Hotel Total Quality Excellence In Operations


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Hotel Total Quality Excellence In Operations

  1. 1. PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution Hotel Total Quality Excellence in Operations By Lakesia Wright Dated: Dec 20, 2010 Total Quality Excellence in Hospitality Operations Management by developing Standard Operating Procedures Adopting a Hotel Standard; Total Quality Excellence in Operations Management Hoteliers, primary concern is satisfying the guest and running a profitable business. However, hotels operating as an Independent hotel there are core functions that are often overwhelmingly misdiagnosed, the Operations of the Hotel. Management and Operations are most times interrelated and cross functional in their roles. However similar in roles, management of staff and operating a hotel offers different functions with the same objectives in mind. Hoteliers seem to neglect the fact that Human capital run, operate and manage the staff of their business, and there are certain operational functions and objectives that must be engaged in order to remain a profitable business. The primary accomplishment to be achieved is total quality excellence, satisfied and competent employees together with satisfied guest. In order for a Hotel to achieve Operational Total Quality Excellence, the hotel must adopt or consistently enhance its Standard Operational System. The way in which the managers operate the business, by developing Standard Operating Procedures. The SOP development process is an excellent way for managers, and workers to work together for everyone’s benefit. Standard operating procedures used in combination with planned training and regular performance feedback will lead to an effective and motivated workforce. The Purpose of the SOP is to identify operational problems, correct deficiencies and create total quality awareness throughout the entire organization. The following eight steps describe a method that will implement procedures and generate maximum buy -in from the workforce. This is normally developed by the Operations Manager in a Cooperative arrangement with Human Resources. Step 1. Adopt a Total Quality Excellence Program. Adopting a standard program, developed by the Operations Manager who should be diplomatic and confident in implementing the Standard operating procedures, since the procedures work best when they are designed to achieve specific results. The Operational Managers decides what operational goals must be achieved through better management with SOPs and how the goals will be measured utilizing benchmarks. The Standard Operating Procedure sets the example of how certain operational procedures should be performed including Best Practices, while enforcing company rules and regulations. SOP’s are crafted to achieve the company overall objectives while improving employee moral and enhancing guest total satisfaction. There are two types of SOP’s, one for each Department and one for employees within the Department. The Process to Development The process by which to achieve Operational total quality excellence will include seven core functions listed as follows: a.First observe, analyze and identify opportunities for improvements in operational procedures. b.Then we prepare and develop a plan for improvement c.Apply new or amend operational guidelines where necessary d.Analyze and Measure performance e.Explore and Implement solutions Page 1/3
  2. 2. PR Log - Global Press Release Distributionf.Deliver and Distribute final requirements and guidelinesg.Control and Improve performance Step 2. Producing The First Draft Select a format for the procedure. If you choose to use simple steps, hierarchical steps, or the graphicformat, first make a detailed list of the steps in the order they are to be followed. A simple way to getstarted is to observe someone performing the process as it now exists and write down everything that theperson does. This list is now a draft of the procedure. If the procedure needs to appear as a flowchart, startwith the most reasonable beginning point. Draw the decisions that a worker will need to make and theactions that follow each decision. Step 3. Conduct Internal Reviews Provide each worker who performs the procedure with a copy of the draft SOP. Ask the workers to reviewand suggest changes that will make the procedure easier to understand or more accurate or will improveperformance. Assure the workers that their input is important and will be used. People are much more likelyto accept and use an SOP if they feel a sense of ownership in it. Another reason to involve the workers isthat they are likely to have good ideas. The internal review will also help managers to determine employeesthat are likely to perform within the company guidelines. Managers actively engage their work teams in acontinual quest to become more efficient, increase cost-effectiveness, and improve total quality within thedepartments. Step 4. Conduct External Reviews Managers increasingly rely on advisers outside their own organizations. The SOP writing process is anexcellent way to tap the expertise of your advisers. Provide them with a copy of the SOP draft. Ask them tosuggest any changes that will make it clearer and more effective. Revise the procedure as necessary toincorporate their input.An Outline for Standard Operating Procedure may consist of:A. The Companys Objectives Visions & Mission Statement B.The General Manager philosophyC. Each Departments Objectives Rules of each Department1.Job Description of Employee by Department and category2.Rules of engagement the employee must follow3.Best Practices for the Department4.Best Practices employees must follow5.Department operating Schedule6.Employees Schedule7.Inventory Schedule8.Department Audit schedule9.Training Schedules10.Employee Training Schedules Operations Management professional profile: may consist of hotel manager, assistant hotel manager,assistant general managers roles and functions. In some independent hotels, the General Manager andOperational Manager is the same individual. The operations manager must posses the following relatedskills, abilities and core competencies. Page 2/3
  3. 3. PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution Atleast , 5 to 7 consecutive years in any of the above roles, or have owned, operated or managed a privatehotel business. Formal training and education in Hospitality management and travel and tourism, or the equivalent inbusiness management or Real estate management with combined training in Hospitality management andTravel& Tourism, will be useful, continued training in Hospitality Management will be necessary. Experience in Human Resource Management atleast 5 years. Must posses advance, presentation skills,people management skills, time management, organization and effective levels of communication.Analytical, Decision, Judgment and thinking skills are extremely critical. Must be a goal setter and possesteam oriented focus driver mechanism. Extremely energetic, the ability to work flexible and long hours andmost holidays. Perfect for a single status individual, since most of the individuals time will be spent at thehotel focusing on total quality excellence in management. Must have an entrepreneurial approach to business activities and a Sharp sense of business ownership. Anadvanced flexible leadership style mix will be needed 50% Authoritive and 50% democratic, since theremay be hundreds if not thousands of personalities to bear in mind. Must be able to perform under stressfulsituations and deliver resolutions on demand.Category Hotel managementTags lakesia wright, hospitality total quality excellence in operations, hospitality managementEmail Click to email authorCity/Town Montego BayState/Province Saint JamesCountry Jamaica Page 3/3