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زوجات الرسول ص_انجليزي


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زوجات الرسول ص_انجليزي

  1. 1. What is the reason of the large number of marriage of the Prophet? What would answer?
  2. 2. If one comes and asks the structure is sound and understood the intention of embarrassment and questioning the intentions of the Prophet - peace be upon him - from multi-married ....? Do you know the answer?
  3. 3. Will have to pay any embarrassment caused by not knowing the full knowledge of conditions and the fact that marriage of the Prophet - peace be upon him from several women?
  4. 4. Here is the answer, a lecture by Amro Khaled about the Mothers of the Believers? To the summary provided to you including the following:
  5. 5. First: start to wonder how many wives of the Prophet - peace be upon him?
  6. 6. 12women wife And the Prophet - peace be upon him - died and he has ten wives? Where she died in his Khadijah and Zainab bint Khuzaymah. May Allah be pleased
  7. 7. Second: Is my brothers shall keep the names of your mothers. mothers of the believers?
  8. 8. But do you Know their names? 01- Khadija Bint Koaeld, 02- Sodah Bint Zama, 03- Aisha Bint Abi Bakr, 04- Hafsa Bint Umar, 05- Zaynab Bint Khuzaymah, 06- Umm Salamah Hind Bint Atbah, 07- Zaynab Bint Jahsh, 08- Fatima Bint al-Harith, 09- Safiya Bint Yahya Bin Aktab preach, 10- Umm Habiba Ramla bint Abi Sufyan, 11- Maria Shamoun Egyptian, 12- Maymonh bint al-Harith
  9. 9. To ask the following question, after mentioning the names of his wives and peace be upon him:? How many Virgin and how many was married before?
  10. 10. Only one, Ms. Aisha - may Allah be pleased with them - and the rest not Virgin
  11. 11. Were they Arabs?
  12. 12. All of them Arabs except Mrs. (Maria) was from out of the Arabian Peninsula and was one of the land of Egypt
  13. 13. Are they all Muslims?
  14. 14. Yes, but two: Ms. Safia was a Jew, and Ms. Maria was a Christian, God bless them all
  15. 15. And now To answer the following question: Is the reason so many marriages by the prophet - peace be upon him - lust?
  16. 16. If we look at stages in the life of the Prophet - peace be upon him - we find that marital lust disappeared from his life and guide my mind this time, the following facts: 1-The Prophet - peace be upon him - since its inception and until the age of 25 are single. 2-The Prophet - peace be upon him from the age of 25 to 50 (a flurry of young) woman he married 15 years and is married to two men before him and had children. 3-The Prophet - peace be upon him - from age 50 to 52 years of marriage is in grief and in loyalty to his first wife. 4-The Prophet - peace be upon him - from the age of 52 to 60, he married several wives for political reasons, religious and social reasons later
  17. 17. If Is it possible that the desire suddenly appeared from the age of 52 years old?
  18. 18. Is it reasonable for a man loving marriage to marry in the exuberance of his youth not Virgin married twice before and stayed with them 25 years old is to marry someone else Then stay two years of non-marriage in order to honor her!
  19. 19. Moreover, peace be upon him when he got married after Khadija married Ms. death at the age of (80) years, where she was the first widow in Islam - and wanted peace be upon him that honors and honors women who like where he began his own he did not tell his companions of her marriage, but it is peace and blessings of the honoring himself to be a model of humanitarian action after
  20. 20. After what we have to conclude the following result: The prophet - peace be upon him– married in two ways: Muhammad the man married Ms. Khadija Muhammad the Prophet married the rest of his wives
  21. 21. Let us ask the following question:? Did the Prophet Mohammed - peace be upon him - is the only number that there are prophets, or polygamy, too?
  22. 22. Yes The number of messengers and prophets - peace be upon him Ksidna Abraham and Prophet David and Solomon - the prayers of Allah and peace be upon them all Its written in the holy books as a whole, why did the West, and they acknowledge they have already written!
  23. 23. We come now to mention the political, social and religious, which called the Apostle to these marriages
  24. 24. First: Inheritance of Islam and call their details accurately and _Specials (such as prayer and movements) must be people from entering the house of the Prophet - peace be upon him - for the transfer of the required details for the education of the nation... He wanted God - the Almighty - the marriage of the Prophet of Aisha where she was a small learn a lot from him by virtue of her age (and science in a great advantage on small stone) and lived 42 years after the spread of knowledge..
  25. 25. And talk in the science of Aisha long as they were the people I know doing obligatory and supererogatory... The total number of conversations are irrigated from the wives of the Prophet - peace be upon him --3,000 talk But how come he married her she was only the nature of the desert environment of the girl quickly and was recognized on marrying young is not only the Arabs but from the Romans and the Persians
  26. 26. Second: To strengthen the relationships with his companions, leading to the coherence of the nation Here he married the daughter of Abu Bakr and sister of Omar bin al-Khattab And married daughters of the Prophet Osman And the third daughter of the Prophet Ali God bless them all
  27. 27. Third: Mercy widows, where he married the Prophet - peace be upon him - of widows Ms. Soda and Umm Salamah and Umm Habiba
  28. 28. IV: Complete the legislation of Islam where the Prophet was to be a role model for Muslims after him Whether widows or mercy, including the safest of non-Muslims Kzusband narrative after her father Aslam And the elevation of the will of the Jews when Hacdi
  29. 29. Fifth: Love of the Prophet - peace be upon him - to hold the link and the link between the countries of the whole earth as he wants his marriage to Ms. Maria Egyptian to compose a whole country and the Prophet, peace be upon him married Ms. Fatima even recognizes the children of Almstaleg where they were captured by the Muslims after the Battle of Bani Almstaleg and the story is well known
  30. 30. I hope that I have given you the assurance to your hearts and establish you, strengthen and support to cope with such suspicion that he wants her or Jhalna Cecchekna our enemies and undermine our religion and our Prophet.? The God of the intent behind And pray for Contact until you say you angels "and you likewise... Peace, mercy and blessings of God
  31. 31. May Allah reward who contributed to the dissemination or publication of something which Do not forget to pray God bless you
  32. 32. Says peace be upon him reached me, even if state Sent to those you love, and those who do not like too! Send this message to everyone you know, and God willing, will be ratified in progress, you'll gain advantages from each of the works and read the Day of Judgment