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Make Customers Trust You



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Why Agile? Back to Basics.
Why Agile? Back to Basics.
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Make Customers Trust You

  1. 1. /20@yegor256 1 Yegor Bugayenko Make Customers Trust You
  2. 2. /20@yegor256 2 200+projects 5M+ lines of code 500+programmers 80+clients 17years outsourcing I’m in software outsourcing business for over 17 years.
  3. 3. /20@yegor256 3 Now I’m building the platform to help software teams improve their management.
  4. 4. /20@yegor256 4 Trust = $ The more clients trust us, the more they are willing to pay.
  5. 5. /20@yegor256 5 “How do we look
 when we trust them?” — Clients However, they understand that trust makes their position weaker.
  6. 6. /20@yegor256 6 Like idiots. Dumb and Dumber (1994) This is how they think they look (this slide is from PMCon presentation).
  7. 7. /20@yegor256 7 Trust Stupid= They know that trust happens when you are just too stupid to control.
  8. 8. /20@yegor256 8 Control Illusion of We must give them the control, or the illusion of it. Or maybe not just an illusion.
  9. 9. /20@yegor256 9 4 Metrics. Automation. Tech reviews. Transparent motivation. Let’s use these four techniques to shift control to the client side, for good.
  10. 10. /40@yegor256 10 Metrics. 1 Without metrics there is no control, not even an illusion of it.
  11. 11. /40@yegor256 11 “If you can't measure it, you can't manage it.” Without metrics there is no control, not even an illusion of it. — Peter Drucker
  12. 12. /40@yegor256 12 Lines-of-Code Hits-of-Code Bugs Coverage Deployments Hours These are the metrics we’re presenting to our clients.
  13. 13. /40@yegor256 13 Automation. 2 When things are automated clients know that the control is in their hands.
  14. 14. /40@yegor256 14 One-click release. The release must happen in one click and the client has to make it, time to time.
  15. 15. /40@yegor256 15 Frequent releases. You must release frequently, to ensure that the pipeline is not dead. After each
pull request
  16. 16. /40@yegor256 16 Code ownership. Let your client own the source code repository.
  17. 17. /40@yegor256 17 Technical Reviews. 3 The client must know that our work is regularly reviewed by a third-party.
  18. 18. /40@yegor256 18 Independent Regular Formal Critical Experts Independent technical reviews must follow a few basic principles.
  19. 19. /40@yegor256 19 I explained independent technical reviews in more details at this presentation. How to avoid outsourcing disaster.
  20. 20. /40@yegor256 20 Transparent Motivation. 4 Clients know that our financial goals are opposite and it makes them nervous.
  21. 21. /40@yegor256 21 $15 $50/hr Neither fixed-cost nor time-and-material help your clients trust you more.
  22. 22. /40@yegor256 22 Fine-Grained Mechanism. Micro-Milestone Based. Make sure your billing schedule is based on deliverables, not time spent.
  23. 23. /20@yegor256 23