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Company Profile


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Company Profile

  1. 1. Company Profile
  2. 2. About UsBath thyme is a UK based company that manufactures its products in Thailand. Our Manufacturer is government certified and ships internationally across the globe. Our products are made from all natural ingredients and use oriental flower and plant essences to produce the unique and beautiful scent of exotic Asian flowers. Bath thyme is trying to bring you a complete range of bathing products from shower gel, bath gel, hair shampoo, conditioning moisturising, andbody scrub’s, all of our personal care products are free from SLS, and we also have a range of aromatherapy products such as body oil’s and essential oil’s. Bath thyme have selected a water based scented air freshener for our room sprays; these are chemical freeand are safe to use around your children. We also have pillow mist which you can spray on to your pillow and will send you off to a good nights sleep or to spray on your clothes during the day.Theses are high quality Spa grade products packaged and ready for retail to the public. Our Products are already translated and printed in Arabic ready for the Arabic consumers.
  3. 3. Why Bath Thyme? Bath Thyme have produced a high quality natural product. In the UK, Body Shop is as a common high-street brand and is considered as low- average quality products.Bath Thyme are looking to place our products as a higher quality natural product that fits a niche between Body Shop and the Top Names. Thyme: is a natural herb we use in the UK with a distinctive scent and herbal health benefits, it is pronounced as “Time” So “Bath Thyme” in the context we use it refers to the natural benefits of our products, and also Bath Time, or time for a bath!
  4. 4. WHAT MAKES BATH THYMEPRODUCTS SPECIALBath Thyme is a UK registered Company with products made toUK standards.Company Registration: 291156 Our products are natural products.We use pure flower essential oils for our scentsNone of our products contain SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulphate) asodium based foaming agent deemed irritating to the skin in the UK.None of our products contain any harmful parabens or EDTA(ethelenediaminetetraacetic acid) which may cause an allergicreaction.
  5. 5. MOTIVATION & TARGETDEMOGRAPHICWith the introduction of bath thyme personal care products we havetargeted the higher end of the middle market. We have createda high end quality product aimed primarily at the home spa, selftreatment concept for those who enjoy the luxuries of a professionalspa and wish to continue their weekly sessions throughout theweek at home, and perhaps indulge with some daily luxuries usingour personal care products. We are looking to place our productsin quality recommended Spas and hotels, also we wish to get intothe retail sector to make them as accessible to the consumer aspossible. The products are perhaps most suited for the 30-45year old female demographic, due to the price bracket and theuniqueness of the floral scents they may not be quite so appealingto younger teenagers, however they have been extremely wellreceived by all who have sampled them and no amount of statisticscan compensate for personal taste.
  6. 6. TARGET DEMOGRAPHICWe have created a high end quality product aimed primarily at the Having personally lived in the UK now for the past 20 years, it to create a complete range of products including scrubshome spa, Targeted the higher end of the middle market. there are many aspects of my Thai heritage that I miss and and masques. The products are intended to be mild and am very proud of that i would love to share with others. gentle for sensitive skin, we use natural ingredients andIndividuals interested in self treatment concept for those who enjoy Thailand has a wealth of beauty to contribute. There are avoid any harmful chemicals. The scents are from high gradethe luxuries of a professional spa and wish to continue their weekly many things that we specialise in and that we have that essential oils that give them an effective lingering duration.sessions throughout the week at home, are unique to Thailand. Some examples would be Thai I want people to be able to use my products and to notice massage and Thai Spas, famous for their efficacy and for the the difference after a single use,your skin should feel smoothIndividuals interested in daily luxuries using our personal care hospitality of the Thai people, other things would be some of and delicate afterwards. So far I have had people reviewproducts. the exotic plants that are indigenous to the east such as the my products and have told me that after a weeks use the lotus flower or the jasmine flower that feature so prominently spots on their back have cleared up, others have told meWe are looking to place our products in quality recommended Spas in Thai history. None of the jasmine scented products I have how wonderful their skin feels and how beautiful the scentand hotels, also we wish to get into the retail sector to make them tried during my time in the Uk have managed to do this is. These positive reviews and success stories are the thingsas accessible to the consumer as possible. beautiful flower justice. My products are based around the and keep me motivated and encourage me to continue. I exotic scents of thai flowers such as jasmine and lotus but hope that the more people that try them and appreciateWe expect 60%-70% of our primary consumers to be most suited also other beautiful but less known scents such as Moke, them will promote them through recommendations andfor the 30-45 year old female demographic. and Kasalong. I was initially motivated to create something word of mouth as in my experience this is always the best specialised for myself because I suffered from an under recommendation, but I still need the opportunity to reachAnd a further 15%-20% to be within the 45 and over female active thyroid gland which affects my body’s balance in many these people and that’s where I hope that you can help.demographic. ways, but I have very sensitive skin which is very easily upset by many of the personal care products currently availableAnd the remaining 15%-20% to be within the 18-30 year old female on the market. I took my initial concept and expanded ondemographic.
