insulin, you will have to rely on more and more of it. Fortunately, you can control the unhealthy blood glucose level with something other than insulin: Garcinia cambogia extract. This one can prevent your body from absorbing glucose, thus effectively lowering your blood sugar levels. The good thing about using this fruit extract is that you can eat foods that are usually not allowed for diabetic patients and still have normal glucose levels. If you want to lose weight easily Who doesn’t want to lose weight without doing anything? Imagine yourself eating all your favorite dishes and still losing weight. Imagine yourself sitting in your chair, reading a magazine, not caring about
  10. 10. exercise, yet still getting the body you want. Doesn’t that sound like the ultimate dieting plan? It’s not even a diet plan at all. It’s basically just you adding Garcinia cambogia to your diet and letting it work its magic. The product helps your body burn calories off while also helping you manage the servings of the food you eat. With it, you can eat anything you want, but you will not want to eat a whole lot of it. It’s all about portion control. If you want to get rid of unhealthy cravings Cravings are hard to manage. You may be in the middle of something when it strikes and the hunger won’t be quenched until you eat that unhealthy snack. You may even be in bed when the hunger for something strikes. If you’re craving for carrot sticks or cucumber slices, that could be healthy, but usually you will crave for ice cream, cake, chocolates, or all of them at once. All those sugar can’t be good for the body. Fortunately, Dr. Oz Garcinia extract can help suppress such desires. If you are in a stressful job Garcinia has a couple of benefits that might be interesting for someone who is on an 8-hour job that has a lot of stress and little time to unwind. When you are stressed, you feel emotional, which may result in overeating or emotional eating. Stress can also prevent you from getting enough sleep, thus making you crankier in the morning. All these things can be solved by Garcinia while also helping you manage a better body shape. With the right dosage of Garcinia, you can get more serotonin to help make you less emotional and stressed while also helping you get the sleep you need. If you basically love eating Even if you don’t have weight problems right now and you are not diabetic, there’s still danger to eating a lot. Don’t wait for doctors to find something in your body. If you begin using Garcinia fruit extract now, you can prevent those problems from showing up at all. If you want to get better results from your diet plan Starting a new diet can be hard, especially since it would involve controlling what you eat and having some form of exercise. Why don’t you add cambogia in there and get faster, better results? It can work with popular diet plans such as the lemonade diet. It can even be used together with other weight loss products like raspberry ketones or chia seeds. No matter what kind of lifestyle you have, no matter how much you love eating, and regardless of whether you have a health condition or not, this natural product can definitely give you good results.