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  1. 1. LILY AND ME MOSES AARON This role requires you to choose parts of the book that you particularly like.
  2. 2. Passage 1, Page 143, Paragraph 1 and 2 I never saw Lily again. Three days later, she died in her sleep. That was ten years ago. I still wear the skull ring. I never take it off. I don’t hit baddies on the jaw – but I look at it a lot.
  3. 3. I chose this passage because I think that it is a crucial part of the plot. We find out here that Lily lost her battle with cancer. I was upset to read this part and it made me think that we must cherish the time that we have when we are alive. We must live life to the fullest. I also think that this passage was important because Moses explains that this happened ten years ago – he wrote this story along time after Lily died. He hasn’t forgotten the good times that he had with Lily and he constantly remembers her when he looks at the skull ring. This is often how I remember my grandfather when I look at Wedge Wood gifts that I was given for birthday presents. It is a constant reminder of the great times that were shared with one another.
  4. 4. Passage 2, Page 103 and 104, Paragraph 2 We went into Lily’s bedroom. ‘ Is this all right?’ Lily asked. ‘ Yes. Where do you want me to sit?’ ‘ Is it all right if I lie on my bed? I’m a bit tired after yesterday.’ ‘ How was the party? I asked. Lily shrugged. ‘All right. It wasn’t much fun for anybody.’
  5. 5. I chose this passage because when I think of a party I think of people having fun. I remember the times when I would have friends over for my parties. We would play games, sing, dance and eat yummy food. However when Lily responded to Moses saying that ‘It wasn’t much fun for anybody’ it made me think about what it might be like for children who suffer with illness. Many children are confined to bed and don’t really feel like it as their body doesn’t allow them to. Families and friends would have to act strong but it must be such a hard thing to go through. It makes me feel sad and I can see why it is so important for sick children to experience something positive in their lives. For instance at the Royal Children’s Hospital children are often granted a wish.
  6. 6. Passage 3, Page 104 and 105, Paragraph 2 I went into the kitchen with Lily’s mum. She made me a cup of tea. ‘Lily’s told me a lot about you, Moses. Does she say anything about me?’ I shook my head. ‘No.’ ‘ Does she talk about – how sick she is?’ ‘ No.’ ‘ Do you ask?’ ‘ No.’
  7. 7. I chose this passage because I think that it highlights a crucial part in the story. It is the first chance that Moses and Lily’s mum have really spoken. As the reader, it highlighted to me the importance of the friendship that has developed between Lily and Moses. It ultimately involves story telling and laughter. Lily’s illness is not discussed and this is obviously the way that she wants it. Lily really values Moses. For Lily it is probably some relief for her to be able to talk and laugh with someone.