Innocent Smoothies Social Media Case


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This a presentation that I put together in May 2011 that discusses Innocent Smoothies' success with social media.

The brand identity is analyzed using all communication platforms, secondary research formed the basis of the competitive analysis, and a full out analysis using listening was used to describe and critique their social media landscape.

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Innocent Smoothies Social Media Case

  1. 1. innocent smoothiessocial media done well re ally
  2. 2. Agenda a very innocent brand identity the environment- our innocent audience - the not so innocent competition why use social media? the innocent social media landscape- the roadmap- the content- what they’re doing well- what people are saying- what they can improve on appendix
  3. 3. a very innocent brand identity
  4. 4. brand associations friendly down-to-earth funny healthy “5 a day” natural transparentconvenient cute quirky
  5. 5. Print AdsTheir packaging (even has jokes!) Their logo Even people’s bank statements
  6. 6. the core identityunadulterated lightheartedly goodness agreeable natural
  7. 7. the environment
  8. 8. our audiencemom wants to make sure that her and her children easily get all the important kids want something thats yummy and vitamins & nutrients - she wants only fun the best from a brand she can trust.
  9. 9. our competitionmilk cravendale country life milk(& flavored) Jersey & Guernsey dairylea yoplait kidz snacks coco pops barssoda coca cola fanta humdinger tropicana go! britvic juices capri-sun volvic (& smoothies) del monte fruit burstwater tap robinsons
  10. 10. our competition cont’d tvc’s celebrity endorsements ooh in-store samplingmilk online entertainment(& flavored) healthy & amusing image, young & other tvc’s & pr target on-pack character sponsorships merchandizing movie tie-ins in-store mobile snacks celebrity endorsementssoda social media (pepsi) online entertainment online kids entertainment healthy & amusing image, cool image, teens & young target older target promotions tvc’s ooh juices tvc’s ooh on-pack promos (& smoothies)water ethical & natural image, healthy image, mother target older target
  11. 11. why use social media?
  12. 12. social media compliments the brand - its identity is down-to-earth just like social media should be - it fits with their original collaborative & grassroots approach to communication (& even crowdsourcing research) social media is a great differentiator - it amplifies their “natural” tone where everybody else uses cheap entertainment - very few competitors who are leveraging social media - it’s an unsaturated space
  13. 13. the innocent social media landscape
  14. 14. the channel roadmap WWW kids microsite innocent foundation
  15. 15. content • marketing support • product support • customer support • marketing support • jokes, conversation • organizational transparency • marketing support • product support • marketing support • customer support • conversation, jokes • preempt problems • marketing • product infoWWW • transparency about products, organization, their people, sponsored events, ethical activities • entertaining conversation • entertainment • marketing support • product support • transparency about products, organization, their people, sponsored events, ethical activities • entertaining conversation • preempt problems
  16. 16. the consumers are saying... “I was borderline ecstatic... sold several Innocent flavours” they love * they’re thankfulthey participate by suggesting “Thank you, Innocent Drinks! Look what baby bump and I received today: lots of delicious goodies from the lovely people at Innocent Drinks.” * they even beg
  17. 17. i looked at 20 posts on facebook and i saw 1 negative 17 positive* Twitter has a similar positive skew
  18. 18. the professionals are saying... “ No organization has embraced this ethos more than Innocent and when it comes to cultural influence, no-one has quite captured this “down-to -earth” approach as well as it has.  Innocent has also built a highly-successful brand community too.” * “Twitter activity is successful at extending the consumer conversation and resolving consumer queries” * “Smoothie operators: innovation and timing are key to Innocent success...incredibly innovative from the very beginning.” *http://* negative posts on Coca Cola deal where ethos is questioned
  19. 19. - the tone and content of the stories they tell is always natural - people feel engaged at every touchpoint - they design the content to fit each platform (twitter has shorter, catchier updates, facebook is more conversational, blog is more in depth)- they encourage discussion, they give quick replies, and their followers & fans are satisfied
  20. 20. what they can improve•flickr should be more organized•their YouTube channel should be more prominent - 2nd page of search results on google - not promoted anywhere•leverage social media to further promote their ethical stance (innocent foundation, for example)
  21. 21. Thank you! did you enjoy?
  22. 22. appendix
  23. 23. product support funcustomer support transparency
  24. 24. blog support preempt issuesproduct support engagement! fun marketing support