Words Associated with Questions about Macros in Tex


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Hackaton SATToSE 2014.
Analysis of stack exchange data

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Words Associated with Questions about Macros in Tex

  1. 1. Words Associated with Questions about Macros in Tex Angela Lozano Hackaton SATToSE 2014
  2. 2. Questions related to a tag • Repository analyzed: tex.stackexchange.com • Tag analyzed: <macros> • Related to 2325 questions • Data analyzed: • Titles of entries marked as questions
  3. 3. 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  4. 4. Top 100 words macro command how newcommand latex argumentmacros using commands use environment can new text define arguments create what list inside defining custom tex why package make tikz name defined optional file space number variable code character problem math without within def definition one document way possible redefine error parameter value section multiple work creating expansion line string add another table like parameters two automatically mode output remove renewcommand difference end characters class first numbers passing labelverbatim names page sequence style variables word control doesnt spacing write different get input tabular writing empty need spaces test environments expand insert symbols
  5. 5. Top words + Stemming + Stop Words + White spaces macro commandhow use defin argument creat environ latex can new what text space newcommand list custom name insid make number variabl whi option newcommand paramet charact tex using differ redefin tikz file packag expand math pass problem code line work definit macro? without one within valu way string write automat possibl section command? multipl document errortabl add condit remov symbol def anoth insert output two chang format getletter word end like sequenc set first argument? replac call content control expans need test separ counter function latex? page verbatim class mode print tabular contain input label put style
  6. 6. Only ‘how’ questions howmacro command can use defin creat make argument macro? text latex command? new listnumber custom environ space name oneredefin argument? variabl without add insid mathparamet valu charact code file pass remov expand tex whether write arguments? check latex? option tikz display environment? get like line string tabl token newcommand automat avoid content defined? definit disabl document loop newcommand packag store test two def chang color condit detect differ function insert mode prevent show specif symbol tabular verbatim work anoth base character? class? control current document? implement letter list?modifi putread save sever specifi time word How to define a macro?
  7. 7. Only ‘what’ questions what differ macro use way commandwrong exact macro? def defin mean mean? name tex let newcommand can commands? format latex right What macro to use? What is the difference?
  8. 8. Only ‘why’ questions why command use commands doesnt macro work latex usingdefined inside macros cant caption new space argument code define make need newcommand parameter redefining tex value Why my macro doesn’t work?
  9. 9. Conclusions & Future work • It is possible to identify key issues regarding a topic • Analyze stack overflow to grasp the nature of questions whose answers mention bad/ code smells