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Ignite sept 21 15


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My slides for my Ignite Talk. What are you curious about?

Published in: Education
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Ignite sept 21 15

  1. 1. Andrew Mead Principal St. James-Assiniboia School Division @andrewmead73 (Twitter and Instagram) what's changed?
  2. 2. what's changed?
  3. 3. rigour brain based learning discovery learning child centered new pedagogies for deeper learning multiple intelligences SAMR anti-bully programs
  4. 4. life long learner
  5. 5. everyone is always learning
  6. 6. i think i knew early on...
  7. 7. since the beginning
  8. 8. Is being a principal for me?
  9. 9. places where magic happens
  10. 10. he's comin'
  11. 11. what's it's gonna be like?