Aum Janakiram Social Media Experience


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Aum Janakiram Social Media Experience

  1. 1. Social Media Experience
  2. 2. My Facebook Pages
  3. 3. Blues Conscience
  4. 4. Little Babooshka’s Grind
  5. 5. FB Capsule Mini Websites
  6. 6. Youtube Channel –Creative Collective TV
  7. 7. Youtube Channel – Creative Collective TV Over the last 2 years I have shot and created video content of unique content for the web to promote independent movements in music art and dance in India All the videos are recorded, edited and uploaded free of cost. These videos include concerts, interviews, music videos & full length music albums. As a result Creative Collective TV have about 154 unique subscribers and over twelve thousand views. The frequent uploads has allowed CCTV to upload videos up to 45 etv/videos?view=0 minutes.
  8. 8. Youtube Virals – M.A.D Festival My Idea was to give people a virtual experience of the M.A.D Music Festival in a way never seen before. Using a hand held HD camera, I covered the entire sights and sounds along with performances & interviews from the Bazaar, which was where all the stalls were. The Quick Navigation was a big hit which made the people in the video and part of the festival (Including the organizers) share it with their friends and make the video go viral.
  9. 9. Youtube Virals – LBG This video was done as a teaser to the launch of LBG’s latest album. Rather than just releasing audio, I made a lyric video of one of the songs on the album, which was an instant hit with LBG’s fans and caused it to go viral. As a result many music video directors approached LBG to make a video for the song. More videos like this were also made to promote LBG’s material - -
  10. 10. Youtube Virals – BluesConscience Done in a day, We put together this promo video inviting people to come for Blue Conscience’s show. Rather than just creating an event and inviting people. We wanted to give people who have never experienced the Blues Conscience a sneak peak by using live footage and candid interviews. In association with Bay 146 resto lounge, the video was spread among all their networks to promote the show which was 2 days away.
  11. 11. Youtube Virals – BluesConscience In association with ThrillPill Film, Blues Conscience was invited to be interviews to be part of a documentary that comprised of some of the top musicians in the country to talk about the blues experience. As a result Blues Conscience’s fan count jumped by nearly 60 fans
  12. 12. Youtube Virals – LBG After performing at a nation wide competition and getting selected as 1 of the top 15 bands in the country. LBG were asked to create a video asking the audience to VOTE FOR LBG to get into the grand finals of the Ray Ban Never Hides Sounds competition which was held in Mumbai. As a result LBG were voted among the top 5 bands to play at the finals. And as a bonus, being very impressed, Rolling stones asked MMU to create a 30 sec ad which was aired on VH1.
  13. 13. Youtube Virals – LBG In association with Rolling Stone Magazine, MMU Communications created this video to promote the Ray Ban Never Hides Sound competition showcasing the 5 best bands from the country including LBG. As a result LBG fan count jumped by nearly 100 fans and re-gained nation wide presence.
  14. 14. Youtube Virals – BonfireCollective This animated video created for Bonfire Collective was done in- house at MMU to promote Bonfire Collective’s Anti Corruption single “Mr President”. The video was branded under the Creative Collective banner and received a lot of positive reviews from the music and animation industry. VH1 is currently playing this video on air.
  15. 15. Youtube Virals – MMU Over the last 10 years MMU have created video content using unique and effective techniques to get the message of our clients across. Clients Include PepsiCo India, Bounce Style Lounge, Taj Group of Hotels & Air Mauritius to name a few.
  16. 16. Just for Fun – WMD Viral Along with 25 other people I was asked and went around asking people what makes them go “Whoa Mama” as a promo video for Whoa Mama Designs. Using a hand held HD camera and iPhones, this video was shot over a span of 2 months and was meant to be humorous and serve as a brand recall exercise.
  17. 17. Just for Fun - Scaramouche A complete impromptu video shot by Shyam Kumar which enacted the best part of Bohemian Rapsody by Queen. This video was shot as an experiment for many video projects to follow by Shaun D’sa & Shyam Kumar. A short film titled the “Late Shift” is currently in it’s post production phase which stars me in the main role.
  18. 18. SEO - LBG
  19. 19. SEO – LBG
  20. 20. SEO – Blues Conscience
  21. 21. SEO – Blues Conscience
  22. 22. SEO – MMUCommunications
  23. 23. UI Experience - Website Websites with MMU
  24. 24. UI Experience – iPhone App iPhone App design for Xpress Money
  25. 25. UI Experience – Freelance Ultraclean Tech
  26. 26. Thank you for your time