An Innocent Case Study


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An Innocent Case Study

  1. 1. CASE STUDY / INNOCENTA FLEXIBLE COMMUNICATIONS PLATFORMFOR AN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESSIn 1998, three men decided to try out a new business venture by selling pure fruitsmoothies at a small music festival. Innocent Drinks is a business phenomenon of thelast decade and from this humble beginning, the business is now a global brand withrevenues of over £100 million. But how does a rapidly expanding business make theright strategic decision when it comes to investing in a new telephone platform?
  2. 2. BRIEF RESULTAs part of an international expansion project, Innocent wanted Aurora’s solution has enabled Innocent to expand quickly andto invest in a new communications platform that would become effectively across Europe. Aurora directly installs and supportsa blue print for new offices across Europe. It was important each international site to ensure that quality and consistency isto develop a solution that enabled the offices to function maintained at all times.independently from one another whilst also being able to bepart of an integrated single network solution. » Aurora has commissioned a solution that can be expanded cost effectively both as a single site solution and as a networked solution, providing Innocent with complete flexibility. »SOLUTION Aurora’s solution supports Innocent’s philosophy of flexible working, facilitating easy hot-desking, mobile working and office rotation, supporting users wherever they are in the world.Aurora designed a fully scalable solution that would supportInnocent’s growth, whilst at the same time being able to evolve » A standardised voice platform across all sites has enabledwith the business. The key was to provide optimum flexibility, Innocent’s telecoms to be more efficient and manageable.allowing Innocent to centralise or decentralise individualapplications, such as messaging – or the entire solution. » When fully networked, Aurora’s solution will function as a singleFollowing the highly successful roll out in London, Aurora has network solution supporting features such as multi site hotsubsequently expanded the solution to Dublin, Paris, Hamburg, desking, centralised directories, cross site BLF, international callAmsterdam, Copenhagen and Salzburg break out and centralised reception. Additionally, the platform is able to support an integrated customer service contact centre or develop into a full SIP solution. Innocent now has direct access to a fully outsourced voice helpdesk with extensive technical knowledge – a trusted partner for advice, support, consultancy and ideas on all things voice. This enables Innocent’s internal IT team to focus on data projects.“We have been working with Aurora for many years and are continually impressed with theexemplary service that we receive. It is great working with a technology partner that hasfresh ideas and a philosophy for delivering a truly pro active support service. Innocent dealswith lots of external service providers and suppliers, all of whom could learn a great dealfrom the team at Aurora”.AURORA NETWORKS | 2nd Floor, 79 Clerkenwell Road, London EC1R 5ART: +44 (0) 20 7025 4000 E: