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Published on is developing a global system for identity proof / KYC and digital signatures service. It's a web-platform that connects notaries from different countries for verification of cryptographic keys (using OpenPGP standart) - to establish a connection between a person and his/her key. Verified key can be used for signing documents, for accounts verification, for online dispute resolution etc.
It's like Airbnb or Uber for identity proof / KYC.
To make this legally recognizable and enforceable in most of the countries, we created a proxy between electronic contracts and different legal systems - our online arbitration in London, with decisions globally recognizable under existing international law.

Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. CRYPTONOMICA - identity proof / KYC - legally enforceable electronic / smart contracts - online dispute resolution
  2. 2. The problem:
  3. 3. The Solution: identity proof + online arbitrage - OpenPGP public keys verification by certified public notary or online - Legal framework for smart contracts Like airbnb or uber for identity proof / KYC
  4. 4. Market and competition Why we are better: - Designed by experienced lawyers - Reliable identity proof - Reliable open source cryptography, open sourced code, existing libraries to connect to any platform - User-friendly, transparent and understandable - Private keys and documents are controlled by user only - recognition and enforcement in different legal systems More than 50M users 50,000 new unique users joining its network per day, more than $3 billion valuation. “Legally binding”
  5. 5. Business model: ★ Main: Fee for registering public keys on web-server ★ Additional: Fee for online dispute resolution The market:
  6. 6. Way to success: what already done Online dispute resolution with enforced decisions CoinOffeting Ltd. - first corporation with legal cryptoshares: shares represented by tokens in smart contract ➢ Working web-site; online payments. ➢ Several resolved disputes in on-line arbitration ➢ The world’s first arbitral decision enforced under the NY Convention 1958 without the handwritten signature of an arbitrator- only with digital one ➢ Working accredited notaries in different countries ➢ Blockchain-based proof of existence service ➢ We were selected as one of the best legal innovations in 2016 by The Hague Institute for Innovation of Law
  7. 7. Technologies we use: Java OpenPGP/GPG Ethereum Blockchain and smart contracts
  8. 8. Next steps: online identity verification Email verification Credit card payment / verification Color ID document upload Entered data verification by Cryptonomica officer Video from webcam SMS
  9. 9. Next steps: desktop application  Electron based, cross platform  Integrated with backend  Works with local files: signing and encrypting (using OpenPGP.js)  Simple interface  Can work natively with Ethereum accounts (web3.js)  Open sourced: Desktop App (Electron) screenshot
  10. 10. Why we are the best team to do this? co-founders: We have worked together in different projects since 2002. Both have more than 10 years practical experience in the field. Our team joins legal, programming and business expertise. All our code and legal documents are written by us Viktor Ageyev CEO/CTO Lawyer, programmer Max Baryshnikov BizDev, Lawyer baryshnikov-12076b1
  11. 11. Questions? Contact us at: Facebook: Help and manuals: mica/wiki Slack channel: Issue tracker: mica/issues