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Christmas Quotes


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Christmas Quotes

  1. 1. Christmas QuotesBy Ana Victoria Serna M. #24 5°B
  2. 2. Peace on earth will come tostay, when we live Christmasevery day.- Helen Steiner Rice
  3. 3. Christmas waves a magic wand overthis world, and behold, everything issofter and more beautiful.-Norman Vincent Peale
  4. 4. The best of all gifts around anyChristmas tree: the presence of a happyfamily all wrapped up in each other.-Burton Hills
  5. 5. Christmas is a necessity. There has tobe at least one day of the year toremind us that were here forsomething else besides ourselves.-Eric Sevareid
  6. 6. May Peace be your gift atChristmas and your blessing allyear through!-Author Unknown
  7. 7. I will honor Christmas in my heart,and try to keep it all the year.-Charles Dickens
  8. 8. At Christmas, all roads lead home.-Marjorie Holmes
  9. 9. Blessed is the season which engages thewhole world in a conspiracy of love!-Hamilton Wright Mabie
  10. 10. Christmas is not a time or season but astate of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plentous in mercy, is to have thereal spirit of Christmas.-Calvin Coolidge
  11. 11. If there is no joyous way to give afestive gift, give love away.