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Marketing at a critical juncture


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While $112 billion of ad spend is wasted (37%) in the US and 80% of online advertising fails to reach its intended target, 80% of CEOs believe they deliver a superior customer engagment yet only 8% of customers believe the same. This deck examines ideas progressive marketing organizations have used to successfully reverse these trends and deliver more predictable, sustained performance to their marketing investments.

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Marketing at a critical juncture

  1. 1. MARKETING AT A CRITICAL JUNCTUREDRIVING FINANCIAL RETURNTim SutherChief Marketing Officer<br />®<br />
  2. 2. BETTER TARGETING DRIVES ROI<br />Transformational results are possible<br />Source: Razorfish 2010<br />2<br />
  3. 3. MULTICHANNEL DRIVES ROI<br />10-20% revenue lift is achievable<br />Source: McKinsey 2010<br />3<br />
  4. 4. CAPABILITY MODEL FOR A CONNECTED WORLD<br />Customer life cycle marketing<br />Focus on trigger-driven messaging along the life cycle<br /><ul><li>15x profit v. broadcast programs
  5. 5. Pull customers (v. push products) – 3x revenue/email (retailer)
  6. 6. Dynamic product offers - increased revenue 46% in stores & 17% online (tech
  7. 7. Everything as a service</li></ul>Integrate across media & channels<br /><ul><li>Integrate mobile/email – 7.5x website spendretailer
  8. 8. Integrate outbound/website– 2x bookings hotelier</li></ul>Solicit customer input/action<br /><ul><li>Preference center – HP Technology at Work
  9. 9. Solicit ratings/reviews – conversations are crucial
  10. 10. Design content to be viral – 2-4x link performance</li></ul>Fundamentals matter<br /><ul><li>Customer information decays 2%/month
  11. 11. $144 million of commercial email won’t reach the inbox in 2014</li></li></ul><li>CAPABILITY MODEL FOR A CONNECTED WORLD<br />Time & location-based marketing<br />Customer lifecycle marketing goes wireless<br /><ul><li>SMS for time sensitive messages:18x return (retailer)
  12. 12. Inventory availability drives “on premise” revenue: 5% conversion (casino)
  13. 13. Solicit customer input/action: experiences, ratings, reviews, check-ins, surveys
  14. 14. Near-field communications/mobile commerce</li></ul>Reach new buyers<br /><ul><li>Loyalty enrollment via SMS: 280,000 new members, (retailer)
  15. 15. Mobile advertising driven by your database
  16. 16. Shopping apps, price comparison & QR codes play defense…and offense</li></li></ul><li>CAPABILITY MODEL FOR A CONNECTED WORLD<br />Harvest Intent<br />Improve search visibility<br /><ul><li>SEO - 80% of click throughs are organic
  17. 17. Customize/monitor the landing experience</li></ul>Drive conversion through personalization<br /><ul><li>Dynamic personalization to “optimize the real estate”: 9x return (insurer)
  18. 18. Algorithm-based recommendations: $100 million revenue uplift (telco)</li></ul>Effectively re-market<br /><ul><li>Retargeting via display or email – 12x return (e-Commerce site)
  19. 19. Confirm chat with e-mail</li></li></ul><li>CAPABILITY MODEL FOR A CONNECTED WORLD<br />Smarter Demand Generation<br />Find your high value audience. Filter out the rest.<br /><ul><li>80% of online advertising fails to reach its intended target.
  20. 20. Collaborative Targeting: 11x return (retailer)</li></ul>Make brand advertising actionable & accountable<br /><ul><li>Interactive Television – coupons, samples, more information
  21. 21. An emerging opportunity in online display. Brand represents just 5%</li></ul>Leverage multidimensional insight<br /><ul><li>Combine purchase, response, value & risk scores: $7600 deposit/household increase for contacted households. Retail Bank
  22. 22. Combine seasonality, customer potential, price elasticity, halo effects, social influence: 3x room nights (Casino)
  23. 23. Connected primary research: 5.5x improvement (telco - “cord/cable cutters”)</li></li></ul><li>CAPABILITY MODEL FOR A CONNECTED WORLD<br />Media/Channel substitution<br />Arbitrage duplicative contacts based on preferences<br /><ul><li>$112 billion in US advertising wasted per year. What Sticks
  24. 24. Email & print:4x revenue/email (leading publisher)</li></ul>Substitute based on preferences<br /><ul><li>From mass to targeted:10% revenue increase (multi-format retailer)
  25. 25. From call center to self serve: $4.5 million expense savings/yr (technology firm)
  26. 26. From print to digital: 22% conversion in 45 days (airline)
  27. 27. From paid search to organic search & display: 52% better CPA (Google)
  28. 28. From paid to earned/curated</li></li></ul><li>9<br />FOR MORE INFORMATION<br />
  29. 29. THANK YOU. QUESTIONS?<br /><br /><br /><br />Discover more at<br />