18th July 2012


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18th July 2012

  1. 1. Wednesday 18th July DAY C Normal Timetable
  2. 2. Career Interviews – Wednesday 18 th July Wed 18th July Mrs Kerry Gardiner Wed 18th July Mrs Julie Eggleton Stud ID First Name Last Name Stud ID First Name Last Name 8:30am 46 Dominic Gascoigne 8:30am 57 Jonathon Hetherington 9:00am 47 Thomas Gembitsky 9:00am 58 Cameron Ho 9:30am 48 Frederick Giutronich 9:30am 59 Cody Ingram 10:00am 49 Luke Gleeson 10:00am 60 Jack Irwin 10:30am Break 10:30am Break 10:45am 50 Adam Goddard 10:45am 61 Daniel Jones 11:15am 51 Satiago Gonzalez 11:15am 62 Kristos Kavrakoudis 11:45am 52 Benjamin Grant 11:45am 63 Aaron Keady 12:15pm 53 William Hannigan 12:15pm 64 Brandon Keady 12:45pm Lunch 12:45pm Lunch 1:30pm 54 Christian Hansen 1:30pm 65 Jessi Kennard 2:00pm 55 Cameron Harkins 2:00pm 66 Leo Kiefel 2:30pm 56 Isaac Heeney 2:30pm 67 Patrick Kober
  3. 3. PREFECT INTERVIEWS FOR THIS WEEKTODAY, Period 6: Thursday, Period 1: Thursday, Period 3:Jack Hopkins Jake Gerrard Michael Da CruzBarton Heeney Ben Gan Tom CoyneCaleb Hammond Andrew Ferrier Patrick CorryMalcolm Hall Tom Duffy Remo CondonHarley Glass Jerome Dillon-Baker Christopher Chiu
  4. 4. Gymnastics /AcrobaticsFirst 25 students in the Gym at the start of lunch TODAY
  5. 5. Football (Soccer) Tour 2012Meeting recess Friday E32
  6. 6. ATTENTION ALL DEBATERS: Training is on for all teams this weekCAS Round 1 is on this Friday 20/7 at Cranbrook 7-9 to arrive at 5:45pm sharp10 - Open to arrive at 6:45pm sharp
  7. 7. CADETSParades will re-commence this coming Friday. DPCU uniform including Pullovers.
  8. 8. Any student wishing to change his summer sport must see the Sports Master before August 1st please
  9. 9. Become the next Story. See a Prefect,
  10. 10. Weights RoomOpen  7.00 am - 8.15 am Mon- Thur 10
  11. 11. Please ensure thegrounds are kept litter free at all 11