The Youzus Report, Canada's First Social Media Magazine: Episode 3


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Canada's first ever social media e-magazine, giving you all the latest in Social Media News

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The Youzus Report, Canada's First Social Media Magazine: Episode 3

  1. 1. Social Media and Death CANADA’S FIRST SOCIAL MEDIA E-MAGAZINE EPISODE3 #DOINGITRIGHT feat.Yellow Pages Master Copywriting The Art Of Trolling COREY WADDEN MILLIONAIRE BY 25
  2. 2. Tables of Contents 01 05 12 Feature Of The Month 07 Creative Driver Social Media and Death Best of the Month 14 15 17 19 #DoingItRight AT&T Bad Taste The Art of Trolling Master Copywriting Love at First Sight Thank You! 21 23 The Youzus Report • Social Media Advice • • Interviews with Social Media Rockstars • • Creative Articles • Your one-stop shop for all things social media.
  3. 3. Well, it seems summer is al- most over and fall will soon be upon us and all I can think about is “Where does the TIME go?!” I recently stumbled across one of many viral videos this month called ‘I forgot my phone’ ( com/watch?v=OINa46HeWg8) where the emphasis is placed on the mere fact that we live in a society where we are infatu- ated with being on our phones and being social. Now I know I own a social media market- ing agency, and I understand it is my job to be social. But it’s sad to think that in a world of smartphones and computers, we are so alone even though we are surrounded by humans - think about it. That being said, especially with only 4 months left of 2013, I urge you to spend more time away from your phone (and computers for that matter). Spend more time engaging in human interactions and watch what happens. I can only speak for myself, but I have to say it’s definitely brought a new kind of energy back into my life. Meet Mr. Green We’d like to welcome Mr. Green to our office. Theres nothing better then having some green in the office. Not to mention he is always thirsty. He sits in between Kristen and Lisa and right behind Courny. He keeps the moral high. Some may say he is our money tree (crossing our fingers) ;) v 1 Creative Driver
  4. 4. Cancer survivor Jody Schoger, co-founder of Breast Cancer Social Media, has done much more than establishing a following, she has fostered a community of cancer survivors dealing with issues unique to them. “The ability to share and connect in ways globally in a sense gives more meaning to your life” explains Schoger on the topic of how social media has played a role in her personal recovery. It seems that many dealing with the nearing possibility of death find it uplifting to read and connect with someone going through the same thing across the world. It’s not yet clear whether or not social media has altered the way we mourn death or deal with death itself, however it has altered the way we deal with the lead up to it, especially cases of illness. Ashley C. Stately, co-founder of Breast Cancer Social Media, described her social media experience as comforting; hearing the good, the bad, and the ugly helped her reflect on her own life with cancer. Cre- ating a virtual community of supporters makes something as lonely and depressing as death, a more shared experience which brings comfort and a sense of family to those suffering. Death is one of the few human experiences we all share. It will be interesting to see how social media forces us to be candid about other taboos of life. Scott Simon (@nprscottsimon)’s story went viral a couple weeks ago. He shared his thoughts and experiences the last couple of days with his dying mother and unsurpris- ingly, generated over 1 million Twitter fol- lowers! Social media has transformed the way we talk about death. It has shaped the way we approach it and one of the rea- sons why we’ve opened the door to pub- licly discussing this once taboo topic. Social media has allowed us to open up and share with the world in hopes of hav- ing a conversation with strangers. This is a result of the new culture of over-sharing we have adopted along with the social media phenomenon. It fosters customs of informational diar- rhea, where there are virtually no “out of bounds” areas. In the case of Scott Simon, it was comforting to interact with people on the sensitive matter, and even more comforting to have a following. Somewhat like a virtual support group within an arm’s reach. Think about it, death has always been the inevitable end that most of us are uncom- fortable talking about. Social media has created space to talk about it in the most candid way. “People have become very proud of their illnesses” explains Christian Sinclair, a doc- tor within hospice and palliative medicine. Social media encourages the culture of sharing, and many see it as an extension of themselves. Original article taken from HOW TO DEAL WITH IT. SOCIAL MEDIA AND DEATH v 5
