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NBK-Egypt financials summary H1-18


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NBK-EGYPT Financial statement's summary for Jun 2018

Published in: Economy & Finance
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NBK-Egypt financials summary H1-18

  1. 1. Page | 1 / 1 NBK financial analysis H1-2018 November 18, 2018 Financial analysis – NATIONAL BANK OF KUWAIT (NBK) H1 2018 High profitability derived by fees& commission income, improved loan quality, reduction in interbank exposure, high reduction in CORP DIRECT loans with significant increase in CURRENT DEBIT ACCOUTS. Assets o Total assets grew by +6 Bn EGP [+10%] reaching 65 Bn EGP, growth derived by the increases customer loans 4.5 Bn EGP [+13%] reaching 38 Bn EGP [59% of TA], followed by the high growth in TBs that +3.7 Bn EGP [+37%] reaching 14 Bn EGP [21% of TA], o High reduction in HTM investments -1.5 Bn EGP [-39%] reahing 2.3 Bn EGP, o Reallocating short term TBs to longer time span. o The loan growth derived by CORP loans +3.8 Bn EGP [+12%] reaching 36 Bn EGP, derived by focus on DEBIT CURRENT ACCOUNT +8 Bn EGP [+376%] reaching 10 Bn EGP, significant reduction in CORP DIREC LOANS -4 Bn EGP [-14%] reaching 25 Bn EGP. SYNDICATED LOANS also reduced by -108 Mb EGP [-12%] reaching 800 Mn EGP. o INDIVIDUAL LOANS derived by PERSONAL LOANS +305 Mn EGP [+12%] reaching 2.8 Bn EGP, o Improved asset quality with a decrease of NPLs by -1.7% points reaching 2.9%. Liabilities o Customer deposits grew by +7 Bn EGP [+16%] reaching 47.5 Bn EGP, derived by high growth in CDs +2 Bn EGP [+19%] reaching 14 Bn EGP [29% of deposits]. o High increase in both TDs & CALL ACC., TDs +2 Bn EGP [+16%] reaching 14 Bn EGP [30% of deposits], CALL ACCs +1.6 Bn EGP [+13%] reaching 14 Bn EGP [29% of deposits] Income statement o Net profit increased by 264 Mn EGP [+36%] reaching 990 Mn EGP, with increase in NET INCOME FROM FEES & COMM. +140 Mn EGP [+45%] reaching 335 Mn EGP, o NII increased +100 Mn EGP [+8%] reaching 1.3 Bn EGP, o High G&A expense that -105 Mn EGP [+36%] reaching -399 Mn EGP. Source: Published financial statements. Employees1,383 Branches46 ROAA1.6% ROAE19.8% Avg.T.A./ Avg Eqiuity12.40 G&A/ Profit before Tax31.2% N.Fees&Comm Inc/G&A84.0% [Liquid A./T.A.]27.6% [Liquid A./Deposits]37.8% [Loans / Deposits]80.8%