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Next steps for july 2013


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The latest news about arpReach. Next Steps is published at the beginning of each month.

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Next steps for july 2013

  1. 1. Welcome to Next Steps for July 2013! Next Steps is published at the Beginning of each month. Here's what we're looking at this month... - free installation available throughout the summer - arpCloud hosting now available - arpReach version 1.2.003 available
  2. 2. Free installation available throughout the summer We are delighted to announce that we have been able to re-schedule some staff vacations which allows us to continue to offer free installation during the summer. That's a $97 saving on the standard cost of professional installation. "Free summer installation" is subject to change so we advise immediate ordering while the free facility is available. Order arpReach now with free professional installation
  3. 3. arpCloud hosting now available arpCloud, specialist hosting for larger arpReach lists, was successfully launched in June. Customers are now on board and enjoying the benefits of this optimized hosting platform. arpReach is compatible with almost all webhosts but for very large lists, having a managed server that's carefully optimized for email marketing by
  4. 4. experts ensures your delivery rate is as good as it possibly can be. If you're looking to outsource your arpReach's email delivery, we believe you'll find the arpCloud optimized hosting service is very competitively priced when compared with the "big boys" of email delivery such as SendGrid, and even the ultra- cheap Amazon SES. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements. Learn more about arpCloud hosting
  5. 5. arpReach version 1.2.003 now available As part of our aim to continuously improve arpReach, version 1.2.003 is now available for download from the hub. •Persona tags now work in headers and footers. •[No change] for format preference on 'Edit Matching Contacts" screen now working. •Subscribe method for imported contacts now show as "Import" instead of "-".
  6. 6. •Fixed connection to Twitter. Due to a change made by Twitter, arpReach now requires more settings from the app's definition in your Twitter account. Edit the Twitter account in arpReach to see the extra information that is required. •Fixed bug that prevented some contacts being completely deleted using "Deleting Matching •Contacts". The bugs was deleting subscriptions but not contacts. This has been fixed. •Added "No autoresponder" option for the 'Autoresponder' field in the 'Edit Matching Contacts'
  7. 7. screen so that matching contacts can be moved out of an autoresponder without the need them to a different one. You can also use this to select contacts who have no subscription and move them into an autoresponder sequence. •Can now pass contact data to the trackable links as URL variable, readbable by $_GET in PHP. This is enabled by a new checkbox in the settings of each trackable link. •Importing contacts with categories and/or tags now adds those categories and/or tags to contacts that already exist.
  8. 8. As always, we base development on issues that have been raised most by our users. We have other enhancements that we're currently working on that had a lower priority and will be included in up-coming releases. That's it for this month's Next Steps. Have a great July! arpReach Team