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JM Gemini Personnel Ltd recruitment solutions company brochure

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JM Gemini Personnel Ltd Company Brochure

  1. 1. J.M. GEMINI - THE RECRUITMENT SOLUTION FOR YOUR BUSINESS J.M.Gemini Recruitment Solutions J.M. Gemini is proud to have been one of the first recruitment agencies in China. Since 1993, J.M. Gemini has been the China experts in providing human capital to multinational corporations across the mainland. Our company is committed to providing a personal service to the China market. We take our business seriously and endeavor to provide complete support to our clients and candidates who are striving to succeed in this exciting and fast expanding market. J.M. Gemini is proud to have been one of the first recruitment agencies in China, providing head hunting services to high profile multinational companies. We are now recognized as one of the most experienced and knowledgeable companies in our field and experts in our region. It is our pleasure to provide small to large businesses with the best advice to source the right people and assist our clients in achieving a qualified and successful workforce. SHANGHAI / BEIJING / GUANGZHOU / HONG KONG / BANGKOK
  2. 2. J.M. GEMINI FOR ALL YOUR STAFFING NEEDS At J.M. Gemini, we have a team of At J.M. Gemini, we have a team of qualified consultants to cater for all your staffing needs. Our qualified consultants departments have been developed with our clients in mind, to provide an easy and pleasant experience when recruiting staff. to cater for all your staffing needs. EXECUTIVE PLACEMENT J.M. Gemini understands the importance of PERMANENT RECRUITMENT recruitment at every level. Through our years of experience in Head Hunting, we are extremely aware In the China market, finding the right talent can be of the sensitivity and accuracy in finding the best tough as the requirements from companies in choosing talent to be positioned at the head of your business. the right staff is high and the talent pool is small. At J.M. Gemini, we have a database of over 40,000 In China, J.M. Gemini have developed relationships qualified people from various industries. In order to with candidates who have escalated their careers and utilize our database as an efficient means of search, we are now sitting as Executives within multinational are co mmi tted to ma intain ing and updatin g companies. We have extensive knowledge into the information on our candidates as they move through market to also know who your competitors are and their careers. We value our candidates as a part of our with expertise in head hunting techniques. We have business and we communicate with them on a regular the ability and experience to attract the most sought basis to ensure our information is current. after talent to lead your business. All of these factors enable J.M. Gemini to maintain our reputation as With an extensive database of candidates at our finger- your first choice for an Executive Search Firm. tips and the know how to head hunt in the right places, we are positioned to provide you with fast and successful permanent recruitment. J.M.Gemini TEMPORARY & CONTRACT RECRUITMENT Recruitment Solutions J.M. Gemini’s temporary department provides one of the longest standing and most experienced temporary services in China. We have supported companies in delivering temporary and contract staff for many years. We take care of our clients’ administrative and payment issues for contractors in order to remove the difficulty in hiring temporary staff, whilst maintaining the flexibility that this type of service can provide to your business. SHANGHAI / BEIJING / GUANGZHOU / HONG KONG / BANGKOK
  3. 3. With our head office in Shanghai, we are also positioned to help you with branches in Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Bangkok. INTERNATIONAL CO-OPERATION CHINA COVERAGE With our head office in Shanghai, we are also positioned with branches in Beijing and Guangzhou. These three cities allow J.M. Gemini to service companies in NPA is the leading world-wide recruiting three of the biggest metropolises in China. n e t w o r k . A t J . M . Ge mi n i , w e a r e committed to maintaining recruitment Our recruitment experts have developed excellence and to find new ways to recruit solid networks to reach candidates in the top talent in every field. Sometimes, outlying cities and areas beyond our this talent is not available locally. As a existing branch locations. This enables our member of NPA, J.M. Gemini is able to company to continually find qualified connect with over 1500 consultants in 16 candidates in 2nd and 3rd tier cities on the nations on 6 continents. With our mainland. association in this recruiting network, we are able to source the talent you need every ASIAN CONNECTION time. J.M. Gemini has a joint venture partner Gemini Personnel. Ltd, which has offices in both Hong Kong and Bangkok. With over twenty years of experience in recruitment, Gemini Personnel. Ltd are a well known personnel agency with an extensive portfolio of successful placements in their respective markets. In addition, J.M. Gemini also has the capabilities to attract staff in almost every location across the Asian continent, due to developed relationships with experienced indep enden t agen cies in other Asian countries. In order to fulfill our clients’ requirements for the most qualified experts in Asia, we have the connections. CHINA COVERAGE / GLOBAL CONNECTION SHANGHAI / BEIJING / GUANGZHOU / HONG KONG / BANGKOK
