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Concept Spa


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Now we are expanding to International market and small retail sectors, We are looking for investor partner or agent, any interest please contact me thank you.

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Concept Spa

  1. 1. CONCEPT SPAFor your custom specialised spa concept.
  2. 2. What Services do we ProvideWelcome to our company profile. We have our team withmore than 15 years experience in Spa business, who canhelp with all aspects of creating a beautiful and efficientdream spa to suit your budget.Working your brief and budget guides we can build yourdream Spa from scratch. We can advise you withAccounting & Spa management, Balance sheet, profit andloss account, initial Setup.Interior design, planning, layout and organisationHow to set up cost effective spa treatments.Help to find spa decoration, customised furniture design,trained therapist’ to set up day to day basic procedures, how to createunique packaging to attract more clients and promotebusiness.Sourcing high quality products and materials to suit the client’s budget.Marketing Ideas, Advertising and website design.After service customer care and support.
  3. 3. Spa Menu Sample PackagesLet Concept Spa take you on journeys that relax, restore, and revive. Our treatmentsare designed to address full body, mind, and soul healing. Whether based on ancientThai remedies or techniques from around the globe, using simple natural ingredientsor sciences most innovative combinations, these carefully crafted rituals are waiting totransform you at “Your Dream Spa”.Signature Journey (165 Minutes)Reward your skin with the beautifying exfoliant benefits of turmeric, beforesurrendering your entire body to the healing massage warmth of sand.Floral Foot Ritual – Turmeric Scrub – Shower – Sand Compress Massage -RefreshmentJourney of Siam (205 Minutes)Rediscover your inner strength and vigour with an exquisite journey from Thailand.Floral Foot Ritual – Shower - Thai Herbal Steam – Shower - Essence White CoconutScrub – Shower – Traditional Thai Massage – RefreshmentDawn Renewal (165 Minutes)Rise to a refreshing ritual of replenishing therapies. Cleanse and exfoliate with a scrubinfused with green tea extract, and experience an invigorating jet lag massage.Floral Foot Ritual – Detoxifying Green Tea Scrub – Shower – Jet lag Massage –RefreshmentDusk Relaxation (165 Minutes)End your day with a soothing total body and foot massage. Let ancient techniquesrestore your body’s vital energy and unwind your tired mind.Shower – Floral Foot Ritual – Swedish Massage – Foot Reflexology–Refreshment
  4. 4. Conceptual Sketch Designs Initial sketch for one of our Clients. Initial sketch for one of our Clients.This was a therapy room idea prior to the design being digitized and This was a treatment room for nail and feet idea prior to the design rendered in 3d being digitized and rendered in 3d
  5. 5. Waiting/Relaxing AreaFloral Bath Reception AreaJacuzzi Bath Couples treatment room and bath
  6. 6. CONTACT USwww.bathyme.com64 Hay Drive Edinburgh, EH16 4AL UK Tel: 44 131 6200925
  7. 7. Bath Thyme Concept Store
  8. 8. Shop RequirementsShould you wish to open a Bath Thyme Store, we have our ownproduct branded concept and design shop ready to build.We require a Franchise fee.And a Product Stocking Fee.A Total investment of based on shop dimensions per m², thisincludes construction and installation by Bath Thyme Craftsmen
  9. 9. Custom Design Handmade Shop Lighting for Bath Thyme Store
  10. 10. We Promise.We will make available to you all product imagery for advertising.We will list your contact information on our Website and makeavailable to those interested in purchasing our products.We will continue attending exhibitions in the middle east to help raiseproduct awareness.
  11. 11. Bath ThymeNatural Bath and Body Care
  12. 12. About UsBath thyme is a UK based company that manufactures itsproducts in ailand. Our Manufacturer is government certifiedand ships internationally across the globe. Our products aremade from all natural ingredients and use oriental flower andplant essences to produce the unique and beautiful scent of exoticAsian flowers. Bath thyme is trying to bring you a completerange of bathing products from shower gel, bath gel, hairshampoo, conditioning moisturizing, and body scrub’s, all of ourpersonal care products are free from SLS, and we also have arange of aromatherapy products such as body oil’s and essentialoil’s. Bath thyme have selected a water based scented airfreshener for our room sprays; these are chemical free and aresafe to use around your children. We also have pillow mist whichyou can spray on to your pillow and will send you o to a goodnights sleep or to spray on your clothes during the day. eses are high quality Spa grade products packaged and readyfor retail to the public.Our Products are already translated and printed in Arabic readyfor the Arabic consumers.
  13. 13. Why Bath Thyme? Bath Thyme have produced a high quality natural product. In the UK, Body Shop is as a common high-street brand and is considered as low-average quality products. Bath Thyme are looking to place our products as a higher quality natural product that fits a niche between Body Shop and the Top Names. Thyme: is a natural herb we use in the UK with a distinctive scent and herbal health benefits, it is pronounced as “Time” So “Bath Thyme” in the context we use it refers to the natural benefits of our products, and also Bath Time, or time for a bath!
  14. 14. What makes Bath Thyme Products SpecialBath Thyme is a UK registered Companywith products made to UK standards.Company Registration: 291156Our products are natural products.We use pure flower essential oils for ourscentsNone of our products contain SLS(Sodium Laurel Sulphate) a sodium basedfoaming agent deemed irritating to theskin in the UK.None of our products contain anyharmful parabens or EDTA(ethelenediaminetetraacetic acid) whichmay cause an allergic reaction.
  15. 15. Copy For Reference Use Only: Bath ThymeBath Thymeis a UK Registered trade markOnce we establish a connection in theinterested Country and confirm trade relations then we can register BathThyme as a trade mark in that country
  16. 16. Distributor/AgentRequirements Initial Minimum investment order of $30,000.00. This is a stock purchase investment to ensure that stock will be available to customers. Must have suitable storage facilities to keep stock in good condition, ie cool, dry and covered. Must have capabilities to make contacts and generate sales. must be able to place products in suitable locations for sale to the public
  17. 17. Kuwait International 2010 KuwaitBath Thyme exhibition Stand in Hall 7 Stand 1 from the Fair international Cosmetics and Perfumery Exhibition