  5. 5. IN TER VIEWC OR EY WADDEN C OREY WADDE N C o re y ’ s G o a l I s To B e c o m e A M i l l i o n a i re B y 2 5 . W h y ? To R et i re H i s M o t h e r. v 7 Originally it started with a fundamen- tal idea and over time it evolved. When it started it was personal journey to retire my mom, and I thought 1 million was a good goal. My mom was facing the threat of los- ing her job, and I would ultimately be the one to support her. I saw that I wasn’t the only one going through this, a lot of young people were going through the same thing. So I catered Millionaire by 25 to the younger crowd with Facebook and a blog. I focused on interviewing outliers and getting mentors and sharing what I’ve learned along the way. It was when I got that call from my mom that she might lose her job, they were ba- sically squeezing her out. At that point I got fed up, I was already doing things, like door-to-door sales to help her out but it wasn’t enough. That’s when Millionaire by 25 really came to life, I was 23 at the time and I thought if I gave myself two years to earn a million dollars I could do it. I wanted to attract the younger audience to inspire them to take matters into their own hands as opposed to the older generation who is going through it. So that’s how I settled on Millionaire by 25 to inspire the youth. 100%. I have always prided myself on being the guy who used youth to his advantage by taking life a little more seriously. Young people don’t realize the power that they have because it’s so uncommon to see the younger generation tackling business head on; which leads to missed opportunities. Let’s say if you’re starting your own busi- ness for example, and you are seeking in- vestors, a lot of the time you’ll be surprised that they will be more lenient with you be- cause they see the hustle they don’t usually see in other young people. I usually go into it with the story of my mom, after all I’m doing this for my mom. People want to help people. The fact that I’m honest and open about my journey with my audience has helped me tremendously in getting to interview names like Robert Greene, Chad Mureta, Ryan Holiday and Pat Flynn. Especially for young people, it’s so bizarre the more that I learn, the more I realize I don’t know Q. Q. In 100 words or less, explain Millionaire by 25. Wadden’s campaign to earn 1 million dollars by January 2014 has gained notable publicity and a large following of other young entrepreneurial minds. How do you make others believe in your dream? Where did the idea of Millionaire by 25 come from? Q.Do you think being young has its advantages when it comes to business? Q.
  6. 6. 1. Using philosophy as your value system for operating in the world. When you can iden- tify with a certain philosophy that mirrors your value system or what you value in life, it removes emotion from the equation and helps you when making big decisions. 2. When you’re trying to do some- thing against the grain and ambi- tious, you are going to encounter re- sistance and you know that only way to avoid that is to not do anything at all. 3. You have to want it as badly today as you wanted it the very first day. Every single morning re-evaluate and meditate for 5 minutes and remind yourself of why you’re doing it, what you’re currently grateful for and that you have to want it today as badly as the very first day you wanted it when you set off on your goal. I would say, copy cats; when I started out, I would always give people advice, I al- ways thought that people would take it and implement in their own lives. What I didn’t anticipate was people saying ‘oh that’s interesting, let me look at your catalogue of apps and eBooks and rip them all off. Another challenge has been not knowing how to deal with people who oppose your views. And lastly, being productive and not busy. What are 3 things you’ve learned from Millionaire at 25 so far? What is the biggest challenge you have encountered? Not as many things as you would think; I would change the title, some people think I’m only focused on the money. I wouldn’t have focused as much attention on blogging and offering advice right away, I would’ve have focused more on doing the challenge and then published what I learned afterwards. When it comes to social media, I think I would have lowered the frequency of my posts a little bit, I would focus mainly on actually accomplishing my goal and maybe do a once a week update. Facebook has been the best and most ef- fective platform for building a community and directing traffic. Get started, don’t wait until you have ev- erything figured out, because you will never have everything figured out, and truth be told the people who you look up to don’t even have everything figured out, take comfort in that. Allow yourself the freedom to learn as you go, allow yourself the lack of stress from not having to have everything figured out, people should realize that ev- erything will come together. Seeking the result, the benefit of virtue is virtue, you can never really control what will come from your journey so really the jour- ney should be the journey itself If you could you do this again, would you have done anything differently? How do you use social media to promote your cause? If you had to give 1 tip to any young entrepreneur what would it be? “The more that I learn, the more I realize I don’t know” Q. Q. Q. Q. Q.
