OMEP Roundtable 2, Part of the Manufacturing The Future Series of Events


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Dialogue Continues to Build Manufacturing’s Future

OMEP has heard the manufacturing community’s desire (as expressed through the MESH/FUSE online conversation of this past spring) to focus learning opportunities on productivity through moderated roundtable conversations with their peers. This direction leads OMEP to focus on the elements of productivity (people, technology, and method) in an ongoing program of two roundtables and a symposium. Please save the dates as follows:

• Tuesday, September 24-Roundtable I
• Tuesday, November 5-Roundtable II
• Tuesday, January 14-Manufacturing the Future Summit

Let’s collaborate to make this a rich learning environment for all involved!

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OMEP Roundtable 2, Part of the Manufacturing The Future Series of Events

  1. 1. PHOTOS OF ROUNDTABLE 2 November 5, 2013
  2. 2. Participants Company Participants Company Rusty  Cochran   Andy  Moon   Taylor  Brower   Tim  Schroeder   Tracy  Rumpca   Dan  Leedom   Paul  Jaussi   Ken  Brown   Paul  Johnson   Ben  Dickinson   Aimee  Baker   Brian  Baker   Mike  Graham   Mike  McMenamin   John  Degnan   Doug  Porter   Tim  Nagel   Kelsey  French   Larry  Burkhart   Gordon  Harvey   KaPe  Speak   Jamie  Schaeffner   John  Bannister   ScoI  Nelson   Kevin  Johnson   Adrian  Polliack   A.R.E.  Manufacturing   FEI   FEI   Warn   Warn   Poly-­‐Cast   Biamp  Systems   Applied  MoPon  Systems   Applied  MoPon  Systems   Cascade  Corp.   CRB  Manufacturing   CRB  Manufacturing   Real  Carbon   Q  &  D  Mfg.   Cascade  Corp   DesignPort   Cascade  Corp   Precise  1   Exceed  Enterprises   TCM  Corp.   TCM  Corp.   United  Streetcar   CJ  Associates   Governor’s  Office   PDC   SAM  Medical   Suzi  Alligood   Chris  Tobias   Jason  Orme   Julie  Fahey   Tim  GilleIe   Craig  Vagt   Joe  Connors   Tamisha  Dunn   Steve  WaIs   Bryan  Dent   Karen  Goddin     Shelley  Cooper   Chris  Scherer   Michelle  Fusak   Alicia  Nagle   Larry  Pederson   Harvey  Mathews   Jean  Back   Stephen  PrewiI   Dileep  ThaIe   KrisPn  Rasmussen   Thompson  Morrison   Monica  Gelien   Rep.  Suzanne  Bonamici   Joe  Connors   Tamisha  Dunn   Xenium   GE  Healthcare   TKW   TKW   TKW   TKW   Pacific  ConPnental  Bank   Pacific  ConPnental  Bank   Pacific  ConPnental  Bank   Pacific  ConPnental  Bank   Business  Oregon   Xenium   OMEP   OMEP   OMEP   OMEP   Fuse  Insights   Schwabe,  Williamson  &  WyaI   Schwabe,  Williamson  &  WyaI   NIST/MEP   Congresswoman  Bonamici’s  Office   Fuse  Insights   PNDC   U.S.  Congress   Pacific  ConPnental  Bank   Pacific  ConPnental  Bank   Concrete background: Creative Commons Attribution License by Flickr user wwarby
  3. 3. SCENARIO 1: SCENARIO 2: A company is looking at a deadline to "turn the switch" on a new ERP System and is concerned about making sure that staff are ready to use it. A company wants to improve their ability to bring a new product to market and are measuring their success by focusing on development time, getting prototypes to industry leaders, and establishing a profitable price point for their product. !" What are the challenges associated with implementing ERP or similar enterprise technology and what steps might you take in the future to overcome them? !" What challenges do you have in new product development and what ideas do you have about overcoming them?
  4. 4. SCENARIO 3: SCENARIO 4: A company is seeing repeated problems in critical parts from key suppliers. A manufacturer is having a difficult time filling open positions with qualified candidates. !" !" How might you change your current quality systems to ensure that they extend through your entire supply chain? What changes must your company make to ensure you’re attracting the best and the brightest from today’s young workers?