Operation Speak Up


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Student created action plan for our project titled #BettPassion - http://bettpassion.wikispaces.com/

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Operation Speak Up

  1. 1. Operation Speak Up Courtney Walter, Katie Buehl, and Cece Ballard
  2. 2. Problem... Bullying victims need support.
  3. 3. Statistics... About 16,000 kids skip school everyday due to bullying 1 out of 10 kids drop out of school because of bullying According to 71% of kids, bullying is a problem in schools 1 in 4 teachers see nothing wrong with bullying ("11 Facts About Bullying." Do Something. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Sept. 2013.)
  4. 4. Actions Already in Place... Facebook page: Operation Speak Up #OperationSpeakUp Love Girls Magazine and anti-bullying page Stand Up Speak Out are helping spread the word https://www.facebook.com/Operationspeakup
  5. 5. Our Plan... Create a computer program or a smartphone app that sends kids encouraging messages. Also, have 2 days out of the week in one core class to learn about bullying and ways to prevent it.
  6. 6. Root Causes and Beliefs ● Jealousy, Home Abuse, Desire for attention, Desire to control, Media, or Gang membership ● People think less of themselves because of the things people say or do to them ● People often commit suicide due to bullying