Christmas Tree


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Learn about the origins of the Christmas Tree and how it represents Jesus in our lives.

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Christmas Tree

  1. 1. The Christmas Tree Finding Jesus at the Right Time of Year
  2. 2. Decorate the Christmas Tree • Put the tree up (some assembly required) • Put some lights up • Put ribbon on, candy canes, garland... • Put the angel on the tree (tall person required)
  3. 3. They’re Everywhere! • Who has a Christmas Tree? • The christmas tree really is something that marks the season. • What are some of your thoughts about Christmas trees and stuff like that?
  4. 4. Symbology • Is the Christmas tree a symbol of Christian beliefs? • Believe it or not, the Christmas tree predates Christianity! • It was a ritual of greeks and romans to adorn their homes with evergreen branches • The evergreen tree was a symbol of eternal life because it never dies in the winter • It wasn’t until the 1500’s that the Christmas tree was used in Christian symbolism • It wasn’t until the late 1800’s that the Christmas tree was established in America.
  5. 5. Why so we put one up? • In Northern Europe of gets cold, it and winter is a time death. • No crops, no animals • No leaves on the trees. • It was a tough time. • The evergreenthese old religions. eternal life in tree represents
  6. 6. Why so we put one up? • Its green all the time. • Because that lifeitinto oursense to bring of this makes homes. • It makes we live in smell nice. or cabin the stuffy cave • It provides oxygen and entertainment.
  7. 7. Putting up the tree • Where do you put your Christmas tree? • In your house. • Usually where everyone can see it! • You put it up on a table, or in the center of a room. • You put it in a place of honor because you are proud of the tree you picked!
  8. 8. Putting on the toppings • What do we put on top of the Christmas tree? • We usually put on a star or an angel on top. • Why? • Let’s read some bible verses.
  9. 9. Bible Verses • Read Matthew 1:20-21 • The angel symbolizes the revelation of the birth of Jesus. • Read Matthew 2:9-10 • The star symbolizes the Star of Bethlehem revealing His location.
  10. 10. The Christmas tree points to Christ! • Just like the star points to Christ in the Christmas story • The Christmas tree reminds us where we can find him. • Go down the trunk and what do you find? • What do you put under the tree?
  11. 11. We Put Gifts There! • Read Matthew 2:11 • On coming to the house, they saw the child with his mother Mary, and they bowed down and worshiped him. • Then they opened their treasures and presented him with gifts of gold and of incense and of myrrh.
  12. 12. The best gift • Jesus is the gift of God to the world • We should treat others as we would treat Jesus • We travel long distances to see loved ones • We bring them gifts to celebrate Jesus’ Birthday
  13. 13. An example of Christ • The Christmas tree is an example of Christ. • I want you to realize that Jesus is the tree. • Read Genesis 2:8-9 • The tree of life, sounds like a Christmas tree. • Which one did we choose? The wrong one! • God gives us the chance to choose the right one in Jesus - the way, the truth and the Life.
  14. 14. Take one home today! • As you celebrate this Christmas season, remember the history of the Christmas tree and how we bring this life into our homes. • In the same way, God offers Jesus as His gift of life. He cut Him down, wrapped him up and offers him to you. • Take Him into your life, put Him in a place of honor because he is Eternal Life.
  15. 15. John 3:16 • Read John 3:16 • For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
  16. 16. Jesus knows your name • We put decorations on the Christmas tree with our names on it. • Jesus knows each of you by name and wants to be with you and know you. Why? • Because he wants to give you eternal life! • If you want to know Christ more and experience his warmth, light and life.