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Figjam Working with Us

  1. 1. Making Ideas Real
  2. 2. What do we do?We work hands on with our customer tobuild their ideas into web applications. If you need to interact with yourcommunity (customers) via the web ormobile channels we can help you do it.
  3. 3. Our Approach● Minimum viable product. If you dont need it dont build it. We know how to prioritise your requirements based on business value.● Have fun doing it. We dont take on a project unless we think well enjoy it.● Web application development in weekly instalments. This means low risk for you - at the end of each week you have a working application.
  4. 4. Who are we?Meli and Bob - inspirational geeks, anti-bureaucracyadvocates and work/life balance proponents.● Complementary skill sets: ○ Meli: Project Manager/Business Analyst and Tester ○ Bob: superGeek (Java, PHP, Javascript, WP, SQL, HTML, CSS, you name it).● Small team who consistently work together. ○ We didnt just do team building, we got married! Intimate knowledge of each others strengths and weaknesses (its a good thing).● Love life and enjoy our work - we aim to make the whole experience fun for everyone involved.
  5. 5. Why Pick Us?● We are the right size for Startups/SMEs ○ IT team of 2 + 1 Business representative = great economies of scale.● High quality / low cost. ○ We have been trained in world best practice but chose to move here to enjoy the lifestyle. ○ Low commitment / risk - 6 weeks ($25k) If you dont like it, walk away with a working application. ○ Low cost - no overheads / employee on-costs. Our average hourly rate is $66 per hour. (An average sprint is 63 hours work).
  6. 6. How?We work hands-on with you to build your idea:● We work with you to quickly and effectively break your idea down into requirements prioritised on business value.● We then build and test each one, while you acceptance test it.● At the end of each week you have a working Web Application.● If you need more features we do it all again next week...● How much? Each sprint costs $3000 to $5500.
  7. 7. When?We are available year round and work intensively onprojects and then have a break in between.● We can do about 6-8 projects year.● There is very little lead time before we can start a new project as we work hands on with you starting with your idea.● Our sprints run from Tuesday to Monday and we recommend a minimum of 4 sprints to start with (but this depends on your idea). You need to be available for at least 2 days a week during each sprint.
  8. 8. Where?We live at Stokers Siding on 10 acres adjoining MooballNational Park and the cloud:● You can work at our place, Jelly style. Or we can work at yours!● We use Podio, Google cloud apps and of course what we are building is accessible via the internet (doh!) so you can work with us from anywhere.● We like to meetup at Gallery Cafe, New Leaf or Sugarbeat ;-)● Byron Bay to Tweed all options for us. We will consider Brisbane / Sydney for the right projects.
  9. 9. Technical StuffWe build web & mobile applications with:Content Management Systems You can update/add pages/postseCommerce Pay to Use/Join Buy this item / Shopping CartViral Marketing Facebook / Pinterest / Twitter integration Customer Relationship Management Online AdvertisingSocial Networking Share content Register Users Collaboration Features Location based services
  10. 10. Bob Meli 0413 770 149 0435 052 535