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Train research


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Train research

  1. 1. Assunta De Pau Period 7 T202 This locomotive train has many characteristics that are similar to the train car that the PLTW class created. The cow catcher, smoke stack, and shape of the train’s nose are very similar. I am going to create an observation car for the train car we made in PLTW. While conducting my research I found many elements that I would like to include in my train car. The shape of the windows in this car is appealing and I would like to use this similar window design in my train. This design allows for plenty of viewing area for the passengers because this is an observation train car.I would like to incorporate theoverhang and small balcony onthe back of this train car into mydesign. This will allow thepassengers to have more spaceand they can use the balcony tomake this observation car moreuseful. In addition, the guardrailprovides safety for thepassengers.
  2. 2. This train car has an interesting element, which is the base being a separate piece than the actual train body. I like this element because if I were to use my design for the “A” train then this base would still allow the wheels to be attached so they are perpendicular to the ground rather than being on an angle.For my train car, I would like touse the same idea as this picturefor the front of my train car.The curved front allows forwindows to be added, so allangles of the outside’ssurroundings can be seen frominside the car.
  3. 3. The dome observation area in this observation train car is one feature that would allow for passengers to have more viewing area. This addition to my train car would also provide more light, but it will give the train car a sleek look, while still keeping in mind that the train car is an observation car.In this train design, the observation dome is thelength of the train. It is an even better designthan the previous picture. I want to incorporatethis dome into my design. I would make it bycreating a box type piece for the train body,and then I would make another piece thatwould be a large arc shape the length of thetrain.
  4. 4. The windows on this toy train car are cutall the way through the train car. I want toadd this element to my train car because Iwant others to visibly see the differencebetween the train body and the windows. These wheels feature an interesting element that I like, which is the arched part that sticks farther out. This will add to the overall train I create by given it a sleeker look.
  5. 5. In this picture I like that the wheels are attached to the side edge of the train. I like this because it makes the train car look more realistic, and I’d like the train car that I create to look realistic, but still be a toy. In this train car, I like that the size of the back balcony is larger than any other train balcony I have seen. I want to add this element to my train car because it will make it stand out and make it unique. Otherwise, I would like to find a way to make the amount of balcony space larger. Perhaps I could put a small balcony on each side of the train instead.The back rail of this train is thereason I chose this picture. Iwant to incorporate simplevertical rods into my railbecause it has clean lines. Alsoin order to be able to make thisby hand the details cannot betoo intricate.
  6. 6. I like the balcony of this train car because it is curved. I would like to use this type of balcony for my train car.I like that the spokes of thiswheels are thinner. I want toincorporate this elementinto my design because Ithink it adds to the visualelement of the train. This train features a balcony that does not have a ladder, in my train car I want to create a car without a ladder on the back of it.
  7. 7. In this train car different piecesare painted different colors. Ifwe paint or color our train cars,I would like to color differentelements to each part in order todraw attention to eachindividual part.