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How To Budget Correctly For Your Wedding

  1. HOW TO BUDGET CORRECTLY FOR YOUR WEDDING? Getting hitched and scared of spending too much money on the wedding? Honestly, weddings can dig a huge hole in your pocket. Planning a wedding budget is a strenuous act but it is not impossible.
  2. 1) What kind of a wedding do you desire? The foremost task for you is to have an overall gist about what kind of a wedding do you desire? Ask yourself if it is a big fat indian wedding, or a small and tiny get together inclusive of all the closed ones. The wedding budget largely depends upon the width of the gathering. Be very sure if it is a small or a grand wedding. You will have a clear picture of how much resources you are going to allocate in the first step itself.
  3. 2) Budget Talk Bride, Groom or The Parents, whosoever is going to bear the expenses of the wedding, it is necessary to talk to the people involved for financing.To avoid hassles and inconvenience later, it is always advised to have a discussion prior to the festivities begin. We know it gets awkward to ask who is willing to spend and who isn’t, but trust us to avoid any further trouble with the budgeting, it is always better to talk in advance. Budget Talk should necessitate all the nitty- gritty details crucial for the big day.
  4. 3) IT IS NON-NEGOTIABLE Aren’t some things and wishes just non- negotiable? We hear you screaming YES! It is always advised to list all those wishes that you do no wish to settle for, be it a Pre- Wedding Shoot, a star performance for your wedding, or a theme based wedding. It is your chance to say YES to the big things that have always been on your Wedding Budget List. The wishlist of the two of you might vary, and it is better to talk over the non-negotiable after deciding the negotiables. You can either pick one, or if your pockets allow you to spend then you might go on with the wishlist of both.
  6. 4) Research Never stop Googling the significant details. From the best Wedding Photographers in town to the Best Venues there are of course some details that might be obvious and hidden. There is a lot that can only be seen with the naked eye, so you really need an eye to dig through the hidden costs. Do not forget to check out the social profiles of vendors, be it a Wedding Photographer or a Venue Vendor. Take your time to go through their Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and Client Testimonials to have an insight of their work. These hidden costs can actually cut the costs of the wedding budget on a whole. The pro tip to a budget friendly wedding is to research till the time you finalise the appropriate wedding budget.
  7. 5) The Guest List As we already know, the number of people in the gathering makes up to an influential increase in the wedding budget. If you are running on a low budget wedding ceremony, then limiting the guest list is the one best decision you can inculcate in your wedding budget. Counting the guests in advance will determine the venue, cost of food, alcohol (if applicable). Which reasonably makes up to the two most important costs for the wedding.
  8. 6) Photographer/Videographer A wedding is incomplete without you spending on the photographer/videographer. If you plan to do a Pre-Wedding Shoot too, it is always advised to hire the same professionals for the pre-wedding and wedding film shoot. You can easily negotiate this way, and get the most feasible deals by the photographer/videographer. For a budget friendly Pre-Wedding you can opt for free Pre-Wedding locations like Hauzkhas, Connaught Place or Lodhi garden and if you plan to spend more, you can choose paid location in Delhi or Outside Delhi, you can even choose to shoot your Pre- Wedding at Overseas locations, mainly like Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong.
  10. 7) Venues A venue requires you to invest the highest cost in the entire wedding planning procedure. To cut costs in your wedding budget, try to look out for venues that support your budgeting. It is possible to actually turn a minimalist venue into an extravagant location these days. Dig deeper into the gali’s and off beat locations, the best pieces are sometimes extracted from the most unforeseen situations. These offbeat venues can be cost effective and outstanding for your wedding day.
  11. 8) Skills for present? A different and a valuable thought, while planning your wedding budget try to exchange the skills of the relatives for the presents. It might be a little awkward in the beginning to suggest this idea to your friends and family, but once you talk about it; everyone is going to love it.
  12. 9) Don’t forget to keep a track of the expenditure It is a lot going on in and around the wedding buzz. In an attempt to create the perfect budget for your wedding it is very important to keep a track on the expenditure. At the end of the day, the tiny expenses can create a huge overall amount. To avoid the expenses to bug you later, it is advised to keep a track of the nitty gritty expenses well in advance. Having an estimation of the amount you are willing to spend on your wedding can instantly help you fix the appropriate budget. Based on your monthly income and the savings, take decisions to finance your wedding.
  13. 10) The Overall Math After keeping in mind all the possible procedures for your wedding budget, a calculation is a must. Take into consideration every amount that you have cared to spend for the wedding. From the dhol waale to the outfit, food, venue, gifts everything is necessary to be counted. This will help you to compare the initial budget to final expenses.
  14. Budgeting correctly for your wedding, can be one of the best decisions made by you both. A present decision that will basically affect your future. Build today on an appropriate budget, with Video Tailor; your one stop destination for all the Pre-Wedding and Wedding Shoot requirements. We offer a Price Calculator service on our website for transparent pricing for both Pre-Wedding and Wedding, subtracting the hassles of getting through to the appropriate budget for your Wedding. Contact Video Tailor today.