Andrew gerrard, d marketing - Speaker profile & briefs


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A speaker profile and some example briefs for speaking topics.

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Andrew gerrard, d marketing - Speaker profile & briefs

  1. 1. Andrew Gerrard, d-marketing Speaker brief & suggested presentations Andrew Gerrard is a social and digital media consultant, helping organizations to understand and take part in the conversations their users and customers are having, and converting them into mutually profitable long-term relationships. With a track record of delivering results, Andrew builds strategies and tactics that create engagement and customer loyalty, opportunity and profit. His combination of social media and online experience, coupled with a strong sales and marketing background, give Andrew the commercial insight and vision for integrating social and digital media into an organization’s business, culture and infrastructure. Andrew is a highly accomplished and enthusiastic speaker. Wherever Andrew speaks, his audiences consistently benefit from his infectious ability to educate and entertain them. With appearances that are engaging, hugely informative, and guaranteed to stimulate his audiences, Andrew is a much sought after industry voice at events. Wherever attendees seek knowledge, debate and vision from within the digital marketing industry, Andrew delivers high quality, enlightening and insightful content. Events gain from Andrew’s input at every level; as a keynote speaker on major industry conference programmes, as a presenter on a theme, session panellist, seminar chairman, or a roundtable host. Previous engagements include Likeminds, Being-Social, Social Media in Business, Being-Digital, Technology For Marketing, Engagement through Social Media, the Online Marketing Show, ad:tech, as a consultant to Henley Management College, and Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) events. Suggested presentation topics 1. “The King is dead. Long live the king” Brief: The relentless rise of social media, blogging and user-generated content (UGC) has transformed the media landscape. “Content is king” no longer carries the same authority and influence as it once did. In today’s modern digital world, it is now individual consumers who wield power over what gets published and what hits the cutting-room floor. Across the broad spectrum of what we now see, read and hear, it is what we, the people, now have to say that truly matters. Whether we are chatting, debating, contributing or commenting, it is people communicating directly with each other and the resulting conversations that are driving media development. Conversation is the new king of media. Long live the king. Key topic points: i. The shift in media has had a transforming effect. Content is no longer the king ii. UGC, social media and blogs are now a daily part of people’s personal and working lives. Media consumption has diversified and fragmented iii. Users now have the opportunities, power and channels to develop, discuss, praise, criticise and publish anything iv. This power must not be abused. It must be used in a responsible manner v. Consumers must make up their own mind of what is valuable and what is not. This makes trusted referral count for everything and drives conversations vi. Organisations that listen to, embrace and engage in these conversations will win the hearts, minds and pockets of their customers vii. Conversation is the new king. Long live the king
  2. 2. 2. “The future’s so bright I gotta wear shades” Brief: Marketing strategies have been transformed by the explosion of Social Media, blogging and User-Generated Content (UGC). As marketers struggle to keep pace with everything that digital media has to offer, new routes to market and their channels and technologies are constantly emerging and disappearing with alarming speed and regularity. This, however, presents not a challenge; but gives rise to new, and potentially significant, opportunities. Smart marketers can produce stunning results by adopting an open-minded approach to what their customers are saying and doing; and by joining them in their digital conversations. Key topic points: i. Digital offers marketers a sophisticated and broad arena within which to segment, target and position themselves ii. Marketers have to face up to the challenge of cutting through the volume of digital advertising and marketing noise iii. The old rules of marketing still apply, but organisations must find and deploy new channels to reach increasingly fragmented and transient audiences iv. Not every channel produces results. Test, test and test again to find out which ones work, and which ones don’t. Then re-test them all again. And again v. The commercial reality of business still applies. ROI and the bottom line are key vi. Traditional mass audiences no longer exist vii. The “me.jpg” generation is hooked on digital. They see themselves differently and can only be reached online by talking and listening to them on their terms Opening presentation on Social Marketing trends Plenary session on Social Media ROI Being-Digital, London, June 2008 Social Media in Business, London, May 2010 “Andrew brings an uplifting energy to events with his presentations and panel sessions. He is a natural expert in exploring & interrogating all the key issues & themes, while at the same time seamlessly weaving in new ideas from audiences and other commentators. Andrew is an authority in Social and Digital Media and he is a tremendous asset to any event.” - Phillip Hofmeyr, Business Development, Mashup Event LLP Andrew Gerrard - d-marketing @ +44 (0)7771 678605 SMART MARKETING FOR SOCIAL AND DIGITAL MEDIA