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WEC Inside 
15–30 June 2014 
Welcome to WEC Inside, your exclusive
briefing from your WEC network
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Anteprima WEC Inside - 15 Giugno 2014


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Il WEC Inside è una pubblicazione bimestrale del World Energy Council (WEC) contenente interviste a rappresentanti del WEC e dei Comitati Nazionali, overview e aggiornamenti sulle attività recenti e future del WEC in tutto il mondo e, approfondimenti sulle ultime news in ambito energetico. La versione integrale del WEC Inside è disponibile nell'area Servizi Informativi, riservata ai soli Associati, sul sito del WEC Italia.

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Anteprima WEC Inside - 15 Giugno 2014

  1. 1.     WEC Inside      15–30 June 2014  Welcome to WEC Inside, your exclusive briefing from your WEC network Special message for our readers  As most of you will have noticed, WEC Inside has evolved over the last few years. To continue to build on our success and in response to positive feedback from our members, from July, we will be producing a new monthly online publication: World Energy Focus. This will be an 8-page pdf e-publication consisting of news, features, interviews, and WEC member insights on current energy developments. It will allow more space for members’ innovation stories and analysis of latest developments in the energy sector. World Energy Focus will be sent exclu- sively to WEC members and member com- mittees on the first Monday of each month, then circulated more widely to external sub- scribers on the first Thursday of the month, WEC Inside – building on our success thus allowing members to have an exclusive preview of the insights. We are working very closely with an external team of seasoned energy writers on this to ensure that we are able to deliver enhanced value to our members and ensure that WEC is increasing- ly visible. WEC Inside will continue to be published as an exclusive WEC member platform for internal communications. It will serve to up- date our members about internal develop- ments: focusing on the latest on WEC pro- jects, studies, insights, WEC meetings, includ- ing how members can participate. As we will also be producing the World Energy Focus, the frequency of WEC Inside will be reduced to once per month, to be sent out in the mid- dle of each month. 15–30 June 2014 WEC Inside1 Following on the success of the WEC videos played at the beginning of each day of the 2013 World Energy Congress in Daegu, the WEC communications team has developed two new videos available for WEC members to use. These videos can be hosted on websites, played at events to set the scene and fire discussion, sent to potential members to explain the value of the WEC network, plus more. “About WEC” provides a three-minute intro- duction of what the WEC is as an institution: News  “The energy world is at a tipping point” is a video on global energy issues. It com- bines all the key messages from WEC re- ports, and therefore is a fine tool for setting the scene for a conference, roundtable discussion, or conference discussion that you may be involved in: http:// More videos from the WEC network can also be found on the WEC page on YouTube: worldenergycouncil For more information about the videos, please contact Florence Mazzone ( New home for WEC Secretariat The WEC Secretariat in London has moved offices. Our new address is: 62–64 Cornhill, London EC3V 3NH, United Kingdom Please note the following about contacting us: ■ Our new office opens officially today, Tuesday 24 June. ■ Our main telephone number (+44 20 7734 5996), our fax number (+44 20 7734 5926), and our individual direct numbers remain the same. We encourage members to share the new World Energy Focus as widely as pos- sible to ensure key stakeholders are informed of WEC’s thought leadership, while continu- ing to distribute WEC Inside to your mem- bers to ensure they are kept up to date with developments within the WEC network. We look forward to your continued feed- back and we trust you will enjoy both publica- tions and will take part in our ongoing cover- age of your activities and achievements. Regards, Stuart Neil, Senior Director, External Affairs and Communications, World Energy Council Watch our new WEC videos