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• Imagery Driven: I am not sure when marketers will realize Islam is beyond crescent, veils and prayer mats. (may be the end of the Mayan Calendar will be the beginning of that realization – pun intended)
• Muslims are undoubtedly a big and juicy market USD 2 trillion, but there are not enough specialized advertising agencies, other than Ogilvy Noor, for this market segment when compared to other Niche’s like Hispanic Market.
• On an average, Muslims of the world are 27 years old. Your typical YPE, generation Y & generation x. Imagine their lives, facebook, multiculturalism, strong faith and tons of media bombardment trying to tell them that they are backward or fundamentalists. They clearly seek clarity what is stopping brands to offer them that?
• Indonesia & Malaysia have done some interesting advancements in Islamic Branding front like introducing a Fashion brand etc. I crave to see more of that coming from rest of the world.
• Muslims are travelling: I have a privilege to live in UAE (most of you know it as Dubai), everyone here travels at least once a year. And when we do, trust me it is hassle to find comfort from small to large things e.g. availability of water in washrooms, halal food, Ramadan timing breakfast etc. The market spent of Muslim Travellers is around USD 126 billion, tourism industry must try to capture it.
• Less Judgmental: Aren’t we a bit too quick in drawing our conclusions when it comes to religious minority or majority? Here is an interesting article about that

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Consumer insight marketing to muslims

  1. 1. Marketing to MuslimsCustomer Trends with Ayesha Saeed
  2. 2. Customer Trends with Ayesha Saeed An estimate of Muslim population  1.62 billion adherents. Almost 23% of worlds’ populations Source: Pew Forum The Future of the Global Muslim Population
  3. 3. Globally the halal market is worth USD 2,000,000,000,000Customer Trends with Ayesha Saeed Bigger than the economy of India, Russia, Australia, etc Source: Forbes India & Ogilvy Noor
  4. 4. Example: how marketing evolvesCustomer Trends with Ayesha Saeed Source: Women 2020
  5. 5. Marketing to Muslim, where it stands MissingCustomer Trends with Ayesha Saeed Imagery Driven Ads Message Driven Comm. Insight Driven Comm. Islamic Advertising being Communication is currently Muslims’ issues, insights and confined to the literal being explored on their ideals (relatable by images & icons that capitalizing the messages of Muslims and Non-Muslims) represents rituals Islam. havent been explored and communicated.
  6. 6. What needs to be done “Rather than just talking at the Muslim community, businesses need to consider investing in the Muslim community.”Customer Trends with Ayesha Saeed Khalid Sharif, founder of The Muslim Paper and Ummah Foods Source: Marketing Week
  7. 7. Key Insights into Muslims - Young Young: The average age in Muslim majority countries is only 27 years Insight:Customer Trends with Ayesha Saeed Energetic, Aspirational, Demanding, Talkative & confused
  8. 8. Key Insights into Muslims - Affluent Muslim traveller Travel lifestyle: 2011 the Muslim travellers spent USD 126 billion. Muslim travellers tend to travel in larger family groups, stay longer and spend more.Customer Trends with Ayesha Saeed Insight: Brands should offer Muslim- friendly holiday experience. Go explore the world, while you have the comfort of being connected with your religious values Source: BBC
  9. 9. Key Insights into Muslims - Ignored Targeting Muslims:Customer Trends with Ayesha Saeed Insight: Source: Blogger Saad Malik’s Article
  10. 10. Global Agenda 2013Customer Trends with Ayesha Saeed
  11. 11. Conclusion Relate to Muslim & Offer Islamic Values If you look at some of the values that stem from the QURAN, you’ll find a list of very emotionally appealing values,Customer Trends with Ayesha Saeed such as “Pure, honorable, honest, consistent, kind, true, trusted, responsible, wise, respectful and intelligent.” Dr Paul Temporal, associate fellow at Said Business School Source: Marketing Week
  12. 12. More articles & some developments • USD 96 Billion Fashion market • Marketing to Muslims part 1 • Article by Forbes India • Ogilvy Noor’s BlogCustomer Trends with Ayesha Saeed