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Health & Safety for subcontractors


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Training about Health & Safety for subcontractors & Micro Business

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Health & Safety for subcontractors

  1. 1. Atinan Mascot! Manager C-LHSE The Ciiisiitian qootis Transport
  2. 2. l)l. l'Jl, ‘) / .f);5 I ’J'/ ‘ii’ . UggSJU: uQ51AQuJJQ= ugiJ3iQgJSfilfi&Yl¢3i¢5J. l,i£u4_;1$?13.A23§a. As$, ii Provide and maintain a safe workplace, machinery and equipment. -uee$Je55i~3Se!5:i3a: -Ueu3+3e3S43=~, eJ3l¢~= -44-!5§= 'igoeAJ>! A Manage work to ensure the safety, health and welfare of employees. 'U93l3‘Jd9‘4§3*3h: “:“£§SlJ$? u‘G33‘4J$lU‘. )SOé¥3uSU$. )h$ Assess risks and put a safety statement in place. o-.5!-bwufigsfi-‘as! 935-ll¢‘: ‘eLJ€: ‘*‘“-iL‘4;*“: ‘9‘U: ‘3.3<: *‘: l3§CJ: “.33l“: l;'i :51JjglaflluglarllL§gLhAéCl§G33USJlS? l3A. U=l. €$JU= LAtLlJlAtLluJJQ= vglJ3lQgfifiljé -5! u-'! >'--I 3: iiuub ‘,5 fil-. !-bx, »-H L5J"“$'l ~31‘-'u Provide and maintain facilities for your employees, such as clean toilets and washing facilities. They may need other welfare facilities depending on the type of workplace. -U-J45: O-. '.)3 U3 u-:1-ll as! u-. '.)5 J‘-:3 )5 c3-. Uh & time g-= l3-is Prepare and update emergency procedures. -U: '.)S aebé ¢-l-uh-A gal fies} ‘e-vi-'u . ¢_, ,.a3sa15.a.3.hu3aCu. E§; *., t;m4¢Lc>i. hi, ,s¢i>i. a1a. aa4,isLu Report serious incidents to the Health and Safety Authority. EIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEI
  3. 3. Ulula no: $5 u-+0231-0 -was oak-"i 4-“I! -= 44 ouwaé J3! gel 51.}! Co-operate with your employer and others. -us-iii A u. -.*-‘ 40345 J5 J5 ¢! $J~'7* 5'5)‘ l-J ‘,3-l-U u-lg! Do not take chances with your life or your colleagues. E| E|| I|E| . U3JS, ~.iJl. A£mi. ESé l$Qail, ijLg+: jg. g+: :maYlU; 'iEl. §a Do not interfere with or misuse safety equipment. -u: u5 J! -vfiwbg uh -<~. ~e3 as avi Use equipment correctly. -u= u$ use e-U334-.3 L, -"eui Attend training. dL. 'é3gJ3i Ql. Al. u3_jb. nUIi. El. §A odfipgifi E| E|E| |E| E|| I|| I|
  4. 4. F11 ‘. ., ‘Eh 1:‘ . < . :-.1.; .., 1*] .3‘. 4! 1]! .c“ . ism] cl 1‘, Mg; Elfp 2, ’. , . n;A___, ‘~11! £1 ‘l S1 i 1
  5. 5. J]: /J / .F'2JC>_'1'. f; r. .11} f -u-. uSJ! -.5-de-453 ts; -ufl ‘S-2! t3-! -'u ; "“£§Sl‘: 'l A 5! save :33 a all «o-Del Employers, you must prepare a written safety statement. .3.rQ43.a'; .a43L. .ué_;1$e13.. aéc? ala3»S5i¢5J,3Jab: i.! éJga4§3U; ’i£L§; The safety statement must be specific to your workplace. >3 5! H. -ll-‘M i5 ate‘! 43; -<. .i-. U5 as ate-1 43; J3! «nuts 0-. “ u-"55!-5: -gizllel-lie‘-€504‘-. i'= ‘5o':9‘1*-HI-. 'J-i-'i: '¢; -*3-‘ll-53 Identify risks and controls in the safety statement. Controls means safeguards that must be taken -U-JJ5 dew «I-1+ A-. u~4-‘H a mile u-A! -§-'9 Include emergency plans -U-J. )5 dab? ! :3 gal-H Involve all employees -o-us -9493 . ):'U: ' 4; on! Update it regularly Edict-ID‘-. H-‘-. |le5Jle5dl-*-we-3:! tsJ‘5-less‘-‘~. "J; 'u= |-Ia)‘-. |o: -l»5u= i5‘-‘! :u; -3:! -'5:' -oe-W o-. u ek- Make sure everyone knows about it. Bring it to their attention at least once a year EIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEI
  6. 6. /. f. £3J$7J'. 'D (in! ,51[9)Jl< ,5< J9; (_ 53355 or? ! 4.9! as} (,5 QUE5 Identify dangers and make them safe. -U-U5 «MA -145 use .95 3:’ “gawk J5‘ Get medical help if needed. 5.95“ .99 C1555 #595 .95 955 g A9353 Preserve the scene of the incident as best you Can. -U-‘. .)5 :93 50.94,: 4-2‘ J3‘ oaJ5 cw H545 u'l: ,’l -L95 Carry out your own investigation and draw up a report. ago! -us-lop-i.3m? o-p5JL. ~3~5l-'l5eL'°-o-i ~5t,5:ilo:3*e: ,i¢u. sJ«b.95~, il -0945: J: :35 g U5-.0 or? ‘ J3‘ oe-i‘5J 5% 5-“ 5933‘ You will need to make sketches and take photogra hs of the scene. Label them carefully an keep them as records. ‘l3.,5.99U. -.“LJl-)0-“l °.9J.9lU$J5¢'l= ’;*“°l.9§l: ‘<J45*l'Jl5'“l'(; €1‘u‘*5é*9.9§.9 -we-‘N or as»-7 «E93 5”‘ we :25 Talk to any victims or witnesses of the incident and write down what they say about it. |7| |7||7||7||7||7||7||7||7||7||7||7| |7| |7|
  7. 7. °= ‘J‘“l“'c*“453=‘: ’%'l‘c*c;3Je¢uJa~‘= »-in-. »g~c3§3,, ... s flnarks Aéinan / Vlasootl Manager QHSE The Chislifian Goods Transport