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Dubai tours


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Dubai tours

  1. 1. Dubai a cosmopolitan city of 21st centuryDescription: - The Emirate of Dubai is a dynamic city where the sophistication of the 21 stcentury walks hand in hand with the simplicity of bygone era. These contrasts give Dubai aunique flavor and personality with an international lifestyle. A must visit destination foreveryone.Dubai is one of seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates on Arab Peninsula. The main cityof Emirate which is called Dubai is second largest Emirate in the federation after Abu Dhabi which islocated on the Persian Gulf, southwest of Sharjah and northeast of Abu Dhabi. Few cities in the worldhave undergone such rapid transformation as Dubai. Starting out as a fishing settlement, then a pearl -diving centre and later a vibrant trading port, Dubai is today one of fastest growing metropolis on earth.Enormous construction, great development in business, technology and industry through innovativeplanning makes it one of the wonderful destinations to visit and explore. So book cheap flights to Dubaiand visit this city which is positioned in the spotlight as a dynamic nucleus of Arabian Gulf region and hasbecome a gateway between the East and West.Dubai as a city is one of hot cosmopolitan cities in the world that has shown tremendous growthin all the sectors be it aviation, technology, sports, events, shopping, festivals, cultural centers,hotels, exhibitions and conferences has attracted world-wide attention and helps in establishingDubai as a leading business hub and one of the hot spot tourist destination in the world. The cityhas a rich cultural scene with Art Museums, Film Festivals and Performing Art Center and forshopper’s the city is no less than a paradise. Dubai shopping festival which is held over here
  2. 2. annually is major crowd puller that attracts visitors from far off places to enjoy shopping carnivalover here.All these happenings make Dubai, a city of excitement waiting to be explored holding thepotential for one of the most significant international cities of 21st century. Dubai is a city ofcontrasts that offers tranquility of the desert to lively bustle of souks. In a single day visitors canexperience everything from rugged mountains to desert safaris, from sandy beaches to lush greenparks, from dusty villages to luxurious hotels and from medieval souks to ultra modern shoppingmalls the city has something for everyone. So just don’t wait and book direct flights to Dubaifrom London and catch the glimpses of 21st century cosmopolitan cityAmong the major attractions of city the Creek, a natural sea-water inlet which cutsthrough the centre of city is a historic focal point of life in Dubai. An attractive way toview the Creek and the dhows is from Abra, one of the small taxis which crisscross theCreek from the souks of Deira to those on the Bur Dubai side. Old Bastakiya district withits narrow lanes and tall- wind towers gives a tantalizing glimpse of Old Dubai. How to contact Contact US: - 0208 385 6850 Email us: - Website: -
  3. 3. Grand Mosque situated on the Bur Dubai side of the Creek near the Ruler’s Court wasrebuilt in 1998 is city’s tallest minaret is a distinguished landmark and important place ofworship. The souks on both sides of the Creek are attractive not just for their shoppingbargains but also as places for sightseeing and photography. Al Fahidi Fort, which housesthe Dubai Museum, is another imposing building. Located in Jumeirah, the Dubai Zoo isa popular attraction especially for families. So get ready for an exciting journey to city ofDubai and book flights to Dubai for an exciting journey to a city of 21st century.KeywordsDubai Tour, Flights To Dubai, Dubai Cheap Flights, Dubai City Attraction, Tourist Place E In Dubai,Significant Of Dubai City, Dubai Flights Ticket, Discount Flights To Dubai, Direct Flight To Dubai ,Air FareTo Dubai Flights