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Speeding Up Innovation

  1. Using Cloud and Continuous Delivery to Speed Up Innovation Adrian Cockcroft @adrianco Cloud Expo Europe – 26th February 2014
  2. What I learned from my time at Netflix ● Speed wins in the marketplace ● Remove ● High trust, low process ● Freedom ● Don’t friction from product development and responsibility culture do your own undifferentiated heavy lifting ● Simple patterns automated by tooling 2 | Battery Ventures
  3. 3 | Battery Ventures
  4. Typical reactions to my Netflix talks… “You guys are crazy! Can’t believe it” “What Netflix is doing won’t work” – 2010 It only works for ‘Unicorns’ like Netflix” – 2009 – 2011 “We’d like to do that but can’t” – 2012 “We’re on our way using Netflix OSS code” – 2013 4 | Battery Ventures
  5. 5 | Battery Ventures
  6. Demands on IT Increased 1000x Compete or lose in the market! 6 | Battery Ventures
  7. Colonel Boyd USAF, on Combat “Get inside your adversaries' OODA loop to disorient them” Observe Orient Decide Act 7 | Battery Ventures
  8. Land grab opportunity Engage customers Measure Customers Competitive Move Observe Customer Pain Point Analysis Deliver Act Orient Model Hypotheses Implement Decide Commit Resources Plan Response Get Buy-in 8 | Battery Ventures
  9. How fast can you act? 9 | Battery Ventures
  10. Non-Cloud Product Development Months before you find out whether the product meets the need Business Need Approval Process • Documents • Weeks • Meetings • Weeks IaaS Cloud Hardware Purchase Software Development Deployment and Testing Customer Feedback • Negotiations • Weeks • Specifications • Weeks • Reports • Weeks • It sucks! • Weeks Hardware provisioning is undifferentiated heavy lifting 10 | Battery Ventures
  11. IaaS Based Product Development Weeks before you find out whether the product meets the need Business Need • Documents • Weeks Software Development • Specifications • Weeks Deployment and TestingPaaS • Reports Cloud • Days Customer Feedback • It sucks! • Days Software provisioning is undifferentiated heavy lifting 11 | Battery Ventures
  12. PaaS Based Product Feature Development Days before you find out whether the feature meets the need Business Need • Discussions • Days Software SaaS/ Development • CodeBPaaS Cloud • Days Customer Feedback • Fix this Bit! • Hours Building your own business apps is undifferentiated heavy lifting 12 | Battery Ventures
  13. SaaS Based Business App Development Hours before you find out whether the feature meets the need Business Need • GUI Builder • Hours Customer Feedback • Fix this bit! • Seconds 13 | Battery Ventures
  14. Process Hand-Off Steps for Product Development on IaaS Product Manager Development Team QA Integration Team Operations Deploy Team BI Analytics Team 14 | Battery Ventures
  15. Process Hand-Off Steps for Feature Development on PaaS Product Manager Developer BI Analytics Team 15 | Battery Ventures
  16. What Happened? Rate of change increased Cost and size and risk of change reduced 16 | Battery Ventures
  17. Land grab opportunity Launch AB Test Automatic Deploy Incremental Features Measure Customers INNOVATION Competitive Move Observe Customer Pain Point Analysis Act Continuous Delivery on Cloud Orient BIG DATA Model Hypotheses CLOUD Decide Plan Response Share Plans CULTURE JFDI 17 | Battery Ventures
  18. OK, how do I get there? 18 | Battery Ventures
  19. "This is the IT swamp draining manual for anyone who is neck deep in alligators.” Adrian Cockcroft, Cloud Architect at Netflix 19 | Battery Ventures
  20. Continuous Deployment for Speed ● Lean Enterprise – coming May 2014 20 | Battery Ventures
  21. Cloud Native for High Availability ● NetflixOSS at and ● Details from Netflix team at Qcon London March 4-8 2014 21 | Battery Ventures
  22. Cloud Native Benchmarking Write intensive test of cross region replication capacity 16 x hi1.4xlarge SSD nodes per zone = 96 total 192 TB of SSD in six locations up and running Cassandra in 20 minutes Test Load Validation Load 1 Million reads After 500ms CL.ONE with no Data loss 1 Million writes CL.ONE (wait for one replica to ack) Test Load US-East-1 Region - Virginia US-West-2 Region - Oregon Zone A Zone B Zone C Zone A Zone B Zone C Cassandra Replicas Cassandra Replicas Cassandra Replicas Cassandra Replicas Cassandra Replicas Cassandra Replicas Inter-Zone Traffic Inter-Region Traffic Up to 9Gbits/s, 83ms 18TB backups from S3
  23. Open Source Ecosystems ● Github is your company’s online resume ● Extensible platforms create ecosystems ● Give up control to get ubiquity – Apache license ● Don’t miss Simon Wardley’s Cloud Expo talk later today! Innovate, Leverage and Commoditize 23 | Battery Ventures
  24. Speed wins in the marketplace 24 | Battery Ventures
  25. Any Questions? Upcoming Presentations by @adrianco ● Battery Ventures ● Adrian’s Blog ● Netflix Tech Blog ● Netflix Slideshare ● Migrating to Microservices – Qcon London - March 6th, 2014 ● Monitorama Keynote Portland OR - May 7th, 2014 ● GOTO Chicago Keynote May 20th, 2014 ● DevOps Summit at Cloud Expo New York – June 10th, 2014 ● GOTO Copenhagen/Aarhus – Denmark – Oct 25th, 2014 25 | Battery Ventures