  7. 7. I want to send my mom on a world trip! The plan would be to put together a documen- tary of her trip from her perspective and then submit it to the film festival. I’m very passionate about documentaries and acting has always been my overall pursuit. I am still trying to find a way to tie them all together. I might even make another documentary afterwards. I would also love to invest in some start-up companies who are in line with what I’m about. Young people going after ambitious goals, and young entrepreneurship. After you reach your million, what’s next?Q. Viral Story of the Month The world has been re-introduced to the new Miley Cyrus through this year’s VMA’s. Although controversial, the former Nickelodeon star has re-invented herself to the world as being unapologetic, sexually curi- ous and grown-up. Her racy VMA performance set a fire to social me- dia networks peaking at 300,000 Twitter mentions per minute. Her Instagram gained over 100,000 new followers and over 50,000 new Facebook likes in 24 hours. Her mar- keting team has skillfully and con- troversially re-branded Miley Cyrus and successful broken away from her Hannah Montana image. Her new video Wrecking Ball recorded 19.3 million views in 24 hours, set- ting a VEVO record. Top 10 Twitter Followers 1. @chrisbrogan (255,250) 2. @MichaelHyatt (196,145) 3. @briansolis (195,275) 4. @johnaguiar (129,227) 5. @seosmarty (35,500) 6. @leaderswest (24,337) 7. @heidicohen (18,871) 8. @RebekahRadice (14,295) 9. @SarahArrow(12,748) 10. @lleane (6,757) 6. @millionaireby25 (23,051) v 12
  8. 8. AT&T Bad Taste September 11 is a day to remem- ber. Floods of tweets, Facebook posts and Instagram pictures filled everyone’s news feed praying for those families that lost someone in the horrible events of Septem- ber 11, 2001. Most companies were respectful and offered their condolences to those fallen but one in particu- lar had a very interesting, some would say, advertising tactic be- hind their “respectful” post. AT&T posted this image on Sep- tember 11, 2013. >> They may have had good inten- tions but it did not come across that way. One hour after posting the image, it was deleted from all social media accounts. This tweet was then published: All it took was one hour for the public to decide that this was distasteful and disrespectful. In times of mourning, it is always better to mourn and show sympathy. Save your creativity for National Cheese Day or National Dog Day. Our deepest condolences to all the families and friends effected by 9/11. You are in our thoughts and prayers. v 14 Global,reliable and cost- efficient shipping solution that’s easy to use.
  9. 9. When people think of the phone book, well those of us who can remember the phone- book, I can guarantee that social media does not come to mind. I think of recycled paper thin enough to be used as toilet paper. I’m sure many can relate to the jaw drop when Yellow Pages Canada rolled out their clever new campaign, along with the new yellow pages mobile app (which I use for everything). Yellow Pages Canada is #DoingItRight! And here is how; Re-introduce Toronto to Torontonians One of the main ways to get people to listen, is to give them a different fun way to look at something they already know. Yellow pages appealed to the innate pride of Torontonians and ran with it. Their new campaign “Meet the New Neighbourhood” has cleverly re-introduced the city of To- ronto to Torontonians. The simple branding of Yellow pages with nifty titles like “There are 3 comedy clubs in Toronto where you can LOL and ROFL”. And who doesn’t want to ROFL? They are in your line of sight The beauty of Toronto is that it’s bustling above ground and the subways are bustling underground. The Toronto Transit commis- sion reported last year that subways and transit service approximately 460 million customers per year, or about 1.6 million passengers on a typical weekday. Yellow Pages was smart to cover TTC subways and buses with their new campaign advertise- ments. You really can’t miss an ad when you’re standing in the after work rush, so you read a yellow pages ad, and most likely download their app. Marketing conversion = success. They make you LOL It takes a lot to make harmless but enter- taining advertisements, especially in print. To translate a message in one picture is tough. Yellow Pages conversational style of writing makes you think “hey, I would totally say this to a friend” and that’s the point. As a matter of fact, when consumers feel more personal with a brand, they tend to be more interested in the product they are selling. Yellow Pages (re)-introduced themselves as the go to people for information. They aren’t just a phonebook anymore, they are the connectors of Toronto. For any brand to come out in full force as they did, with cre- ative prowess is definitely #DoingItRight. v 15 We like to recognize companies who are #DoingItRight when it comes to marketing. Yellow Pages most recent marketing campaign has wowed everyone here at Youzus and that’s why they deserve this month’s #DoingItRight. #DOINGITRIGHT
  10. 10. 4 Ways To Be The Internet’s Biggest Troll 1. Be repetitive The more repetitious a troll is, the more annoy- ing it will be. 2. Be anonymous It’s always better to act under your alter ego. 3. Use Internet meme’s Repeatedly use existing memes when interact- ing with people, you will always get a reply. 4. Take notes from Jimmy Kimmel Twerk so hard that you light yourself on fire. Post it on the web and wait, you’ll be an internet sen- sation in minutes. Expose your secret. Jimmy Kimmel you troll you. The art of trolling... ahhh! What a beautiful thing. It has slowly taken over the internet and annoyingly enough, we enjoy it. For those of you who don’t know what trolling is (or unbe- lievably have never been trolled) it simply is the act of pissing people off online. Do you want to join the fun? Here are 4 Ways To Be The Internet’s Biggest Troll: v 17 client talk We are proud to annouce the Nanak Foods is donating one thousand dollars to one of their customers in need. Introducing the new logo.
