Z                       &W                   WK                   W        t       W    /       d           ^
/                                                            d                        Z            Z               Z      ...
Z                                        /                                                                     d    Z     ...
K                                                ,/                                Z                                      ...
d                                                                                          d             d                ...
W                                                                                        /               D                ...
Z   W   ^                              POSSIBLE “REVENUE STREAMS”        Z                       FROM AR IN PUBLISHING    ...
Et^W WZ^ E D  /E^                                                          d/                                d           ...
^               /K                                                           ^              ,           ^                 ...
t             D                   Z                                                                                   W   ...
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Augmented Reality and the Future of Printing and Publishing


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The document discusses the potential of Augmented Reality technology in the Printing and Publshing sector.

Published in: Technology
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Augmented Reality and the Future of Printing and Publishing

  1. 1. Z &W WK W t W / d ^
  2. 2. / d Z Z Z Z d W D d ^ ^ Z D / Z D W Z t Z h D d t ZW / K / Z s Z t s Z Z d s Z Zt Zd Z Z K Z Z Z Z h Z
  3. 3. Z / d Z W / W , W E D t d tt t h d ^ W W W , D /
  4. 4. K ,/ Z Z d , Z K Dd WZ/Ed D/Z d Z d Z / / Unidirectional/ Linear d Passive t W Static t W Closed A-contextual t Low Interactivity Z Maximum Opacity of Contents W Mono-medial Handy and Portable
  5. 5. d d d d t / t d ^W^ WdKW^ E EdtKZ^ E Bidirectional / Circular Active Dynamic Open Moderately a-contextual Interactive Low Opacity of contents (Max info) Multimedia Not handy and transportable DK/ s/^ E EdtKZ^d t d d W d d W /
  6. 6. W / D d Z W W Z /Bidirectional/ Circular dDinamicInteractiveOpenContextualActiveLower Opacity of ContentsMultimedia Handy and Portable W ^ Z ^ / Z D / / K d Z d d K W ^ d W^ d W ^ / Z / d Z
  7. 7. Z W ^ POSSIBLE “REVENUE STREAMS” Z FROM AR IN PUBLISHING Some of the possible sources of revenue from AR for publishers of content include (Perey 2011b):D Charging users for the accompanying / AR application, on a one-time fee basis or by subscription (monthly, yearly, etc..), as it is now in use with eBooks Content supported by Advertising, or in print media or directly through the digital content received by the user of the AR application/service Transactions within the AR application / for goods or services, or for additional “value added content” which is not included in the base (possibly free) application. Z / ^ W / d Z / / Z / Z Z
  8. 8. Et^W WZ^ E D /E^ d/ d Z d d W d W^D d Z / YZ Z E d / d d Z / Z/d
  9. 9. ^ /K ^ , ^ Z ^ Z ^ Z /KK^ Z Kd/^ Z / d Z / ZW W ^ d h d W h D D d d
  10. 10. t D Z W hD EE , Z W h d sZ WZz ^ Z W t Z^ W Z ^ Z W WZz W W Z d t W Z, W W :d Z ^ /EK d,EKK/^ ^Z h d W D/ t ZD/ ^ ^ ZD/ hDEd Z /dz K D/Z D W /^,/EK dD Z s // d / ^ ZD/ zKhdh , EE hD Z ^ ZWZ^E d s s E ^,dKE ,z EZ h Z d ^Z h ^ / /Z d t / E y /^E ^,t s Z ^ dD / : t^ s E /^^Et^ W Z K/ d/ W E