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Add TDD to your Toolbox: an introduction to TDD

Introduction to TDD, test-driven development. Not included is a live coding demonstration of TDD in practice. Look at the link on the last slide for videos of other people doing TDD.

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Add TDD to your Toolbox: an introduction to TDD

  1. 1. Add TDD to your toolbox an introduction for beginners Audrey Troutt @auditty
  2. 2. What is TDD? Test-Driven Development Audrey Troutt @auditty
  3. 3. Audrey Troutt @auditty Three conditions to achieve a flow state: 1. clear set of goals and progress 2. clear and immediate feedback 3. confidence in one's ability Csikszentmihalyi, M.; Abuhamdeh, S. & Nakamura, J. (2005), "Flow", in Elliot, A., Handbook of Competence and Motivation
  4. 4. “TDD is dead. Long live testing.” -David Heinemeier Hansson Read more: Audrey Troutt @auditty
  5. 5. Materials needed: Source code Unit testing framework Understanding of requirements Audrey Troutt @auditty
  6. 6. Simple Case: There’s a bug Audrey Troutt @auditty
  7. 7. Use Case: From the Ground Up Audrey Troutt @auditty
  8. 8. “As the tests get more specific, the code gets more generic.” -Uncle Bob Martin Read more: Audrey Troutt @auditty
  9. 9. ● ({}–>nil) no code at all->code that employs nil ● (nil->constant) ● (constant->constant+) a simple constant to a more complex constant ● (constant->scalar) replacing a constant with a variable or an argument ● (statement->statements) adding more unconditional statements. ● (unconditional->if) splitting the execution path ● (scalar->array) ● (array->container) ● (statement->recursion) ● … and so on Read more: Audrey Troutt @auditty
  10. 10. Pros: ● More tests ● More testable code ● Discover missing requirements sooner ● Uncover novel designs ● Increased quality ● Refactor/add on with confidence ● Doesn’t generally take more time ● May start conversations Cons: ● First time setup of test framework takes extra time ● Not always practical (if requirements are not well defined) ● Makes changing object model harder ● May start conversations Audrey Troutt @auditty
  11. 11. “I credit TDD for teaching me how to test, and I still get huge benefits when I TDD. It’s not perfect, but no one technique is the key to magically producing better code.” -Justin Weiss Read more: Audrey Troutt @auditty
  12. 12. Practice Learn from others Audrey Troutt @auditty