Secure Delivery Center - An OSS Marketplace Behind the Company Firewall


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A technical slide deck that demonstrates SDC usage for OSS and proprietary developer tool management inside the company firewall. Instead of a private developer cloud, try a marketplace for the most secure means to manage software development tools behind a company firewall.

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Secure Delivery Center - An OSS Marketplace Behind the Company Firewall

  1. 1. Deliver software & packages Genuitec’sSecure Secure Delivery Center 2012 OSS A Marketplace Inside Your Firewall Reporting 2012 Update 1 Overview & Archiving Want to know more? Email us at
  2. 2. Company Introduction• Genuitec is a founding member of the Eclipse Foundation in 2003 • With 13 million + downloads, MyEclipse is our flagship product • Delivered Eclipse products to millions of desktops – we understand Eclipse and OSS Want to know more? 2 Email us at
  3. 3. Brief overview of SDC• Secure delivery of software packages• Automated management of artifacts, sites & installers• Turn-key management, reporting, and testing of software• Secure end-user catalog for easy end-user add-ons SDC Portal Admin Users Secure Server Company SMS Want to know more? 3 Email us at
  4. 4. Initial rollout of software Integrated User Portal Selected Create Package SDC Portal Admin Users Secure Push SMS Server Package Delivered Company SMS• Rollout via SMS or SDC server’s portal • Includes delivery using physical media (DVDs) • Installers detect architectures automatically • Compatible with virtualization• Group packages for access, or visibility • Brand and tailor installers for users Want to know more? 4 Email us at
  5. 5. Package & software updates Update Definition Admin Automated Check for Updates New Users Secure Push SMS Artifacts Server Package Updated Build / Third-Party Company SMS• Admins release changes to teams • Updates can be delivered via SDC server• Builds can push updates to end-users• Libraries and plugins updated in the server• Updates can be mandatory or optional Want to know more? 5 Email us at
  6. 6. Secure catalog for users & team leads Secure User Explored Catalog Software Configure Catalog Intranet Marketplace Admin Users Secure Lead Pushed Server Adds S/W to Team Team Lead• Expose a Secure Marketplace to users • Feature software most used in your company• Provide Team Lead a sanctioned catalog• Manage catalog(s) via simple UI• Familiar use of Eclipse Marketplace client Want to know more? 6 Email us at
  7. 7. Efficient workspace automation Add Workspace Workspace Preferences Pushed Tasks to Package Settings to Team Projects Admin or Users Team Lead Secure Other Tasks Server• Automate workspace setup and updates• Efficient detection of ongoing changes• Extensible via public API • Based on Google Workspace Mechanic• Supports advanced custom actions Want to know more? 7 Email us at
  8. 8. Lock down Eclipse, if desired Secure Catalog Add from Catalog Secure Server Marketplace Add from Site External Users Add Site from Site Company Firewall Intranet Site• Know and control software used by users• Restrict access to certain update sites • Includes ability to wild-card URL patterns• Provide only specific software on catalog• Enforce security in UIs and low-level APIs Want to know more? 8 Email us at
  9. 9. Package metrics & archives Historic Package & S/W Metrics View Package & S/W Metrics Package & S/W Metrics Add Package Admin Snapshots Users Secure Archive Restore Server Package Snapshot Package Snapshots• Snapshot packages for archival• Enable easy access for users to old tools• Track usage of packages for auditing • Includes install, usage, update and uninstalls• Report on trends of the secure system Want to know more? 9 Email us at
  10. 10. EOL and mandatory updates• Control how packages are managed • Choose the right level of enforcement• Roll out mandatory updates to users• Allow delayed application within X days• Decommission securely obsolete packages Want to know more? 10 Email us at
  11. 11. Certified packs & verified packages• Genuitec provides you certified software• Verify your own packages for integrity • Know your software will work without hassel• Use most popular Eclipse plugins safely• Easily provide your users a catalog of software Want to know more? 11 Email us at
  12. 12. SDC: Possible Integrations• Standalone: SDC Standard • SDC server can be used for secure delivery of packages • Available today for immediate usage• w/SMS: SDC with SMS • SDC can be used to manage packages and control delivery of software released via SMS • Available today for immediate integration with SMS• Custom: Advanced Integration • Advanced integrations including automated push from build system, automated rollout of packages, etc. available • Availability and timing based on complexity Want to know more? 12 Email us at
  13. 13. Standalone SDC deployment Integrated Secure Portal Packages Manages Secure Server SDC Portal Loads S/W Admin & Artifacts Users Secure Bundled Delivered Server Installer to Contractors Physical MediaCore capabilities of solution Availability and cost• Delivery of packages via rich portal • SDC immediately available for download• Secure delivery and lockdown of packages • Trial download off of• Metrics collection and usage trending • USD $75/seat• Intranet marketplace and software catalog • Volume discounts starting at 50 seats• Certified plugins and package verification • Site licenses available Want to know more? 13 Email us at
  14. 14. SDC integrated with SMS Integrated Trial Portal Packages Manages Secure Server SDC Portal Loads S/W Admin & Artifacts Users Secure Push SMS Server Package Delivered SMSCore capabilities of solution Availability and cost• Includes all from standalone, plus… • SDC immediately available for download• Packages created and managed via SDC • Trial download off of• Installers distributed via SMS • USD $75/seat• Updates optionally rolled out from SDC • Volume discounts starting at 50 seats• Testing packages released from SDC portal • Site licenses available Want to know more? 14 Email us at
  15. 15. Also from Genuitec, MyEclipse IDE• Market leading IDE • Most affordable and comprehensive J2EE IDE and Web development IDE • Used 13 million times by global brands in finance, healthcare, insurance, technology and life sciences• Major server technologies supported • Including IBM WebSphere support replacing need for RAD tools • Migrate Eclipse, MyEclipse and Rational projects between 35+ app servers in just a few clicks Want to know more? 15 Email us at
  16. 16. Also from Genuitec, MobiOne• Mobile application development • Develop cross-platform apps for mobile devices using drag-n-drop features • HTML5/CSS/JavaScript-driven for a hybrid app build model• Advanced capabilities • Includes ability to develop iOS apps on Windows – no need to own a Mac or learn Objective-C • Ability to test apps by sending directly to user devices via cloud services Want to know more? 16 Email us at
  17. 17. End of Overview For questions or information on SDC, contact us at Want to know more? 17 Email us at