  11. 11. The less you say the better in the world of advertising. Not only is the picture worth a thousand words, but 10 words should be worth a thousand words… if that makes sense. Creative advertising is a blend of masterful language, persuasive imagery and the ability to produce a feeling. A few well-arranged words can make a world a difference when deciding to believe in a product or not. describes copy writing as both an art and a science. An art be- cause it requires creativity, individual style and taste. It leaves room for interpretation. It also is a science because it should be precise enough to stimulate a particular feeling and is a process of tests, trail, error and measurement. Bet you didn’t think of a couple clever words over a picture as being so calcu- lated. Hence why the field of copy writing has grown exponentially keeping up with the influx of online business and advertis- ing. However, as with many creative pro- fessions, many believe they can do it, but few produce their expected results. Here are 5 foolproof ways to ensure your copy is high five worthy: 5 Signs of Good Copy Writing v 19 Don’t Get Carried Away With Creative Most people see ads in passing, most won’t even take a second glace. This is where the finesse of creativity comes in. Your copy should be creative enough to stand out, but not so much that people are confused to what the product is. The point of the copy should be clear, the product should be clear. What’s In It For Them? The art of persuasion is always narrowed down to making people believe they need what you are of- fering.Too many times copy writers make their need to sell or advertise the focus of their copy.This takes away from the creative aspect.Make sure you are catering your copy to what’s in it for the consumer. Do The Leg Work Always do your research before writing a copy. Ask yourself these three major questions 1. Who am I writing for? 2. What do they want? 3. Why do they want it? Get Second Opinions Sometimes we don’t make our own best critique, especially after writing a copy for the past 2 weeks, we numb ourselves to our own mistakes. Always get a second, third even fourth set of eyes to look it over. Make sure the message is clear, it is grammati- cally correct and what emotion and feeling it gives people. Don’t rush to put out a bad copy. Good copy writing is the face of your busi- ness, it shouldn’t be something on the back burner of things to do. Focus on a Strong Headline David Oglvey of stress- es that the headline is 80%. On average, 8 out of 10 people will read your headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest. 1.Test your headline on Twitter – put out two headline ideas and see what sticks! 2. Use more adverbs and verbs com- pared to nouns and adjectives 3. Ask a question – people love ques- tions 4. Flirt with trending topics and terms (Buzzfeed does this masterfully)
  12. 12. Jason Mortensen’s video shot by “the prettiest woman he’s ever seen” has gone viral and for anyone who’s viewed it, you know why. In the video, Jason awakens pretty doped up after he was under for hernia repair surgery to fix problems from a previous surgery. The hot lady standing in front of him is actually his wife and once she con- fesses, his face lights up with surprise and amazement: “Oh my God I hit the jackpot!” It goes on for a solid 3 minutes and every second of it we “awww” at the love struck patient. I’m sure wives everywhere are hoping their husbands wake up post surgery with the same dreamy eyed reaction. Let’s just hope we still look as good as Jason’s wife does… Men: We bet you could learn a lot from Jason. Ladies: Fall in love all over again. Here is the link, cue the waterworks: Love At First Sight v 21
  13. 13. Editor-in-Chief Courtny Vaz ~ Creative Director Lisa Tyldesley ~ Publishers Sonya Gill Kristen Rubisch We’d like to give a warm welcome to Ara, our new Director of Business Development.Welcome to theteam Ara! v 23 Special thank you to Corey Wadden for being our fea- ture this month. Best of luck reaching your goal.