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Flip converter for windows 123


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Flip converter for windows 123

  1. 1. Import Flip video to Windows Live Movie Maker for editing on Windows 7 "I am using Windows live movie maker on windows 7 and I have uploaded videos from a Flip camera to the computer, The problem is, whenever I go to edit the movie in windows live movie maker the words that the people are speaking does not match the movement of their mouth, any way?" Windows Live Movie Maker runs on windows 7 and vista,,not xp, a great movie editor, can handle a much broader variety of source files, has a minimal number of editing features, and more hooks into online host services such as YouTube. Windows Live Movie Maker always works with dv-avi, wmv, mov, sometimes can accept mp4 files, but audio always out of sync with video. Flip video to Windows Live Movie Maker convert supports convert Flip Ultra(HD), Flip Mino(HD), Flip SlideHD video from Flipshare to avi, wmv, mov, mpg etc, importing Flip video to WLMM on Windows 7. This Flip converter for Windows 7 also can import Flip video to Windows XP/Vista Movie Maker, Sony Vegas etc, put Flip Files onto iPad, iPod, iPhone, Blackberry, Creative Zen, Zune, Mobile Phone, PSP, PS3 etc for playing, upload Flip movie to Youtube, Facebook, Myspace etc metacafe for share and bring Flip video footage to DVD Creator for burning home DVDs. Surely, you can extract audio for video or transfer audio among aac, ac3, amr, m4a, mka, mp3, wav, ra, wav, wma etc and edit Flip video like split, join, apply effect, set output parameter, snapshot etc using Flip Converting software for Windows 7. Step by step import Flip video to Windows Live Movie Maker on Windows 7 Step1:Download "Flip converter for Windows 7", run it.
  2. 2. Step2: Add Flip files, set output as AVI etc, Save Step3: Click "Start", Convert Flip video to AVI etc, then import to WLMM directly with
  3. 3. best output quality.