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The Brother UK education newsletter (secondary) - November


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The Brother UK education newsletter (secondary)

Published in: Technology
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The Brother UK education newsletter (secondary) - November

  1. 1. YOUR BROTHER UK EDUCATION NEWSLETTER NOVEMBER 2009 THIS MONTH’S TALKING POINT We talk to Ken Walsh of SSAT about ICT page 3 HOT OFF THE PRESS Cool cashback and extended warranty offers page 5 TONE DOWN YOUR SPENDING Smart guide to Toner Save page 7
  2. 2. Welcome CONTACT US Please feel free to contact us with your queries John Greenhalgh Head of Verticals 07968 097 283 Michelle Molloy Senior Education & Mobile Solutions Manager Q&A 07799 113 697 National Gavin Sever Special Projects & Solutions Manager 07968 097 289 National Every issue we interview a leading light in education IT, to find out a little about the challenges they face and how they’re working with Brother to make a sustainable impact on learning. Diane Barnes Senior Public Sector This issue we meet Ken Walsh, associate director at the Manager Lead Contact: LUPC, SUPC Specialist Schools and Academies Trust (SSAT). 07766 251 842 How important is ICT for the SSAT? experiences – good and bad – of ICT to guide It’s vitally important and something that I’ve schools starting out on their plans. been deeply involved with over the past few How are you working with the technology years with the ICT Register, an online database providers? What more can they do to help? of schools that are keen to learn and share The ICT Register brings vendors and schools Niall Beath their experiences of how to develop effective Client Manager Lead ICT programmes. There are over 600 primary together to better understand how they can Contact: HEPCW and secondary schools, academies and special work together. Our Futures Vision Tour Awards Area: NEUPC, NWUPC schools registered - you can apply today at initiative, where suppliers such as Brother, Misco 07900 675 934 and Toshiba tour some of the most innovative ICT education projects in the UK, is a great What is the ICT Register telling you example. about the innovation going on in schools Brother is also currently using the ICT Register at the moment? “ Welcome to the latest edition of At Your Side, the There is still a gap between schools who to work with schools piloting its M-Print mobile printing solution. Hayley Davis Simon McIntyre know what they want from ICT, and those who dedicated newsletter for the education sector. ” are still very unsure. This is where the ICT Register comes into its own. Schools can share Find out more about our M-Print trials with schools on page 6. Channel Client Manager Development Assistant Lead Contact: APUC, NEUPC, NWUPC 0161 931 2389 07824 448 612 “ In this newsletter you’ll find out more about the Brother education events we’re attending and wider initiatives DID YOU KNOW? education solutions designed to bring students’ work we’re supporting. to life and find out more about how schools are already using Brother printers in the classroom and in admin Your feedback is really important to us, so please let offices. You’ll also be able to read about the range of us know your views!” Brother is co-sponsoring the ICT Register Awards with Toshiba to help understand the needs Gavin Thurston and future plans of pioneering educational organisations. We’re proud to be at the side of ICT Client Manager Area: SUPC Michelle Molloy, pioneers across the UK and can’t wait to find out more about the projects currently underway. 07968 097 337 Senior Education & Mobile Solutions Manager 2 3
  3. 3. Top marks The HL-4050CDN means there’s no need to wait around for colour prints Admin offices in education are very busy places that need to produce a whole host of external documents quickly and cost-effectively – whilst still giving a great first impression for your school or college. The HL-4050CDN offers print speeds of 20 pages per minute for both colour and mono documents so there’s no need to wait. And with duplex as standard, the HL-4050CDN delivers double-sided (duplex) output quickly and easily, making this the ideal printer for producing booklets, reports and presentations. Duplex printing can also save you paper and, therefore, money. The HL-4050CDN retails for just £393.00 SRP excl VAT. And with our fantastic colour offers for Autumn, as shown below, you could snap up a great bargain this term. Speak to a member of the Brother education team on page 3 to find out more. New low-cost compact Colourful offers to colour print solutions brighten Autumn days Bring pupils’ work to life with speedy colour prints Bring your lesson plans to life with our colour laser printers and all-in-ones and take advantage of our fantastic cashback and warranty offers. UP TO £100 CASHBACK Access to colour printing is now essential in any classroom, but can often be perceived to be The first two printers in the range – the HL-3040CN and the HL-3070CW and the range’s multifunction Purchase one of our colour lasers^ and choose from up to £100.00 OR FREE 3 YEAR ON-SITE WARRANTY expensive and the printers too bulky to fit into machines will be available from November. cashback or opt for a free 3 year on-site warranty. This offer is smaller classroom setups. These concerns needn’t redeemable through our website - simply enter Printer prices start from just £217.00 SRP excl VAT. be a problem with our new colour print solutions. a promotional code before 10th January, 2010. The new colour range offers low cost printing But don’t take our word for it – try for yourself using the one-pass LED technology, meaning it with our FREE evaluation. You can try out any of can print colour documents quickly and efficiently. our machines before you buy, to make sure you’re Plus they’re compact enough to fit easily into a choosing the best machine to support you in the classroom or any admin office with limited space. long-term. Contact a member of the Brother education team on page 3 for more information. Compact Colour Printers HL-3040CN HL-3070CW Colour Laser Printers 16ppm colour and mono printing • • HL-4040CN, HL-4050CDN, Model shown HL-4070CDW DCP-9042CDN, DCP-9045CDN MFC-9450CDN, MFC-9840CDW Network ready • • 20ppm colour and mono printing • • • Wireless network ready • Copy and scan • • Secure printing • • Fax • USB host port • Double-sided^ • • • Poster printing • • Network ready • • • 250 sheet paper tray • • £50 (MFC-9450CDN) Cashback £50 £50 Emulation GDI PCL6 & BR-Script 3 £100 (MFC-9840CDW) * MFC-9840CDW – £100 Cashback. HL-4040CN, HL-4050CDN, HL-4070CDW, DCP-9042CDN, DCP-9045CDN, MFC-9450CDN £50 Cashback. ^ Not available on the HL-4040CN 4 5
