All about alabama powerpoint 2


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All About Alabama

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All about alabama powerpoint 2

  1. 1. Pretend that you are detectives searching for clues to unlock the mysteries of Alabama. Today you are going to do some research to learn more about the symbols that represent our home state of Alabama. You will be searching for the meaning behind these symbols and where they came from. Your mission may seem difficult, detectives…but you can do it! Click on the ‘Home’ button to go back to Click on the magnifying glass at the the home page at any point. end of each page to go to the next page. k.
  2. 2. Welcome Detective! Your mystery today is trying to locate and name some of the symbols that represent your home state of Alabama. As you locate each symbol, be able to name the symbol, draw an illustration of the symbol, and write two facts about the symbol. Good luck Detective, and be careful out there!
  3. 3. 1. You will use the next page to research Alabama’s state symbols. Record the information you find on your four column chart. See example below. 2. You will need to pick your four favorite state symbols for your chart. You can not use the yellowhammer as one of your four. You may either draw your picture or print and glue a picture to your chart. Name of Symbol State Symbol Picture Facts about Symbol State Bird Yellowhammer The yellowhammer became the state bird in 1927. It got it’s name from the old Confederate uniforms.
  4. 4. Use the following website to locate your four state symbols. Website: Click below us/kids_emblems
  5. 5. How your chart will be graded: Excellent Work!! Evaluation Points Student correctly labeled his or her chart. 10 points Student found the correct state symbols. 5 points for each symbol; total of 20 points Student correctly named each symbol. 5 points for each symbol; total of 20 points Students illustrated each state symbol correctly. 5 points for each symbol; total of 20 points Student list at least two facts for each symbol. 5 points for each symbol; total of 20 points Neatness 10 points
  6. 6. Great job agents! Now you know more about our state of Alabama. Mission accomplished!
  7. 7.  Students will complete research about the state symbols of Alabama and create a four column chart on what they have researched.
  8. 8.  Discussing cultural contributions from various regions of Alabama that contributed to the formation of a state heritage
  9. 9. This lesson was developed by as an assignment for Educational Technology in the Curriculum (EDU 6611). This is a master’s level class at Troy University’s Dothan Campus. The “All About Alabama” Webquest was developed during the summer of 2009 and is intended for fourth grade students who are studying Alabama History. This is an Alabama History Webquest that helps students learn more about the symbols that represent Alabama. Students will work as detectives to solve the “mystery” of what symbols represent our home state of Alabama.