  7. 7. BATH THYME IS A UKREGISTERED TRADE MARKOnce we establish a connection in the interested country andconfirm trade relations then we can register Bath Thyme as a trademark in that country
  8. 8. Ms. Fanya Namthipaya Ms. Kamonrat AdamMs. Fanya Namthipaya has over 10 The restaurant quickly became and spa school in Thailand, she has EDUCATION AND QUALIFICATION CHARITY WORK AND AWARDSyears of experience in International very popular with the locals now expanded her studies in Spa • BA in Sciences and teaching from Rachapat • Research project for local Thai Spa knowledgemarketing from her educational receiving many compliments industry and received a certificate University in Phuket and career opportunities in spas for Kingbackground, working experience and recommendations. It had of Spa health and beauty, The • Trained in beauty at Niranrant Beauty Centre in Rama 9and she continues to demonstrate many published reviews in local school has been opened since Thailand • Received Award for best beauty products in highher high degree of knowledge newspaper and magazines for 1997 and has earned itself a • Trained for facial massage and aromatherapy quality and best service for “ Cardera Brand” fromin marketing and contacting best thai restaurant in Edinburgh. In prestigious reputation as well as massage at Frong College, France. Wyne Berginternational clients. Since 2000 2006/07 it was awarded the “Thai being awarded an innovator in the • Trained as Specialist for “Baby face facial” at • Received Award for support and Love for Thailandduring her study time she has Select” award for “seal of approval spa industry. Belon America products society from King Rama9 at his 50thworked for International Aviation for Thai cuisine” and many other • Trained in European facial techniques from Pure birthday.Corporation ltd. as manager she has awards for excellence during the Bath Thyme can assist individuals skin sciencedealt with contacting International time it was open. to develop their own concept • Trained in hair scalp detox and spa detox from EXPERIENCESclients and sourcing new contracts i n c l u d i n g a l l s p a t re a t m e n t Grammer • Helped management to set up menus and trainedfor ground equipments for IAC. From 2005- Present: She is the programs tailored to meet the • Trained in Beauty waxing from CWY school, therapist for Spa at Bangkok hospitalShe has successfully managed Director and founder of “Bath client’s expectations and our Thailand • Consulted on LaBella Spa at C-con square,to sell many high value items of Thyme” brand, she was responsible therapists will train the clients staff • Expert and specialist in lecturing for Services and Thailandground support equipment and for the packaging design, concept, to high standard in spa hospitality. marketing in Spa industry • Consulted on Tan-ta-ra at Ramkam spa heng,holds a respected reputation with ideals and creating the overall We can also we provide a full- ThailandThai Airways international which theme of Bath Thyme for Spa and service consulting in all areas of RESUME • Consulted on management concepts and helpedis half privatised and government personal care products using only spa development. 1988-1990 CEO for Carra Brand, in Thailand to set up spa treatment therapist, trained theowned in Thailand. In 2000 She the best ingredients and unique 1988-1997 CEO For CR international, Beauty entire therapists with new technique combiningaccepted the “Geneva Platinum scents of exotic thai flowers, for products Thai message and European techniques to a highStar for Quality” award in Geneva which “she is very proud to be 1997-2011 CEO of DO spa and beauty brand standard at Relex one hour for German Company.on behalf of IAC. able to share her Thai heritage”. 2002-2003 Management for Bangkok hospital • Consulted on Bangkok and Spa in Spain The concept of “Bath Thyme” international • Trained staffs with Thai and European techniqueFrom 2001- June 2010: she is Home Spa products. She is 2005-2011 President a Bangkok and beauty spa massage and sourced therapist for Sa-wad-deeestablished and ran “Muang Thai also the director of International school spa in” in Edinburgh, UK. marketing for BANGKOK Beauty 1990-2011 President at Languages school • Trained staffs with Thai and European technique wisdom, at Had Yai, Thailand massage and sourced therapist for Montra spa in Australia.
  9. 9. SINGLE FRANCHISE INVESTMENTS & PROFIT: - single franchise holder; BENEFITS YOU WILL HAVE AS A MASTER FRANCHISEE ARE: 1. franchise store opening costs - from £40,000 , including - specially selected cosmetic chain stores; • Priority service due to the constant contact with Bath thymeSELECTION CRITERIA: a. initial stock purchase of about £ 10,000 - cosmetics and spa saloons; as a manufacturer; • Addiditonal discount programs on products;1. strategic selection of the store location: b. bath thyme concept furniture and design elements - pharmacies; • Outstanding start-up assistance and ongoing operational a. in shopping malls with high customer traffic and purchasing c. single franchise fee - hotels. supportpower. d. additional costs for renovation, staff and advertising you will receive an opportunity to create an bath thyme store chain • Control over franchisees in territory and enforcement of b. main streets of city centre. in your preferred area as a master franchisee. you will get a control agreements 2. profit payback period - about 7 months, with respect to the of the successful franchise system in a specific geographic area, c. widely recognised tourist locations. profitable christmas sales season a proven business module that works the brand name and even a • Professional website design offering national and international partner in the form of a corporate office and other master franchises exposure2. space for the potential store from 20-50m2 3. profitability ratio starting from 230-300% remember that to give you valuable support, latest innovations and business franchises, on average, have a 92% success rate, according to the expertise when you will need it. • Opportunity to create an online store in your territory3. access to capital sourcebook of franchise opportunities! As our potential partner Bath thyme will offer you a well designed • Profit opportunities from supplying franchisees, as well as4. experience and knowledge of retail, wholesale or cosmetics business system which will allow you to develop an independent and from franchise feesbusiness is an advantage MASTER FRANCHISE profitable business. Even though the initial franchise fee is higher, a master franchise license can lead to greater growth than a single • Profit from sales to cosmetic chains, hotels, spa saloons, master franchise means the exclusive rights to develop your own franchise. You will stay up-to-date on the latest technologies by pharmacies bath thyme branded store network, attract new partners for franchise being part of a larger franchise system and you will receive industry in your region (city, country or region). it is an opportunity to profit specific training and support directly from Bath thyme head office. • A wider range of marketing programs and tools as the intermediary between the manufacturer and: • Higher growth of turnover than in single franchise
  10. 10. Bath Thyme Mailing address: 64 Hay drive, Edinburgh EH16 4AL, United KingdomWarehouse: Unit 7 Perffermill Parc, Peffermill Industrial Estate Edinburgh EH16 5UY Interroom Co,Ltd - Tel +0131 208 3588