Website Design & Development for Small Business


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Slides from a talk given for PSU Business Outreach Program with Amber Decelle and Warren Zimmerman.

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Website Design & Development for Small Business

  1. 1. Website Design & Development for Small BusinessesWe’re going to open our book of secrets!Alicia Nagel Warren Zimmerman Amber DecelleGraphic Design & Branding Web Development Social Media
  2. 2. 1. Before A. Business Listings B. Research C. Administration Website D. DIY • During Design & A. Developing ContentDevelopment B. Choosing a Web Developer Basics C. Pricing D. Managing the process • After A. SEO B. Social Media
  3. 3. Submit your business to search engines Google – Free to be listed. 1. Before BingA. Business Listings – Free to be listed. Yahoo – $299?! - not exactly.
  4. 4. i. Website Goals – Know your website’s purpose What are people looking for if they visit your1. Before website? Answering thisB. Research question will inform you what you need to include on your website besides your contact information.
  5. 5. • Are they looking for directions to your store or What are people office?looking for if they • Do they need customer service?visit your website? • Do they want to learn more about who you are and what you stand for? • Do they want to purchase your product? • Are they seeking reassurance that you’re a trustworthy, legitimate business?
  6. 6. • Are my customers male or Who is your target female? audience?Who is your target • What level of education do audience? they have?Design your site for • What age group do they fall them. into? • What are their hobbies? Interests? • What do they read? • Do they have children? • What is their level of income? • What are their biggest problems and concerns?
  7. 7. Who is your target audience? • List your top 5 competitors.Who is your • Are they local, regional,competition? national, global competitors? • What sort of content is on their site? • How can your site be better or different?
  8. 8. • Domain names and Hosting with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) 1. Before • Hosting ServicesC. Administration • Domain Names – checking availability • Setting up an email account
  9. 9. • You might end up creating your own website if it is not something you can afford at the moment. Here are some alternatives which are free and easy to use. •1. Before • Blogger D. DIY • Etsy • Carbonmade • WordPress • GoDaddy Website in a Night • Microsoft Small Business – Office Live
  10. 10. • Words • Writing voice should reflect the personality of your company2. During • Images • Get logo file fromA. Developing designer Content • Quality images leave a quality impression • Image rights & stock photography • Image resolution, size, format
  11. 11. • Finding Designers and Developers • Word of mouth • Google location search • Networking events – 2. During • Look at design/developer credits at the bottom ofB. Choosing a Team websites that you like. • Choosing the Right One(s) • Look at past work • Synergy • Added Value – what in included in their price?
  12. 12. • List any jobs you need your website to perform such as • Image gallery • Shopping cart • Online quote generator • These will affect the price2. During • Maintenance • We advise you to have a C. Pricing developer set up your website so that you can add content as needed without them. This is called a Content Management System or CMS. Wordpress operates on a CMS.
  13. 13. • Multimedia elements and But how shopping carts will add to that cost much will a • Template Sites that include an online store, an ability to website cost? expand pages, and the ability to add products/images/etc.,BASIC websites should cost between $700 and • A "business card" site $2000. Custom websites that with a small amount of have typical pages for a store information on the website (Home, About Us, company plus contact Contact Us, Privacy Policy, info runs anywhere from Shipping Policy, Store, etc.) $500 to $1500. should generally cost between $1500 and $4000. • Additional pages cost around $500 each, for • Big website projects can cost many developers. upwards of $20,000-$50,000!
  14. 14. • Scheduling • Any major events coming up that the site should be live for? Inform your team.2. During • Ask your team what the major milestones are inD. Managing the process and when you the Process can expect to reach them. • Periodically (maybe every 2 weeks) ask them if you are still on schedule. • Keep momentum.
  15. 15. Managing• Ask your team to check in • Have them explain how and with you with status on a when you will be billed. weekly basis. It is a good idea • Be aware that certain things to setup a weekly call at the such as stock photography, same time each week. fancy fonts usage rights,• It’s great if someone on the music rights, etc. might incur team follows up on calls with additional costs. Ask these to a to-do list of action items for be identified as soon as they the next week. are introduced into a design – your designer/developer may be able to suggest a lower- cost option if asked.
  16. 16. Communicating• If the team is using terms you • Engage Developer & do not understand, ask them to Designer on a Strategic explain it or use layman’s Level terms. Share your website goals,• Be sure to give them as much purpose, and target market detail as possible at the with your developer and beginning of the process. designer. The more they Changes once design & understand these the better development are underway they will help you reach them. are often outside the original scope and will cost you extra.
  17. 17. • What is it? • S = Search • E = Engine • O = Optimization • SEO is a process that3. After optimizes your website so that you receive the best A. SEO possible search engine rankings, as indicated by your site coming up at the top of the list when someone does a Google search on certain keywords.
  18. 18. Why are search engine Can I do SEO by rankings important? myself?• Can increase awareness and • 3 simple things you can do to generate new business increase your SEO • Person searches for • Useful and quality text coffee shops in Portland, • Social Media and they discover you’re • Get other pages to link to right around the corner your website, such as• Can establish you as an expert • Affiliates & Partners • Person searches for tax • Picassa & Flickr help Portland and articles written by your • Blogs accounting firm comes up • You might want to hire an first SEO specialist if rankings will be vital to your business
  19. 19. 3. After • Overview of YourB. Social Media Company’s Online Presence o Why it’s important o The major Social Media sites o Maintenance
  20. 20. Representing your Twitter Company • Overview • Be professional • How to Interact • Be on-brand • Strengths • How to Interact • Weaknesses o Offer quality content • Special o Contribute dependably Fun flowchart for deciding what to post.
  21. 21. Facebook Linked in• Overview • Overview• How to Interact • How to Interact• Strengths • Strengths• Weaknesses • Weaknesses• Special Projects
  22. 22. ... & Daily -SCHEDULE John Jantschs Write a blog post – RSS subs get it,Twice-Daily -SCHEDULE twitter tools sends to twitter, Facebook gets it, FriendFeed updates Scan twitter followers for relevant conversationsCheck twitter via Tweetdeck – preset to joinsearches for@ducttape, john jantsch, Scan Google Reader subscriptions to read and& duct tape marketing – respond as I stimulate ideas Share Google Reader favs – these publish tosee fit, follow @replies that seem Facebook and you can subscribeappropriate. Link to any blog pages from my subscriptionsScan mybloglog – I obsess over that I love – this goes to twitter Bookmark any blog pages from mytraffic, but this reveals trending links subscriptions that I love –delicious usingand stumble surges in real time so I Firefox plugin for right click posting – this goescan react if appropriate. to FriendFeed Stumble any blog pages from my subscriptionsRespond to comments on my blog that I love – this goes to Facebook and FriendFeed Scan Google Alerts for my name, brand and products – in Google Reader as RSS feed –log/2009/01/22/my-social-media- respond as appropriatesystem/ Add comments to blogs as appropriate – mostly response types – Google Reader and BackType
  23. 23. John JantschsTwice-Daily -SCHEDULE ANALYTICS• Check twitter via Tweetdeck – preset searches for@ducttape, • Is all this having any john jantsch, & duct tape effect? marketing – respond as I see • fit, follow @replies that seem • --> $9/mo appropriate.• Scan mybloglog – I obsess over traffic, but this reveals trending links and stumble surges in real time so I can react if appropriate.• Respond to comments on my blog
  24. 24. Contact Us Alicia Nagel twitter: @alicianagelcrtv Warren Zimmerman Amber Decelle twitter: @adecelle