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  1. 1. enhancing prosperity Support &Membership Brochure
  2. 2. Support Institute forCompetitiveness Institute for Competitiveness, India is the Indian knot in the global network of the Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness at Harvard Business School. It is an international initiative centered in India, dedicated to enlarging and purposeful disseminating of the body of research and knowledge on competition and strategy, as pioneered over the last 25 years by Professor Michael Porter of the Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness at Harvard Business School. It conducts and supports indigenous research, offers academic and executive courses, and provides advisory services to the Corporate and the Governments. The institute studies competition and its implications for company strategy; the competitiveness of nations, regions & cities and thus generate guidelines for businesses and those in governance; and suggests and provides solutions for socio-economic problems. Institute for Competitiveness, India received the Competitiveness Hall of Fame award for its exemplary contribution with substantial global and national impact in the area of national economic competitiveness, strategy, creating shared value et al. To help realize the vision of “Enhancing Prosperity”, IFC invites corporates to support the activities of the institute.
  3. 3. www.competitiveness.inEndowment for ProsperityInstitute of India Institute for Competitiveness, India has tied up with the Martin Prosperity Institute, at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management and set up the Prosperity Institute of India. Its objective is to enhance the prosperity and creativity of Asia by sharing knowledge on 3 T’s - Technology, Talent and Tolerance. The institute would publish research insights, reports, academic papers, working papers, articles and interviews that would focus on the current prosperity and competitiveness level of India and its states and other Asian countries. Endow the institute and we shall call it ‘Company Name’ Prosperity Institute of India.
  4. 4. Publications You may opt to sponsor one India City Manufacturing of IFC’s incisive reports to Competitiveness Competitiveness Report emphasize your position as an Report Provide insight on various industry thought leader. The An annual endeavor to analyze initiatives taken by the central various publications include: and evaluate Indian cities and government and state government the business opportunities they discussing the level of growth in India Competitiveness offer to the Indian economy and manufacturing sector. Report global corporate community. It is an analysis of the Indian State of Healthcare in economy from the viewpoint Sustainable India of Competitiveness. The report Competitiveness It measures the competitiveness covers different sectors of the Report of healthcare and delfves into the economy with in-depth and Measure of the responsible state of health care in our country. analyses to showcase various growth of a region focusing aspects of the Indian economy. on environment preservation, Creative Economy of responsible usage of natural Indian Cities State Competitiveness resources and improved It focuses on the current Report standard of living while prosperity and competitiveness Annual publication that sustaining economic growth. level of Indian cities and the provides insights into the strategies that would help them to determinants of competitiveness Industry enhance their prosperity levels. for states and policymaking Competitiveness bodies, discerning their flaws Reports Creative Economy of and showcasing potential. This report gives an Indian States assessment of various The report explores the present Liveability Report industries across sectors eg. situation of creative sector in A methodical analysis that Information & Technology, Indian states and identifies their evaluates the degree of liveability Retail and wholesale, Arts different needs. Thus, suggesting that Indian cities offer. and Entertainment, Food & strategies that may be needed Beverage, etc. for rural, urban and sub-urban Individual State areas to grow and prosper. Reports State Industrial Policy You could also sponsor Assessment Individual State The report would give an overall Competitiveness Reports e.g. assessment and comparison of Haryana, Gujarat, Punjab, the State policies in India. Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Bihar and Rajasthan
  5. 5. www.competitiveness.inEvents & Awards You may choose to Sponsor a single event that suits your business interests and enhances your position in the industry State Competitiveness Awards The awards are a reflection of the State Competitiveness Report that ranks Indian states on certain competitiveness dimensions that are vital for the Indian economy. The awards were presented to the Chief Ministers of the winning States and celebrated the achievement of those States who are growing economically, developing socially, strengthening environmentally, building new opportunities. Competitiveness Forum Competitiveness Forum centers on the three pillars of Competitiveness i.e. Economic Development, Prosperity and Shared Value Creation. It is a meeting place for Practitioners, Corporates, Government Officials and Researchers working in the field of Competitiveness, Clusters and Economic Development. It provides an opportunity to enhance prosperity by initiating a dialogue and discussing about the current thinking and future challenges on unique Business Models, Cluster Competitiveness, Public Policy and Shared Value.