  4. 4. Give your reception that professional touch with a smart, secure visitor management system. It’s important to know who’s onsite at any given moment – in particular in a busy education organisation where there could be hundreds of parents, students, supply teachers and visitors on the premises. Our new visitor management solution How to... offers an effective way to register and manage onsite visitors as well as produce professional looking badges. There’s no Toner Save need for a book on reception, or untidy and expensive paper badges. The software allows you to record each visitor, and print a smart badge using a QL label printer. You can even add photos to badges using a webcam – giving a highly professional look from the very start of a visit. For emergency situations, the software has Keeping costs down is easy when you’re initially selecting Create the a printer to buy, but many people worry that replacing toner a one-click emergency report, which will provide a simple check list of all registered visitors – so you can feel secure that cartridges regularly could mean spiralling long-term costs. right first everyone is accounted for. It won’t be a problem providing you plan ahead and make sure your printers are set up to work as efficiently And with an SRP of just £249 excl VAT, as possible – for example by setting up the Toner Save mode on your printer. Not only are you helping to the system is extremely affordable to run keep running costs low, but using Toner Save will help to reduce the environmental impact of your machine impression and offers great value against competitor – something that’s becoming increasingly important for any new technology bought for an education products. organisation. Combine this with features such as double-sided and booklet printing to make your machine run even more efficiently! For further information or a full demonstration, just contact one of the team on page 3. Setting up Toner Save couldn’t be easier – here are some simple steps to get you up and running in minutes. Setting up Toner To make this a Mobile pioneers Save from default on a PC: your PC Mobile printers have transformed how, where and when we can print information, by enabling users to print information wherever they are, • Go to the start menu and go to Control Panel using portable devices. • Open up ‘Printers and Faxes’ With the increase of mobile devices such as laptops and PDAs as learning tools within the school environment, the ability to print wherever staff or student require would be a huge benefit. We’re • Go to File > Print on the document you wish to print • Right click on the preferred printer and go to working with the SSAT and some innovative schools who’ve already ‘Printing preferences’ embraced mobile technology to understand how mobile printing could • Click on the ‘Properties’ button on the print screen work in a school environment. • Click on the advanced tab • Click on the ‘Advanced’ tab and you will see an Rivington & Blackrod Secondary in Bolton, Heath Primary School • Turn on Toner Save by ticking the box, and then empty tick box to turn Toner Save on. Click this to in Chesterfield and Blackfriars Further Education Special School in click ‘Apply’ Stoke are three of the schools who will be using our M-Print handheld add a tick solutions in and around their organisations as well as during community learning projects. They’ll be keeping us updated on their progress – • Click OK twice and the Toner Save mode will You’re now set up to print in Toner Save mode which we’ll share with you in future issues. be active at all times! 6 7
  5. 5. The cool way to stop rainforest deforestation We’ve joined up with Cool Earth to do our bit for the environment We’ve recently launched an exciting partnership with Cool This partnership further emphasises our ongoing commitment Earth, a pioneering rainforest sustainability charity, which will to the environment, which is already demonstrated throughout see us sponsor four square kilometres of the Amazon rainforest the company, from our recycling programmes for resellers and in Peru – that equates to over 600 football pitches! customers, to our products’ green credentials. To find out more visit Our sponsorship will keep 100,000 tonnes of living carbon safely locked away in the trees as well as protecting a unique and irreplaceable eco-system. To find out more about Cool Earth, go to On the Road We’re demonstrating our continued commitment to the sector by making sure we’re on hand at all the important education events. And we really enjoy getting out and about and meeting you all, like at the recent Partnerships For Schools (PFS) annual conference. The event, which took place at the Southbank Centre at the beginning of September, was held as part of the Building Schools for the Future school renewal programme. We were able to provide delegates with information on the very latest technology, including our brand new visitor ID software (more information on page 6). In terms of upcoming events, our diary is filling up quickly. We’ll be at the E-Learning Foundation’s Engaging with Home Access event. And looking to the year ahead, we’ll be at BETT, the world’s largest education technology event, taking place in Olympia, London from 13th to 16th January. Hopefully we’ll see you there! AT YOUR SIDE Dates for November 20th E-Learning Foundations’ Engaging with Home Access. Westminster, London EDUCATION ISSUE 2 your diary January 13-16th BETT, Olympia, London, Stand no. G116 Any queries or comments about this issue? Contact Katie Colledge at Citypress on 0161 235 0316 or email ZLFTEDUCNEWSLTRU2