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Insight to foresight - Marketing Research Sector


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Insight to foresight - Marketing Research Sector

  1. 1. From Insight to ForesightCustomer Trends with Ayesha Saeed What Marketing research sector must change to be competitive in the information age
  2. 2. Historically Marketing research was all aboutCustomer Trends with Ayesha Saeed tapping into scarce information & translating it into insights
  3. 3. BUTCustomer Trends with Ayesha Saeed there is
  4. 4. Customer Trends with Ayesha Saeed Available information is now Social Media monitoring is providing real time analysis of consumers
  5. 5. And the key is TRANSFORMATIONCustomer Trends with Ayesha Saeed To Foresight From Insight Solutions Discovery
  6. 6. Customer Trends with Ayesha Saeed “Old dog, New tricks” Moneypenny ‘s dialogue from Skyfall
  7. 7. Customer Trends with Ayesha Saeed Train yourself to identify Impact of Insights
  8. 8. • All Insights effect clients in at least one of the following area – Process improvement – Differentiation – Strategic Direction – Resource utilizationCustomer Trends with Ayesha Saeed And if you understand the impact, you should be the one who brings a GAME CHANGING IDEA forward.
  9. 9. • What researchers should learn to suggest an impactful idea. – Brand differentiation mechanism & tools – Balance Scorecards & similar toolsCustomer Trends with Ayesha Saeed – Process management & improvements – Performance monitoring and management
  10. 10. How all of this will help MR industry to define their USPCustomer Trends with Ayesha Saeed
  11. 11. Own the data to decision value chain Organize Decision information Suggest FacilitationCustomer Trends with Ayesha Saeed Analyze Impact prioritization
  12. 12. When everyone is providing information you are providing decisions. So all these new kids monitoring internet and social media will be at the first stage of product lifecycle while you are already exploring the What NextCustomer Trends with Ayesha Saeed
  13. 13. Customer Trends with Ayesha Saeed With increasing amount of information around – clients will have less time to process it into decisions. So basically you will become their choice of consultant who is processing multiple data streams for organization wide decisions
  14. 14. Customer Trends with Ayesha Saeed MR Industry is now competing with upcoming social media monitoring and also management consultancy. We will have to build our USP on our conventional strength but with new tricks. That is, data to decision value chain
  15. 15. Suppliers are not a deciding factor in the MRindustry. Technology is. If you can reach to theinformation faster you have an edge.Customer Trends with Ayesha Saeed
  16. 16. Data to Decision Value ChainCustomer Trends with Ayesha Saeed “Old dog, New tricks” Moneypenny ‘s dialogue from Skyfall