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Digital Media For Reporters


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#NewhouseSM6 #DM4Reporters
A look at how reporters can successfully use social media.
By: Ashley Allen

Published in: Technology, Business
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Digital Media For Reporters

  1. 1. @Ashley ReportsDIGITAL Media for Reporters #DM4Reporters
  2. 2. SPJ CODE OF ETHICS:Seek Truth and Report ItMinimize HarmAct IndependentlyBe Accountable #DM4Reporters
  3. 3. Traditional Newsgathering Phone Books Newspapers Word-of-mouth “Man on the Street” Press Releases #DM4Reporters
  4. 4. Finding News Tips Reporters are now using social media to find leads and gather information or sources for their stories. #DM4Reporters
  5. 5. Gathering SourcesSocial Media can help reporters gather sources for any type of story, but it’s especially helpful when you’re covering a topic that affects everyone in the community. On a slow news day, listen to what peoplearound you are talking about. Then search for comments about it on Twitter! Let’s look at an example... #DM4Reporters
  6. 6. Search Box: Winter, Syracuse “Real Person” ElementFactual Element #DM4Reporters
  7. 7. Scott MacFarlane @MacFarlaneNewsWashington Correspondent - Cox Media Group Use the advanced Twitter search function Separate tweets by zip code Find issues/problems town- by-town Useful while covering a news market that has many different areas #DM4Reporters
  8. 8. Breaking barriers
  9. 9. Bill Voth @billvoth@SpiracleMedia Co-Founder/Freelance Sports Reporter “Social allows reporters to take people to places they haven’t been able to go before.” “Behind-the-scenes stuff is tremendous, as is immediacy.” BUILD SOURCES! #DM4Reporters
  10. 10. Example of Reporters Breaking Barriers on Social Media #DM4Reporters
  11. 11. digital tools for reporters
  12. 12. Vine More Than 140 CharactersOn the scene of breaking news:car crash, house fire, crimescene, courthouseSports highlightsTraffic jamsCoverage of an event: what is theatmosphere like?Behind-the-scenes peek into the Kevin Torres, KUSA Denvernews studio #DM4Reporters
  13. 13. About.Me Organize Your Social MediaEasy to designLinks to almost every socialmedia/blogging platformAdd a creative bio to showyour personalityInclude a professional photoOrganize your online life #DM4Reporters
  14. 14. Chris Velardi @cvelardi Anchor/Reporter at WTNH in ConnecticutBreak NewsGet TipsResearch StoriesSample Opinion (CAREFULLY)“If a reporter is comfortable using it thisway -- it allows for a real connectionbetween TV talent and viewers.”“I always try to reply and I follow a lot ofpeople. It’s ‘social’ media, after all!” #DM4Reporters
  15. 15. Ask your audience
  16. 16. Example of Reporters Using Social Media to Sample Opinion #DM4Reporters
  17. 17. Opinion Sampling Tool Ask your Twitter followers a question. Monitor responses for up to 24 hours. Automatically Tweet the final result. Easily gather opinions/data for research. #DM4Reporters
  18. 18. Greg Lee @gregoleeSports/News Reporter - KESQ - Palm Springs, CA Use Twitter to keep up with news, but always confirm the facts. It doesn’t give you an excuse to be a lazy reporter! Keep ethics and morals in mind. Use your discretion when reaching out to a victim or someone who lost a loved one. When using the tweets of others in a story, consider the whole picture. What is the moral of the story? Recent example: drunk driving tweet. #DM4Reporters
  20. 20. Staying Objective & Professional “All AP journalists are encouraged to have accounts on social networks. They have become an essential tool for AP reporters to gather news and share links to our published work.”“AP employees must refrain from declaring their views on contentious public issues inany public forum and must not take part in organized action in support of causes ormovements.”(SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT EXEMPT) “Posts and tweets aimed at gathering opinions for a story must make clear that we “Any incoming message that raises are looking for voices on all sides of an issue.” the possibility of legal action should be reviewed by an AP attorney before a response is made.” #DM4Reporters
  21. 21. Always Do Your Research! Boston Marathon Coverage - Social Media Disaster CNN tweets: Piers Morgan tweets that all CNN tweets: The Associated Press tweets: Dept. of Justice reports of Boston arrest are investigators believe Boston Marathon bomb and Boston PD wrong, including CNN - whichthey’ve ID’d a suspect suspect is in custody and say no arrest is now retracting earlier in the bombings expected in federal court has been made source info CNN tweets: law NBC News Fox News tweets: enforcement tweets and sources say arrest confirms NO confirms arrest has been made in ARREST made in deadly the bombings Boston Marathon investigation bombing #DM4Reporters
  22. 22. Conclusion/Best PracticesDO gather information and sources.DON’T tweet or retweet without confirming details.DO maintain professional social media profiles.DON’T use social media as an excuse for lazy reporting.DO be yourself on social media! Show your personality. #DM4Reporters