  4. 4. For over fifteen years, J.M. Gemini have been part of the successful placement of thousands of talented individuals in a wide ranges of industries. EXPERT ADVICE & CONSULTANCY SERVICES INDUSTRY SPECIALISTS J.M. Gemini are always willing to help in providing For many years, J.M. Gemini’s team has been a part expert advice to foreign enterprises, whether it be of the successful placement of thousands of during their set-up on the mainland, or at every stage talented individuals in a wide range of industries. of their development in China. Our consultants have appropriate backgrounds in We promise to provide you with a personal service their related fields and are able to efficiently within any area of our personnel. understand the requirements of every position. Our industry specialists have the ability to determine the qualifications required for their industry and the knowledge to search in the right place to find the most experienced and suitable candidates quickly. INDUSTRY A S A p r o v i d e s me m b e r s w i t h q u a l i f i e d a n d informative information on the staffing industry. J.M. SPECIALISTS Gemini continues to work towards improving the service that we provide to our customers. With the help of ASA, we are always increasing our staffing * Manufacturing knowledge and expertise as we consult our valued * Trading Companies clients on their recruitment related needs. * Telecommunications * Heavy Industrial Equipment Mftg. * Paper & Packaging Industries * Pharmaceutical / Medical Companies * Audit / Insurance / Financial Institutions * Advertising / Events / Media / PR Agencies * Transportation / Logistics / Shipping * Banking / Fund Management J.M. Gemini are proud to be affiliated with The Asian * IT Industry Human Resources Group, a premier alliance of * Mechanical / Electrical Equipment Mftg. companies engaged in executive search, recruitment * Legal Profession and ancillary fields throughout Asia. * Chemical / Petro-chemical Industries * Automotive Industry With over two decades of experience in leading * Building and Construction Industry recruitment companies throughout the region, AHRG * International Trading Companies firms are uniquely placed to deliver results for clients * Retail / FMCG through broad industry competence and functional * Engineering expertise. SHANGHAI / BEIJING / GUANGZHOU / HONG KONG / BANGKOK
  5. 5. J.M. GEMINI FOR ALL YOUR STAFFING NEEDS VISA SERVICES J.M. Gemini has incorporated a service particularly designed for the recruitment of expatriate staff. Due to our experience within the market in China, we know that the number of expatriates coming to Interim Management Solutions is a new concept to China to work is increasing every year. the China market. We are able to fill interim needs in your business with Expatriate/Asian executives J.M. Gemini has set up a service that will provide who have many years of experience in the China our clients with the ease of obtaining an expatriate’s market, as well as global markets. These Interim work permit, residence permit and working visa Management candidates have experience with application through our agency to ensure that business set up in China, M&A, Turnaround incoming professionals can work legally in China. Solutions, Factory Management, Strategic J.M. Gemini are experts in China Visa services, Planning, Company Restructure and Company having provided this facility for many years to our Closure. They offer a solution to your company clients and candidates. problems whether it be for a few days a month, or a full time assignment for a short period. IMS is an We will help you prepare the documentation to take Additional Recruitment Solution that J.M. Gemini the worry out of it for you. We can be trusted to can provide to clients. provide fast, reliable and efficient service. Bringing Interim Management Solutions to the China Market. CONTACT US Our dedicated team of Recruitment Consultants J.M.Gemini would be very happy to hear from you. We can help you design a recruitment solution to meet your needs. Recruitment Solutions Phone: (86-21) 6428 2460 Email: Email: SHANGHAI / BEIJING / GUANGZHOU / HONG KONG / BANGKOK