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A aluna Erica da Professora Júlia, deu um show no Passages 1A.1 com o seu Speech sobre Canudos. Formidável! - ALL Stella Maris - Mai. 2013

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  1. 1. CANUDOSÉrica Nobre
  2. 2.  Apito de Canudo 80s – 13000inhabitants War of Canudos
  3. 3. THREE CANUDOS River Vaza-Barril Belo Monte – Antônio Conselheiro Destroyed
  4. 4. THREE CANUDOS Remains of Belo Monte Getúlio Vargas – Dam Cocorobó Destroyed
  5. 5. THREE CANUDOS Village of Cocorobó - Canudos
  6. 6. THE DRY OF CANUDOS 7000 people – water shortages São João 300.000,00$
  7. 7. THE DRY OF CANUDOS Health Diseases Transport patients Schools
  8. 8. THE DRY OF CANUDOS Watermelon Beans Animals dying 90% of population – Dam of Cocorobó Bad conditions of water
  9. 9. MISTAKES Dam of Cocorobó Historical and Economic “This Dam was a way to hide the nationalshame that was the war”. (Local Guide –José Américo Amorim) Memorial Antônio Conselheiro (WoodenCross - AMMC)
  10. 10. TOURISTIC POINTS Canudos’ State Park – Places Canudos’ Memorial – Remains Memorial Antônio Conselheiro – Clothes Irrigated Area – Vaza-Barris Old Canudos – War of Canudos
  11. 11. ANTÔNIO CONSELHEIRO 6 years 27 years Cheated Father Ibiapina – God Followers Enemies Belo Monte
  12. 12. WAR OF CANUDOS Antônio – Enemy of the Country Residents of Canudos Children, Woman, Elderly Indifference of Government Conselheiro dies
  13. 13. THE MEDIA IN THE WAR OF CANUDOS Opressive Stories – Government
  14. 14. A GUERRA DE CANUDOS (THE MOVIE) Sérgio Rezende Luiza’s family – Antônio Conselheiro Prostitute Luiza - Father
  15. 15. OS SERTÕES Euclides da Cunha Epic One of the best
  16. 16. CANUDOS An ex area resident made this report:"I love this welcoming land, my family and friends who are there .... and 3 years here,do this journey twice Monte Santo-Canudos ... Im happy and Im sad to know thatnothing has changed there, only becomes increasingly critical. Canudos is nowsynonymous with Disillusionment, Abandonment and lack of prospects. That isthe reality today, especially young people who believed in blatant campaignpromises.Every year Canudos does not change, always the same thing. What are thosesquares, horrible, no charm ... a dead thing, no joy ... not to mention the sightsdecaying, falling apart, the hills are there no maintenance, has only two showers,place full of slime, the rise the saw has a broken corner, the small beach, alsoconsidered as tourist spot, difficult access and no collaboration in the stalls, whichshould be standardized and regularized. There just has really good service is ourbuddy.I was more horrified by the chaos of public health, a hospital that size does not makeor childbirth. And not to mention that if you transfer a patient has to appeal andask God to accept some hospital.And history straws so great, known across the country and forgotten by the publicadministration.Canudos today depends directly on the outsiders, who look to our city with a differentlook. As today people have dreams, buildings that will perform in the leisure, inhistory and culture.
  17. 17. SCHOOL MÓDULO AND CANUDOS Cultural understanding July 23 Old Toys Plasttic Bottles Non-perishable food