  6. 6. PORTER PRIZE Porter Prize is named after Michael E Porter who is the living legend and father of modern strategy field. The award would look at recognizing the best of Indian companies whilst assessing them on a robust framework. The central idea of the Porter Prize is to propel companies to compete on the basis of value creation, innovation and strategy. We are looking at recognizing organizations operating in India who have shown exemplary strategic acumen under the categories of distinctive positioning, tradeoffs, fit, industry architectural shift. You may support the event as a Presenting partner, Associate partner and a Corporate partner. *All sponsors receive an exclusive membership to IFC entitling them access to content, publications, interactive sessions and event You may partner with Porter Prize for CEO RoundTable, Coffee Table Book, Benchmarking Report, Media, Hospitality, Technology, Porter Talks
  7. 7. www.competitiveness.inThe Porter Prize also invites individual award partnersThe Award Categories you may chose to partner are as follows Porter Prize for Porter Prize for Porter Prize for Industry Architectural Leveraging Unique Creating Shared Value Shift Activities The central premise behind Once the forces affecting Fit means that the value or creating shared value is that competition in an industry and cost of one activity is affected the competitiveness of a their underlying causes have by the way other activities company and the health of been diagnosed, the firm is in a are performed. It creates the communities around position to identify its strengths competitive advantage as well as it are mutually dependent. and weaknesses relative to the superior profitability and helps Recognizing and capitalizing industry. It helps anticipate the lock out imitators.”. on these connections between factors of change and exploit societal and economic progress opportunities, position the firm to Porter Prize for has the power to unleash the define a capability driven defense Exploiting Trade-offs next wave of global growth and and influence the competition Tradeoffs occur when activities redefine capitalism. through strategic moves. are incompatible and might arise from missing skills, Porter Prize for Porter Prize for heritage, inoperable change Creating Value Based Creating Distinctive management, etc. These are Healthcare Delivery Value choices that make strategies Redefining Healthcare The value proposition is the sustainable because they provides an overall framework element of strategy that looks are not easy to match or to for diagnosing and solving outward at customers, at the neutralize. They create the need the immense problem, with demand side of the business. for choice and protect against detailed action steps in the It reflect choices about the repositioners and straddlers health care system. The particular kind of value the concept of value refers to the company will offer. The value output achieved relative to chain focuses internally on the cost incurred. It requires operations. fundamental restructuring of health care delivery.
  8. 8. TAPSCOTT AWARD Tapscott Digital Media Awards will honor innovative initiatives in cross-platform use of digital media, leveraging the core values critical for mass collaboration, thus enabling resource sharing and collective decision making. The value-centric focus of the awards is to highlight the emergence of people-entity based interactions leading to enhanced business-to-business and business-to-customer relations. Our aim is to bring together and acknowledge individuals and corporates spearheading the digital revolution, bringing about a paradigm shift to harness the true potential of web technologies. The core values considered are Initiative, Association, Proliferation, Savoir- faire and Potency.
  9. 9. www.competitiveness.inAWARD CATEGORIESYou may chose to Support any of the award categoriesCollaboration Sharing IntegrityIt is a profoundly new approach Sharing is about the releasing The three values – honesty,to orchestrate capability to or handing over of assets – by consideration andinnovate, create goods and placing them in “the commons” accountability – togetherservices, and solve problems. It for others to use or by sharing with transparency are theleads to collaborative innovation them with interested users foundation of trust and integrity.and is now an essential skill, as under agreements that may It helps public and privateimportant as budgeting, R&D, generate license revenue. It enterprises to become moreand planning. is not limited to patents and integrated with the societies they copyrights, nor is it confined to serve, more attuned to socialOpenness business instead it is redefining and environmental concerns,It is not simply an obligation the public space and goods in and better equipped to developto report information to an an increasingly crowded and pragmatic and profitableexternal party like a regulator interdependent world. solutions for advancing theor an institutional investor; common’s a new competitive forceand an essential precondition Interdependencefor building productive Interdependence of actions andrelationships with potential events means we have no optioncollaborators. than to try to encourage and enforce mutual cooperation through a new division of labor among the four key pillars of society: business, government, the civic sector, and a new pillar enabled by the Internet- the individual citizen.
  10. 10. Projects India Competitiveness The India competitiveness project will identify and elaborate upon the drivers of the India growth story, factors defining influencing and determining its competitiveness and the major challenges that the economy is expected to face in the future. The endeavor is to highlight a robust strategy to improve the overall competitiveness with insights into the government initiatives and recommendations for the future. This would include studying the business environment at the state level and gets inspiration from US competitiveness project of HBS. SME Competitiveness It will look upon opportunities to make small enterprises more competitive by enhancing their prosperity levels and working towards the inclusive growth of small and medium enterprises. The Academic get together on Competitiveness Bring together various experts who would share their thoughts on competitiveness, its drivers and issues pertaining to enhancing competitiveness of sectors etc. The Academic get together on Healthcare Bring together various experts who would share their thoughts on Value Based Healthcare and Global Health Delivery.
  11. 11. www.competitiveness.inGSN ProjectGlobal institutes and thinkers have been facing increasing difficulties in solving global problems. In view oftheir increasing number and the levels of complexity, there is an urgent requirement to rethink our obsoleteglobal institutions. Global Solutions Network is a landmark study of global networks for cooperation,problem solving and governance. Series of research projects are led by global experts to identify and explainkey issues, strategies and approaches that can help create new platforms for global issues.Cash- a global problem: Cash is a major factor in all projects undertaken in the government andprivate sector. From corporate expansions to improving aid effectiveness, reliance on physical cash hasbeen a source of inefficiency and obstruction. This project identifies the impact of multi-stakeholdernetworks and the issues related to access, governance and accountability.Inclusion—Ensuring that the Poor Become Integrated into the Financial System and EconomyAccess to financial services for all citizens is a requisite for a range of social needs including healthcare, education, Internet access and active engagement in the processes of global problem solving. Butthe recently published Global Financial Inclusion Index (Global Findex) shows that only 50% of theworld’s adult population has a formal bank account, leaving 2.5 billion people worldwide in a categorycalled the “unbanked.” Broad financial inclusion is a cornerstone for an open and efficient society, andthus growth, equality and global stability. “Banking the unbanked” is a policy priority for foundations,agencies, governments and financial institutions and multi-stakeholder networks offer solutions. Support our Social media channels YouTube Blog Slideshare iPad Application Pencasts Twitter
  12. 12. for more details contact enhancing prosperity U 24/8, DLF Phase 3, Gurgaon, Haryana, India, 122 002