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A Close Look on How the Mobile Development Technology is Going to be in Future


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The mobile development technology is seeing a huge revolution in the technological development around the world. Read how the technology is going to be like in future.

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A Close Look on How the Mobile Development Technology is Going to be in Future

  1. 1. • The mobile technology industry is growing fast and this year we can expect lot of new inventions & a significant development in the number of devices. • Maximum 2 years the mobile technology will be more than $30 billion which is actually only a small part of what the smartphone industry made in the year 2012. • The smartphones are fast replacing our wallets, torch light, TV, Alarm system and much more of the things that we use daily. • Let’s have look at how all technological advancements in the future of the mobile are going to change our lifestyle.
  2. 2. • Now almost every home appliances that you name can be easily controlled using the smartphone. • List is unlimited like TV, Garage doors, lights, Security systems, Oven, Refrigerator, doors, windows etc. • The apps will be guiding you & also reminding you with certain things like refrigerator reminding you that you are running out of milk or any other things, oven guiding you on different on cooking different recipes for food etc.
  3. 3. • Special apps in the smartphones are certainly attracting a lot of users from smartphone to the smart watches or glasses. • The smart watches and the smart glasses are certainly unique in its own place just like the smartphones are. • Through the smart glass like the Google glass or Sony glass you can view all your emails, messages or any other notifications in your specs. • The smart watches will also be a very usual extension to the smartphones allowing you to even make phone calls, check messages and emails.
  4. 4. • Just having to carry the smartphone to even open any locks like of cars, door locks etc. is a very feasible thing that the people of today will love. • Life will be much easier and also be much safer for sure as you won’t even have to worry about your key getting lost anytime as only you will be able to recover the unlocking system of the lock.
  5. 5. • Till few years ago the smart watches were the only wearable things that were considered by the biggest smartphone builders. • But now the companies have come up with lot of different amazing affordable wearable products. • The mass amount of production is yet to grow in the coming years. • Right now we have smart watches, smart bracelets, smart glasses etc. and in future we can even expect to see smart foot wear, accessories etc.
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